Jimmy Smith signs with UFC

Jimmy Smith signs with UFC

Looking forward to seeing who his opponent is for his first fight.

Their monopoly on jacked, shortish, bald men in the MMA market is getting scary.

I want a DC Rogan Smith trio cast for maximum hairlessness

My sources tell me it's looking like it'll be Phil Brooks.

Sources: Brandon Schwab

Joe has one foot out the door. Makes me powerfully sad, but change is good.

Bas Rutten signing imminent.

Apart from when he spends an entire fight ignoring what's going on in the octagon and trying to discuss cardio with Cruz.

Khabib buying papakhas for everyone.


Most likely yeah, UFC is probably hoping they can replace him with Jimmy and no one will notice

I feel like nobody can be better than Joe. Joe is just... joe, yknow? Dude is a sweetheart.

"You fucked up Bellator!" - Joe Rogan

Too tall to make it :(

Joe:" that guy should lose muscle." Cruz:" that guy should gain cardio." Cue 5 minute argument where they both say the same thing while ignoring the fight.

This is great and all, but I can't help but feel that this makes it more likely Rogan doesn't stay with the UFC, especially since his contract is supposed to expire in 2018.

It wouldn't surprise me if Joe dials back responsibilities again rather than quit outright. Might only see him show up for quality cards now, MSG, milestone events, etc while Jimmy takes over the serious workload.

Your source must have brain-damage or something, hes obviously fighting Joe Rogan in a mirror-match.




On the real, does that mean Rogan is on the way out?

I mean its TOUGH my man none of these guys are DRAWWLS. how many ppv buys do you thing that does my man?? 200? Eesh its just tough

Good news! With his life changing neck injury, he's getting shorter all the time!


If the 12-6 elbows rule hasn't been brought up by the time they're half way through the prelims you know it's Jimmy.

Ugh I have a coworker that doesn't subscribe to any sports channels, but gets Spike. He constantly asks me if I watched the "UFC card last Friday".

Me: No. No I didn't. Neither did you. But the Bellator card was alright.

Him: What's Bellator?

Kinda like how studies have shown a large portion of the Bellator audience doesn't realize it isn't UFC on Spike?

But what about the underhooks??

Lose my number, for sure

Oscar De La Rogan

Yeah he's on a yearly rolling contract. He's down to North American PPVs only so about 10/11 shows a year. I hope he stays on even if he negotiates to do a few less, the really big PPVs wouldn't feel quite the same without Rogan calling them.

Rogan can wear high heels

Yeah, I really don't get the vibe he will quit completely, probabaly just keep tapering off

Da ting go skrrra, papakha kha kha

Rogan fucking does wear high heels. lol

He’ll be Rogan’s stuntman for UFC’s trips to dangerous places like Australia and Brazil

Some journalist had a tweet a long time ago along the lines of "MMA is just scenes of bald men fighting in a cage followed by scenes of bald men shouting into microphones telling you to buy more MMA"

expire in 2018

Wasn't it the same speculation last August when it was about to expire? His contract seem to be for one year at a time

Honestly people shit on Cruz for trying to be right all the time but he has literally told Joe to watch the fight befor whilst commentating. It was during one of Joe's rants about 12-6 elbows.


"For people who don't know, and this is a crazy rule, an elbow that strikes your opponent in a downward motion is illegal because back in the old days the guys who were making the rules saw a karate video where guys were breaking concrete blocks with downward elbows and they said 'this is far too dangerous, we've gotta ban this move, people will die' so they made a rule against '12-6' elbows which is where the elbow comes downwards like going from the 12 to the 6 on a clock face, it's the move that Jon Jones got disqualified for in his only loss so really he should be undefeated since his only loss was due to a disqualification due to a goofy rule made up by guys who don't know anything about martial arts"

Great explanation, Joe. I hope to hear it again next time someone throws an elbow from the ground

All 3 at the same time.

In Unison: "Corn Nuts! Corn to the core!"

Love it! Smith is one of the best in the game!

Who's gonna read the corn nutz ad?

Maybe they're hiring Smith to do everything Rogan doesn't currently do? Rather than having Cruz/Felder/Cormier alternate at the smaller shows, they might want one consistent pairing of Smith and Anik, then they can throw in a Cruz/Felder/Cormier when it suits them best rather than relying on them.

