JJ Abrams Returning To Director’s Chair On ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

JJ Abrams Returning To Director’s Chair On ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’
JJ Abrams Returning To Director’s Chair On ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Ok, just don't put in a fourth death star and I'm cool with it

I don't know if I'm in the majority or minority, but I thought Force Awakens was phenomenally shot and directed. Not all that original, sure, but just a very, very well-made movie.

I'd 100 times rather have JJ than Trevorrow, that's for sure.

"You want a fifth and sixth Death Star too? You got it, dude."

Star Wars Episode IX: Return of the JJ

I hope someone points JJ to the way Rogue One filmed its Space Battles. THAT bordered classic Star Wars.

Isn't most hate for TFA to do with the story? Mainly how close it is ANH? I imagine that won't be a problem for EP9, so he should be good

A fucking FLEET of Death Stars!

Until Ewoks return to assist the Resistance on a forest moon that’s totally NOT Endor.

I’m sure Rian Johnson will have a hand in the script, so I think this is a decent move considering the chaos that is Lucasfilm recently. Although my secret wish was that they would mindfuck everyone and hire George Lucas to direct it.

Oh god, Jar Jar is back?


So you want to see some... Space Balls?

Easily my favorite part of Rogue One. I heartily agree.

I want a billion-dollar, Lord of the Rings-scale battle between the Ewoks and the Porgs.


Batman v Superman

Oh no...

People will tell me I'm stupid, but it's my favorite Star Wars film now.

Abrams knows all of your criticisms of TFA. He's going to build on TLJ and knock it out of the park.

Not my first choice, but much better than Colin Trevorrow. Plus I've always wanted to see Return of the Jedi on the big screen /s

JJ Abrams actually said that the Darth Jar Jar theory was excellent. Maybe he can make it a reality now. /s

Force Awakens haters arriving in 3...2...1...

Like he did with the star trek movies? 🖓

Im mostly concerned with JJ writing. Not JJ directing.

Ben Quadinaros is the hero he'll cast and the one we deserve.

You'll all see.

I like his Star Trek movies. I don't have any attachment to the material though.

My only reservation is that JJ hasn't really been terribly original. TFA was fine, but it didn't break any new ground. Same with the Star Trek reboots.

I want something we've never seen and I'm afraid he'll just check off nostalgia boxes that he thinks fans want to see in the film.

Even the people who didn't like it generally point to its similarities with A New Hope, rather than anything specifically wrong with the movie itself. As long as he isn't writing Return of the Jedi 2.0, it should be really well-received.

Trench Run on Mega Maid is gonna get hairy.

Honestly I wouldn’t be opposed to Rian and JJ both having a hand in Episode IX. That way the sequel trilogy belongs to them.

Also included in this news: Chris Terrio, who co-wrote Argo and Batman v. Superman, will co-write with JJ.

This time it's going to be a literal death star. It'll have death planets and death moons orbiting around it.

The Darth Jar Jar theory is literally the only way that the character and his actions, and especially the extremely specific and incredible events that he encounters, makes sense. Or maybe the writer just legitimately created one of the largest on screen characters without real purpose behind it and the story just naturally unfolded the incredible events. Who knows?


I thought for sure they would have Rian Johnson come back. I like JJ and loved TFA but I hope he does something different for IX.




All the death stars will have one shared shield generator guarded by a small group of the worst soldiers in the universe.

Ewok riding those deer butt things into battle.

He's a good technical director. But his world building is lacking.

George Lucas gave us so many fantastic otherworldly settings where each place had its unique characters and cultures.

BBC's Planet Earth shows way cooler worlds than JJ Abram's TFA.

Its not even like being similar to ANH is bad. Yes it feels reduundant, but it was its rushed nature aswell. Only on each planet to show off a setpiece, say a little exposition, fight someone, then leave. All within 15 minutes, several times. It just didnt feel like much meaningful character development or exposition, li ke ANH's millenium falcon training scenes.

Hell half her training was just her deciding she wanted to do it really hard. There wasnt a heroes journey, as much as "hero meanders about".

