Jim Harbaugh on Mark Dantonio "I didn't understand how he dragged us into his frustration about what bowl game he went to"

Jim Harbaugh on Mark Dantonio "I didn't understand how he dragged us into his frustration about what bowl game he went to"
Jim Harbaugh on Mark Dantonio "I didn't understand how he dragged us into his frustration about w...

With all this disrespect State is getting they might never lose to Michigan again.

I feel like I’ve heard this from Michigan fans before...

honestly, fair point from khaki man. it wasn't up to him.

Uhh...MD was asked about Michigan getting a better bowl than him in an interview. Reporter''s fault. MD was just responding to that. Harbaugh is the petty one bringing up 3-9 and other crap about MD.

Edit: down voted by Michigan fans...very nice. Just like your coach

lol @ complaining about Harbaugh's pettiness while simultaneously being the pettiest person in this thread

Let's just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that these are grown, adult men, at the height of their profession.

Dantonio didn't complain about the bowl at all. Reporters are the ones that asked him about it and he said he was happy with the holiday bowl.

The whole "ha ha an MSU person responded to a question about us, that means they're obsessed with us lol" mindset being one of the chief tenets of Michigan football fandom is the furthest thing from a new development. But until this that'd just been the fans. It's honestly surpising to see it going all the way up to the head coach now

And yes of course it's not all or even most Michigan fans, but it's still amusing how many self-absorbed douches are out here seriously trying to frame it like Dantonio called a press conference specifically to whine about Michigan getting a bigger-name bowl

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And posting garbage Harbaugh to the Browns rumor articles. Lol

i selfishly like my petty coach twittersphere

I largely agree, though to be fair Dantonio didn't have to sneak in the "I'll just continue to concentrate on beating Michigan" part of the response, which appears to the be the part that Harbaugh was upset about. That was clearly an intentional dig on Michigan, though it was by no means out of line and he has the right to throw those digs at Michigan after beating them this year and 8 out of the last 10 years. Harbaugh is definitely overreacting, though I love the pettiness both sides are expressing. It's fun.

He was asked about Michigan, so he gave an answer about Michigan, which, ironically, is the same reason Jim Harbaugh "dragged" Dantonio's comments into this press conference.

It's the gift that keeps on giving my guy


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-Every Michigan fan for the last 10 years.

I'm over it. The matchups we both got were good.

I feel like most of the people commenting on this blood feud haven't even watched the presser where Dantonio makes these supposedly incendiary comments.

He says the holiday bowl isn't a slight. The reporter spends 15 seconds listing all the reasons Michigan getting the outback Bowl is possibly offensive (record, head to head, whatever). All Dantonio says is they can't control how picks them for a bowl and that he'll focus on the things he can control during the season aka beating Michigan. If you watch the video Dantonio doesn't even give his classic Troll smirk when he's taking a jab at someone. He says it with a straight face, no laughter in the room, and moves on to the next question.

That's dumb. Everyone knows he's going to the Colts anyways. /s

Boycotting restaurant? Never heard it anywhere. Sounds like an ingenious plan hatched up by the lemmings on rcmb. Have you been hanging around with those boys again?

Harbaugh is the petty one

Love that Harbaugh is the petty one coming from the fanbase that has called for boycotts of a restaurant over the fact that the meaningless glorified exhibition game they got into just happens to be 3 days sooner than Michigan's.

Edit: Calling a bowl game what it really is.

I don't think tweeting has anything to do with the team's performance against rivals.

Because we’re being petty again this week, here is the list of Michigan’s best wins in 2017:

OSU Beating MSU. OSU not making the playoffs. IOWA Beating OSU.

For how many games with that O-Line?

Yeah, isn't this what we all want? this is like the pinnacle of the MSU vs. UofM rivalry. Both teams have coaches with history at their schools, one even breaking their arm because of our game. Both teams are competing at similar levels. And now because of the internet everyone else knows how petty/toxic our great rivalry can be. MSU's team doesn't like Michigan's team, and Michigan's team doesn't like MSU's team.

This is great.

If we lose next year I’m blaming you

There have been a lot of people blaming Michigan for getting selected to the outback bowl. It's not like Michigan campaigned for it or bribed anymore for it. Michigan just was selected. Much like MSU was selected "over" Northwestern for the Holiday Bowl.