Bellator will regret their decision of letting him go, especially if McCarthy turns out to be a flop, which is quite possible.

Great decision by the UFC to take advantage of this situation though.

Soo.... do you train UFC or not?

Like...blatantly ignoring the fight. Shit was happening that should have been called and it wasn't. A lot of people say Joe's commentary of positions helped them a lot when they started watching MMA but I feel he's gotten away from that.


R/MMA ... We should buy stock.

This is totally fresh and original, not fucked-out and lame.

Except Jimmy is 5" taller or so than Joe.


You know who I like? Brandon Schwab. Make fun. G'head. I find him entertaining.

I trane WME

The UFC has a sort of dilution problem with their brand in that sense. They've become so successful in North America that they've become synonymous with MMA.

Sources tell me that since Joe's been hanging upside down in his doorway, hes grown 3 1/2 inches. Crazy thing is, 3 1/2 inches isnt even that crazy.

Beat it you cheeto fingered nerd

Jimmy was an mma fighter.

I found that shit hilarious

All three jump up in the air and high five! Freeze frame ***

One thing I absolutely hate about Joe is his inability to accept a mistake. If a referee makes a mistake, Joe will slow it down to 50x slower than real time and just shout about how it was so "obvious" and the referee made a terrible mistake.

Like dude, theyre swanging and banging in there, shits happening fast and the ref isn't always going to get things correct. I don't know why he does it but the way he does pissed me off no end.


I love Joe but his commentary is starting to feel like a fight companion rather than professional color commentary.

He can probably cut the height

I can see him cutting to only PPVs in Vegas being close to LA

Another Bellator reject is picked up by the UFC.

I'm joking, of course. Good on Smith. I honestly didn't expect they'd sign him.

UFC likes short, stocky, quirky bald men

While I'll miss him on Bellator shows I'm glad I'll still get to hear his commentary.

"It takes a lot of energy to be a rockstar"

Totally excellent my dude

Sources: Brandon Schwab

This guy lies. I never told him a god damn thing.

somewhere out there Robin Black is clenching his fists in anger

Not only that, but he went one on one with The Warrior Andy Wang and lived to tell to tale.



This will get downvoted as hell but I think Joe Rogan has been unbearable as a commentator a couple of times over the past year .I only like him with Cormier in the booth.

I do think Jimmy is a good choice to replace him though

How long until Igor Vovchanchyn shows back up?

Probably because he was awful

Matt Serra is in negotiations as we speak

I fear change

Would never happen (can't have 3 color commentators) but that would be awesome

Guess he won't have to explain the difference between UFC and MMA anymore

Jimmy Smith was Bellator's main color commentator.

But he's an orc

Joe freaks out about a percieved ref mistake, replay shows the mistake to be not very egregious, Joe moves on like his words have no impact.

Look into it

Problem is Smith just isn't a drawl, even though he's got a PIECE on him, ga-DOOSH!


It is especially hilarious if you play UFC 2 where he will constantly say it multiple times in a match

I liked at the end of the podcast Joe said something like "I wonder where Jimmy will ever go next, hmmmmm"

Word is they're feeding Jimmy to TBA. They really throw guys to the wolves in the UFC.

He's going for a shrimp chili corn dog, to stoner control, into a munchies release, then fighting hard for that 9/11 inside job hook -- great way to secure electric chair

Doesn't Joe just want to do fewer shows and stay in the Vegas/SoCal area?

the downside is no joe, the upside is way more fight companions lol

I think it was Rountree vs Oleksiejczuk, might be wrong though.

You need a comma in there.


It's not about being hardcore MMA fans, the colour guy makes a HUGE influence in the watching experience. Jimmy is one of the best who actually knows how to bring out genuine excitement, kind of Rogan. So you don't have to be hardcore MMA fan to enjoy watching fights more with guys like Jimmy. They did screw up letting him go, but good for the UFC and the fans I suppose.

You'd need a play-by-play. Anik cleans up nicely

Amazing comment

I actually liked that statement. It's true for too many people and it became Ronda's reality.

If Conor continues jumping into the ring and slapping officials it will be true for him.