And then they keep hyping up "the search for luke, gotta find luke" and instead of some raiding first order intelligence bases and competing for info to find such a legendary figure, they just blow up death star 3.0 and get the missing star map piece like a frickikng quest reward out of no where, then immediately cut to them halfway across the galaxy and theres luke.

Juat didnt feel as impactful of a story as 4, hell didnt feel as impactful as 2 or 3; or half of the arcs from Clone Wars.

wow yea that's like 45 whole minutes of characters disabling shields they can write into the movie

It's my favorite new Star Wars film. The originals are still the magic 3.

Jar jar was, I believe, the first ever entirely CG character in a live action movie. They probably had much bigger plans for him in future films but fan backlash on him was so huge that they just decided to down play him and basically get rid of him, more or less. At least that's what I think happened.

Now there's a winning idea. We've seen one Death Star destroyed at a time but can the Resistance take down 4 Death Stars at the same time?!?! While three more Death Stars attack from behind?!?!? And then it turns out Chewbacca has been a Death Star the whole time?!?!

TL/DR: Disney could have done better, could have done ALOT worse

My issue is when you actually break it down, the story doesn't make any sense at all.

Start with the idea that every part of ANH had to do with the Death Star and its plans. In FA, the first third of the movie is about Luke Skywalker and then out of nowhere BOOM Death Star 3.0. It's not built up. It's not talked about. It's just thrown in because Jar Jar Abrams is too lazy to come up with his own plot devices.

Some kind of...suicide squad.

It's my favorite simply for the moment where the Death Star comes over the horizon and the music gets really soft. There has never been a moment in Star Wars that made the Death Star, or anything else, so scary and powerful.

deer butt

Didn't see what you were talking about, so I googled it. I thought to myself "I'm stupid, I'm just going to get pictures of deer butts, why would I even google that".

But then I really did get the star wars alien you were talking about. The internet really is great.

That does sound fun, actually.

I don't know why people are so blind to the fact that the key factor in every terrible movie cowritten by David S. Goyer is that they're all cowritten by David S. Goyer. Dude's been coasting on good will since he was one of three writers on The Dark Knight ten years ago

Dude is probably burnt out after TLJ

Porgs are cute little bird things. Ewoks are three foot tall carnivorous tree apes who are proficient at medieval combat and guerrilla tactics, and apparently have no reservations about consuming the flesh of sentient creatures.

You're not stupid! I wholeheartedly agree :-)

Yeah, the guy knows how to frame shots and get results out of his actors I think, but from a creative standpoint I have never found him to be a great writer and I think the pacing of his films tends to be too frantic and earnest.

People are going to lose their minds over this, but I'm totally fine with it, even pleased. TFA is a fun movie that nails the beats he was prescribed by the studio to hit. I'm confident Rian will take things in a different direction with VIII and J.J. will bring the trilogy to a satisfying close with IX.

Overall I think JJ is pretty good.


I think JJ really wastes CGI and space scenes, like there's nothing interesting about them or which gives you a feeling of being there and it being important, like Rogue One managed to recapture from Return of the Jedi. e.g. The pilots attacking Starkiller, and fighting above Maz's cantina, was totally boring to me.

But he does the characters really well. I loved Rey and Finn from one movie, more than a lot of longer series characters, and I guess that's an equally important strength for Star Wars.

If they could get whoever was responsible for the last third of Rogue One to do the action, and get JJ to do the character moments, that'd be great. Every damn pilot and foot soldier in Rogue One seems to have an interesting story which weaves together in that battle, it's the kind of stuff that spawns EU books because you want to know about the general who held the air above the Scarriff skirmish until he was shot down at the end. Every camera angle and motion lets you know what they're feeling, where they're going, how they're flying together and helping each other or failing to stick together, etc, whereas the battles in TFA were just a messy clipshow of expected scenes to make an action segment without any story behind them.

edit: It's the same with even things like how Starkiller charges without any hard Sci Fi feel to it, and JJ's Star Trek, it's a bunch of flashing and explosions but none of it matters to me, none of it feels impactful or has any lasting meaning in the universe, it's like somebody without love going through the motions of what's expected without wanting to, wanting to do another bit.

