Joey Bada$$ - Christ Conscious

Joey Bada$$ - Christ Conscious

This was the song that got me into Joey. After hearing this, I devoured this album and went back to consume all of his other music.

Prior to this I just wrote him off tbh.

I’m gonna miss this version of Joey, but AABA is one of my favorite albums this year.

Goes from this to AABA


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Idk I thought AABA was pretty good but idk I feel like B4DA$$ was significantly better (with the exception of Rockabye Baby which is just straight flaaaaames)

Him and Cole had chemistry on LEGENDARY that I hope they both follow through on in the future.

But B4 is going to be one of, if not the most important in his discog once he’s done.

Same, I heard his name was joey bada$$ and thought he must not be all that great. I'm glad I was wrong