JetBlue caps direct flight ticket prices out of Florida at $99 ahead of Hurricane Irma

JetBlue caps direct flight ticket prices out of Florida at $99 ahead of Hurricane Irma

“In addition, we are waiving change fees for customers who want to change their flight plans due to the forecast.” the spokesman said. “We also are adding flights and increasing the size of the aircraft we’re using on flights to and from San Juan and south Florida, providing more opportunities for customers to leave. New flights are being added to and from San Juan, Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Key West, all to Atlanta (where people can connect to destinations across the U.S.)

Now that's a good PR move.

Not sure why this is hard to understand for some companies/people/entities. Instead of turning people away or making it difficult in already difficult situations they do good by the people and the people usually return that favor down the line. Very good move indeed!

Good job, Jet Blue. That's how you build goodwill and loyalty.

When it comes to airlines, isn't it all uplifting news? Edit: Thanks for the gold stranger! I'm really proud that my highest upvoted comment (so far) and my first gilded comment is a dad joke.

Plus, if their prices are lower with bigger aircraft then they'll probably pull in more people, people who will remember who helped them and probably factor that into their travel decisions down the line. Now if only more companies realized that being good to your customer base is beneficial.

But the uber ride to the airport is $1000.

JetBlue has a history of strong customer relations. They actually managed to turn a profit in the months after 9/11 because they were small and well-liked.

Back in the day they were the only airline with satellite TV, which was a big perk to my family back when we'd go to Disney with small kids frequently.

Just ask Mattress Mac of Houston! That guy got so much good publicity!

/sub/dadjokes needs you back urgently.

Shit... for airfare that low I might just fly into Florida lol

EDIT: don't worry guys I understand the headline I'm just joking lol

Always heard of him through the years in Houston, though never was a customer.

Now, because of what he did, I won't be buying mattresses anywhere else.

United will probably charge $500, beat the shit out of a nun, and then cancel the flight without a refund.

shit you could probably run to the airport and get there before your flight

Hi I'm Urgently, did someone call?

They are going to get competitive after the storm for people to return.

Jet blue has been the best flights I've ever had. Hands down!! All the amenities.

Matress Mack is someone in Houston who owns a massive furniture store, he spent days during the flood using the store's trucks to drive through high water and rescue people. He opened his furniture store to people who lost their homes and allowed people to sleep on sofas/beds in the store.

Lol "why buy a mattress aaaanywhere else"

Where?? Where are these $99 flights??? I am in FL trying desperately to get out. I have selected every airport I can think of within driving distance and am willing to go to just about any major city on the Eastern seaboard. So I ask, where are they? It is me, my spouse, and two small children. Fort Lauderdale to WA D.C.? Sold out. To Boston? Sold out. From Orlando, a short three hour drive? Sold out. Where are these tickets??

Edit: RIP my inbox. The generosity of people on here always surprises me. My post was meant to convey that despite what is being reported about the JetBlue fares, they don't seem to exist. For reasons difficult to explain, my options are fly my family out or hunker down here. I would have much preferred fly out, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. I cannot believe how many of you responded with offers of a free place to stay or points to use at a hotel. Other than a couple of random people writing things like "you're just looking for handouts," most of the messages I got were for offers of help. Thank you so much for restoring my faith in humanity. I have the means to pay for a hotel, but thank you so very much to all who offered a lending hand.


When my grandma died and I missed my flight out of Dubai back to the states due to incoming fire in Baghdad AA put me on the next flight out in first class. I was super stressed I would miss the funeral and they came through for me and now have a customer for life. They might not always be the best airline but they were bros in a stressful time and I can respect that.

"mattressss so comfortable you can sleep on em through a hurricane!"

Haha, this guy is being funny.

looks out the window


Then cancel the trip mid-flight ... "EVERYBODY OUT!"

In other news, there is a massive shortage of JetBlue flights out of Florida.

And in return he has customers for life.

/sub/dadjokes needs you too

My family and I were stuck in Turks and Caicos trying desperately to get a flight out but they were all sold out. JetBlue added more flights on airbuses and we managed to get out of there on time. They're being super great about this whole situation.

You could get a roundtrip ticket and just go to the Winchester until this blows over!

Well shit. I'm sold.

Hi I'm Too, did someone ring

Not if you schedule a round trip...

Not if you schedule a

God, I love Jet Blue. Always try to use them before anyone else.

Sofa so nice it saved grandma's life.

I may never go to Texas, but Mattress Mack being a good dude is one of the things that stuck with me from the Harvey coverage, and there's a pretty good chance I'll randomly mention it sometime down the line, and 100% would if mattresses and Houston ever came up at the same time. That's some extreme market penetration for a local mattress store!

Have they ever had catastrophies yet?

Doesn't matter what the motivation was, the fact is he did it when he didn't have to and that alone is worth praise.

I've got my own plane, so I can always go get her

Get your ass in your plane right now and go get your mother out of there!

Do you know the reason why they wanted to put TV's in every headrest?


David Neeleman knew that if he could keep kids entertained for the duration of a flight, everyone else on the plane would be much happier. Genius.


I feel as if it's jinxed now

Is this a quote from his commercials? Because it sounds like Ants-in-my-eyes Johnson or the guy that sells Real Fake Doors.

/sub/dadjokes needs you as well.

Delta charged me $950 to fly my son up to Atlanta from Fort Myers on Friday. A bunch of assholes those guys. My wife and daughter are in Atlanta already with family and we were due back here yesterday, I flew back in solo to secure the house and get my son to safety. Delta wanted to charge me $250 to change my wife's ticket to Monday and a one way ticket only cost $170. A bunch of crooks.