I'm glad you own it!

Should we talk about your fans that send death threats to punters and kickers then? Is it really fair to talk about fringe outliers?

So many things he could have said... and even more direct.

"I am not sure how it happened, you'd have to ask the people who make those decision. Michigan is a great team, but we are solely focused on our matchup against Washington State"


"I don't put any weight in certain bowls being better than others unless it is the CFP. We are playing in this bowl game that includes two ranked teams. That seems pretty prestigious to me and the only game that I care about."

Michigan was literally the basis for the question Dantonio responded to

Wtf John O’Korn is supposed to be graduating

Yeah he knows. You’re on the Michigan side of the tally

You're living up to your name pretty well

but its not about that at all. Outback chose michigan cause they will make more money. It didn't end up like this because msu is "clearly the better team"

What? He LITERALLY said "we are happy with the holiday bowl." Followed up by (and im paraphrasing) "Bowls are out of our control. All I can control is focusing on beating the team you mentioned in the regular season"

It's almost like the bowl games care more about revenue and selling tickets, of which Michigan would bring more.

That's not what he said though. He said that he'll just keep focusing on beating Michigan. Just like how he focuses on beating every big10 team. He would have said it about Iowa or OSU or Minnesota.

The context was "I can't control bowl games. I can control whether we win in season"

Sorry, Little Brother. Doesn't fit my narrative

The money from ALL B1G bowl games is pooled and then distributed equally among conference members, just as it is in the PAC 12. This argument doesn't make sense.

Since Harbaugh was fired


Not to mention, Michigan's game overlaps with No. 12 UCF vs. No. 7 Auburn and No. 14 Notre Dame vs. No. 17 LSU. MSU will only be competing with No. 13 Stanford vs. No. 15 TCU.

Lol don't act like Dantonio had to bring up Michigan just because of the question specifically mentioned Michigan.

And don't act like it's a personal insult to your honor when Dantonio talks about Michigan in a question that specifically mentioned Michigan.

Answer: no I cant, I'm continuing to focus on beating Michigan.

Did I do it right???

This isn't about bowl games. This is about how Harbaugh can't handle reality.

Gotta take Michigan State's side here. Dantonio made a fairly innocuous comment that wasn't really a shot at Michigan. The only reason this is a thing at all is because Harbaugh, as he occasionally likes to do, is acting like a petulant child.

Honestly, I feel Dantonio has taken the high road here. Since Harbaugh was fired all these stupid press confrence questions to Dantonio are about UM, harbaugh, khakis, his latest antics, commwnts about locker rooms, booger eating playoffs, etc. The newspaper market here serves both fan bases, so its somewhat understandable, but it gets tiresome with the constant UM interjections.

Ouch. No kidding. Gotta fix the line first.

Pretty sure you said that this year.

!RemindMe 20 Oct 2018

"Lol don't act like Dantonio had to bring up Michigan just because the question specifically mentioned Michigan"


I’m confused is Harbaugh trash or no?

Harbaugh likes to talk big game in press conferences but the second someone replies he turns into a 15 year old hyped to have his first twitter account.

I appreciate the turn of phrase.

Don't lump me in with him...

Bowl games are meaningless exhibitions outside of the playoff. There's nothing "right" or "wrong" about it. My only interest in a non-playoff bowl is knowing the team gets those extra practices and how (if at all) it might effect recruiting.


Reporter: "Mark, the natural fan reaction naturally is, they see Michigan chosen by the Outback Bowl... 2 fewer wins... loss head to head there... what is your sort of message to them, and... what... I'm sure some of your players feel the same way when they see that sleight a little bit."

Dantonio: "Well I just look at it as an opportunity to play the Holiday Bowl right now. You know, the records are what they are. You know, I'll just continue to concentrate on beating Michigan and let things sort of sort out."

Yeah, sure seems like he "dragged" Michigan into it.

Replace Michigan with any other team in that quote and it's as innocuous as you can get.

Pettiness is the heart of in state rivals.

Harbaugh wants that because it’s the only way Michigan can get to the playoff with multiple losses in the Big Ten.