I'm reserving judgement until after 8. Also he said there was a lot he wanted to do different in TFA so maybe he'll get weird like Rian

As a 30 y/o, and I expect to lose all my comment karma right here, Phantom menace was my best star wars experience. Sure the movie is terrible but I didn't know that when I was 12.

It's Mega Maid, she's gone from suck to blow!

Why stop at death solar system? Snoke is building a death galaxy designed to destroy the entire other galaxy.

Part of me feels like the original draft for the story had no Death Star 3.0, and the last act was just about saving Rey. The entire plot works on its own if you cut out any and all mention of the Death Star, and was a pretty dang good (and original) movie to boot.

I feel like Hollywood was just too cowardly to have a Star Wars movie without a world-ending threat involved. Plus it would have been a very bittersweet ending to save Rey and lose Solo without there being some major victory on top of it.

Now that would be pod racing.

Haha. That's the only way I'll accept another Death Star. An entire gigantic fleet of Death Stars, all pointed to the center of the universe, trying to destroy the source of the force.

That's great and all, but I want to hear more about the standalone Obi-wan movie with Ewan McGregor.

they just blow up death star 3.0 and get the missing star map piece like a frickikng quest reward out of no where, then immediately cut to them halfway across the galaxy and theres luke.

You forgot about how R2 was doing his best Padme impression and was dying because sad.

When Colin was axed, my first thought was BRING BACK JJ THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. I am overjoyed

Idk why but I alwaye thought BB-8 was flipping him off in this scene

So basically they'll build Starkiller Base II, on an even bigger planet, Rey will fight Kylo while Snoke watches, Kylo will turn back to the light and kill Snoke, only to die from his injuries. Luke will be a ghost smiling at them as the Rebellion Resistance parties down with a bunch of Porgs. The End.

I have a smaller attachment to the material, and the movies are fine new take on it.

I could be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that Porgs are slightly force-sensitive.

I say give them lightsabers. While Luke has been going senile on his secluded island he's been training an army of Porgs to take back Endor. Episode IX.

I think

Jar jar was, I believe, the first ever entirely CG character in a live action movie.

It wasn't planned that way tho. Originally they were just gonna animate the head. That's why the actor was walking around in a Jar Jar suit, instead of a motion capture suit or something simpler. But testing/editing showed it to be kinda meh so they ended up just saying "Fuck it, we'll do it live!" and replacing everything.

Point is, being the first ever cgi character was kind of an accident, so I don't see that being valid evidence for him being more important.

Smart Ass

And then it turns out Chewbacca has been a Death Star the whole time?!?!

To be honest, Diane, I'm surprised...

I agree. JJ lacks imagination. For all of Lucas's faults, he created some highly imaginative worlds.

Who knows how much of BvS was his fault though? Argo was great, so that's why I'm excited.

I'm beginning to sour on Abrams. I've gone from a JJ fanboy to someone who feels like he is overrated and has a narrow range.

It's not because he's changed, it's because I have. I look back at the older stuff and feel the same way. His movies seem like the same re-skinned thing over and over to me.

It's interesting to me that he could take two franchises as different as Star Trek and Star Wars and make them feel like the same thing.

Hearing that he will direct IX makes me feel in my bones that IX will be broadly indistinguishable from VII.

EDIT: Just sharing my opinion here - not bashing Star Wars which I love. I invite conversation.


Seriously... it's like these people didn't even watch episode VII. The escape from Jakku in the Falcon is absolutely masterful too (IMO way beyond anything Rogue One did space craft wise). If JJ takes a battle into space you just have to expect it to be phenomenal

"Put me in coach!"

I LOVED the VII dog fights. Having them in atmosphere over the planets worked so well. Having the ground in shot gave a great sense of perspective for the audience, and by limiting the space that fighters could move in they created some great tension.

Although my secret wish was that they would mindfuck everyone and hire George Lucas to direct it.

I wish that too, as long as someone else guides the writing and editing, but I think that his criticisms and "white slavers" comment has made that impossible.

Exactly. JJ got a break so he should be pretty fresh now.

I'm guessing Rian will at least get a story credit. Not sure how involved he'll want to be after this though, he might just want a fucking break.

The article gives the impression Rian Johnson was offered IX but declined. Is that supported elsewhere?

Instructions unclear, made BB-8 into a new death star

FWIW, he didn't write the Star Trek movies. Orci and Kurtzman did and they are tools. Abrams only directed them, and he made them entertaining as hell.

Never let that man anywhere near a script until the ink is dry.

"People seem to have liked Death Stars...how about a solar system of them?"

Rian Johnson wouldn't have been bad either, but I'm happy with what we got.

I always thought he should direct a Star Wars or Mass Effect movie after I saw his take on Star Trek. And his take on Star Trek got me into Star Trek, so there's that.

OK, but don't tell JJ

I...really like this idea. Just pretend Starkiller Base is a badass name, edit out the scenes of the actual star-killing, and make it about a high stakes rescue mission (which would be tense to try and get the Resistance to risk so many resources for this total unknown person).

Mine was, "C'mon Kathleen, blow everyone's minds and announce George was coming back to direct."

Pluto is no longer a Death Star.

J.J. actually helped to outline the new trilogy, so he'll be familiar with the material and reduce the creative differences. I'm guessing Rian is feeling a bit burned out.

What is this a crossover episode?

I'm ready to get weird

The Porgs are the key to all of this.

I'm happy with this

Understand the TFA criticism BUT can we agree it's better than having the guy who butchered Harry Potter anywhere near the script?

Rian loves directing Star Wars according to him, but I don't doubt that he must be exhausted right now.

In terms of JJ, I think he'll do fine. TFA had great strengths, and JJ has been more than willing to acknowledge the weaknesses, including criticism of his "soft reboot" methods. He seems like the guy who is eager to respond to criticism, and he knows these characters well.

That would have broken the internet today.

At least he had the decency to admit that that was an oversight and should have been done differently.

except where Leia hugs Rey instead of Chewbacca after Han Solo's death

Exactly. The script had some problems but the film was incredibly well-shot and he brought out some great performances. I'm glad he's back.

Star Wars 18?

No, it became super hip and trendy to hate TFA.

He just needs to stay away from the script

I mean, you haven't even seen a Rian made Star Wars movie yet. From what we've heard, it sounds great, but at least we know JJ can create a successful Star Wars movie.

George is too busy swimming in his money pool.

They could grip it by the husk.

At least TFA felt like Star Wars, had the right tone.

IMO, TFA tried too hard to wink at being Star Wars that it never felt like Star Wars.

I really think people are forgetting just how fun TFA was. Was it 100% original? No, but it was super friendly to people only casually acquainted with Star Wars, and was a shitload of fun in the process. People that will hate on this would probably find something to hate on regardless.

I mean, Ep8 looks awesome so far but if I have to pick based on not seeing anything yet, having JJ come back to finish the trilogy is the best thing we could ask for. Rian will be there advising I am sure...

Bingo. TFA checked off the boxes but didn't advance the lore.

Desert planet

Big ass death weapon

Orphan finding his/her way

"new" Empire

Snow planet

and on and on and on

What do you mean? I was really looking forward to seeing Rey, Finn and Poe time travel and to later on find out about the emperor's secret child.

He's writing it as well.

I was really hoping for rian johnson honestly

well luke is back so yes return of the Jedi fits ;/

It did feel like that they made Star Trek with the thinking, "We'll never get to make a Star Wars movie. Let's make an action Star Trek movie." And they were good. I know JJ had little to do with the last one, but that one was the best.

I hate all the swoopy wooshy camera shots of all the spacecraft. It feels way too slick for a Star Wars film and makes it feel more like a Star Trek film. None moreso than Rey's first flight in the Falcon.

While Lucas' stationary model spaceships being filmed by cameras on tracks feels a little 'stiffer' - it gave Star Wars a distinct look and vibe that JJ has completely ignored. He made a 'JJ Abrams' film instead of a 'Star Wars' film.

Yes, love it. I like what JJ brought to TFA, if it was a little derivative, and think he'll have to go in a new direction after TLJ so that solves the only issue.

Damn dude, that's hilarious. I really like TFA too.

Not alone. I loved TFA. I had no problem with it being, essentially, a rehash of ANH because I felt like it was an attempt to very firmly state that the Prequels were behind us and we were finally getting back to Star Wars.

edit: Getting salty PMs over my opinion of the Prequels. Must have hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh, kid?

I thoroughly enjoy The Force Awakens but there's a lot of little things in it that just annoy me. I don't hate it, but I would have preferred Rian Johnson.

Edit: I missed the part that said Johnson was offered the job and declined it. If that's the case, then I'm fine with Abrams.

Does seem like these guys come out of these movies fried. If XVIII is good, I’m sure the door will be wide open for Rian to return.

so are we getting a rehash of empire or jedi then

I'm totally fine with this choice. I had a good time with TFA, having J.J. wrap up the story might work out really well.

The winky meh face, phenomenal.

They are gonna have a whole fleet of Death Stars

Rian was never writing IX, those were rumors that he shot down. JJ is writing with Chris Terrio who wrote Argo.

He could make Episode 9 exactly like return of the Jedi.

"Bor gullet is the key to all of this."

Attachment to the material aside, it kinda negates the idea that he takes criticisms to heart. The issues that fans had with the 2009 film are ten times worse in Into Darkness.

The Porg suddenly becomes the ultimate good guy, saving the day in the end.

I hate this so much.

I don't care how pretty Force Awakens looked, the plot was less of a plot and more of an unrelated series of events. The character choices made no sense. I have ranted about this with my friends before and I hate how poorly conceived that movie was. And now we get to bookend the trilogy with a guy that loves asking questions he doesn't even have the answers for.

Fuck this choice.

TIL I was a TFA-hate hipster

It's not a question of where 'e grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios! A five-ounce porg could not carry a one-pound light saber!

And we would go to see it 10x in the theater

Once more the George will rule the galaxy.

Martha. Come on man, a lot of the lines BvS were terrible.

pissing off the elite by trying to build affordable homes in their area, although that retaliation for stopping his studio project.


Lucas then tried to build affordable housing on the site, which once again stoked concern among some residents. The people who had opposed the studio expansion were being blamed for the possibility of low-income housing coming to a wealthy community.

“We got letters saying, ‘You guys are going to get what you deserve. You’re going to bring drug dealers, all this crime and lowlife in here,’ ” Carl Fricke, a board member of the Lucas Valley Estates Homeowners Association, told the Times in 2012.

lucas response

“I’ve been surprised to see some people characterize this as vindictive.”

I have no qualms with JJ directing episode 9. I love TFA despite its comparisons which are apparent i take them as homages instead of Rehashes. But I was on the Rian Johnson hype train until I thought about how mentally and physically taxing it would be to Rian Johnson fro him to go through a year and half of work just to go straight back in to it again, From Pre production to filming and Post production thats a lot to handle and to go back in to work 2-4 months later is a big ask for Rian. We all saw how drained out Joss Whedon was in Avengers Age of Ultron it not only effects the director it effects the movie. This isn't an indie movie this is fricking star wars.

So i think it is smart and good for JJ to get back on the directors chair to bring it home because he ultimately created these characters and brought them to life. He has had a a long healthy break and he is ready to bring this home. He has heard the criticisms from TFA and hopefully he learns from this and delivers a fresh fun movie.

They actually had a hard time convincing JJ to direct VII. They had to give him full creative control of the movie for him to accept it. I'm not sure how much of the script is literally JJ's words, but he was the head honcho of it all.

That's why it's very, very surprising to me that he signed on for IX. I never even considered the possibility.

That is the twist I'm looking for