Edit: the typical change fee is $50 for reference.

I really doubt somebody goes in and manually sets those prices for every flight. They probably have an algorithm that detected a surge of ticket purchases and started increasing the fares automatically.


I'm As Well, did someone buzz?

Stop being facetious - after all the bad PR I'm sure they've instructed their employees to never beat anyone again. They'll surely move on to sexual assault.

Here are your complimentary peanuts. Packing flavored.

Do you have a vehicle to drive your family out of harms way? If so, I have saved some Marriott points from traveling for work. Would be happy to help you afford a room for a bit if you have no other options. Not sure if money is the concern, just throwing it out there.

This morning jetblue flights were going for $550+. Sounds like they saw the bad PR coming and decided to get ahead of it. That being said, they are my favorite US-based airline and hopefully this helps people evacuate.

Fuck it, you can come as well.

Related: NPR had an interesting commentary on price gouging as an economically efficient strategy for emergencies.

2 economists argued that it causes people to evaluate what they really need and they use it as a scarce resource rather than wasting/hoarding.

It also causes more of that resource to come in from other locations in the country since they can get more money for it when the price is jacked up.

Ultimately there will be more for everyone if prices accurately reflect the supply/demand price curve.

Then a 3rd economists comes on and is like "yeah that's all great except you REALLY piss people off and they won't forget when things return to normal."

Or just pull in enough people they make a fuckload of money selling food and stuff anyways

and increasing the size of the aircraft we’re using

For some hilarious reason the first image that came to mind was the pilot blowing into a little tube on the side of the airplane to inflate it bigger.

No. I was in Iraq when she died in Minnesota. Everyone transits through Dubai to get back to the states.

selling... food... Have you been on an airplane?

I'm not superstitious but I am a little stitious.

So book multiple single seats

What's the price to go into Florida? The beaches will be clear for another few days at least

That's Mr. As Well, show some respect.

And he did it before the church could. Amazing times we live in

*until the Winchester blows over

Its just good humanity. Somebody in charge over there is actually a good human being.

The Patron Saint of Bedding

....because he's/she's risking their life to uber your ass to the airport instead of boading a flight themselves.

Well it's still a decent thing to do. They could just focus on leaving as fast as possible and ensure the safety of their planes. Instead they're doing something decent while still making profit. I'd consider that a win-win-win. They're getting their planes and employees out, they're making money and performing a humanitarian duty that will get them good PR.

omg he also gave away $7 million dollars worth of furniture in 2014 by making a bet that the broncos would beat the seahawks. he said "i don't think of it as a loss for the gallery, i think of it as a win for my customers." what a solid dude.

flight attendant approaches you

hi can i get a double cheeseburger no pickles

The change fee is $200 on a non-refundable ticket, plus the difference in fare

That's absolutely what happened and it's frustrating to see so many so quick to spew hate and assume things.

Its part of Sleep Country Canadas commercials.

Proud to say my father is a JetBlue pilot :) he just got home from a 10 day trip today. We evacuate this weekend.

Chris christie could get a beach to himself again!

Local Mattress / furniture tycoon in Houston. He opened his stores as shelters to a ton of people. They made great shelters because they're huge a filled with comfortable furniture.

We have a Mattress Mick here in Dublin! Mick donated a bunch of mattresses to a homeless shelter that was being set up for families not too long ago. He's a bit of an icon in Dublin because he's pretty eccentric.

"Today you, tomorrow me"

It's ok, I got this. I'm not superstitious so the jinx won't take.

I think you mean, "Fllubllhbhk"

not to mention a lot of people need new mattresses.

I love it when doing the right thing aligns with good business sense.

He came from nothing. He was driving to Dallas to buy furniture which he sold in an old model home park from some company that failed. He got burned by the DEA(or some other agency) for money laundering because the DEA were the only ones that would lend him money. He did community service and did an amazing above and beyond to steer at risk individuals to a better path. All the time selling furniture that really did "save you money!" " Buy it today get it delivered tonight" really happened with independent contractor drivers making a great living wage. It wasn't free delivery but it was super inexpensive by contract guys that went above and beyond too.

He hasn't abandoned anyone that is following in his footsteps. He is that really hard boss that you would work for again. I didn't, but I would.

Who now?

I don't fly often, but when I do, it'll be Jet Blue.

A great endorsement from /u/pm_me_your_teen_tits

That's for one person. There are only single seats left.

I'm stuck in FL. I live on the beach with no where to go.


Jetblue has a pilot training center and a huge base in Orlando. They have to evacuate their planes. It's called a ferry flight. They're selling seats on planes that would fly out empty anyway. This isn't goodwill, this is pure economics sold as goodwill.


Hey now, I fly from Europe to Asia a lot and air Malaysia is fucking awesome. Who gives you cheap flights, the company who has lost 2 planes in quick succession that's who. Who gives you extra leg room because less people take their flights? The company who has lost 2 planes in quick succession. Which company has the nicest staff and cleanest planes? The mother fucking company who has lost 2 planes in quick succession after one's pilot got a little sad and the other got shot down. THAT'S WHO. Best airline in the world.

Not for Malaysian Airlines...

It was reddit's favorite airline, United

I mean... they have to get the planes to florida somehow...

May as well sell some cheap tickets to people who want to experience the hurricane

Meanwhile, United airlines will begin flying planes directly into the storm.

Well, if this thread is any indicator; I'm flying JetBlue from now on. Solid company.

Before any of this, when his "furniture store" was under a bunch of tents on i45 he was This same guy.

Considering its going to be gridlock traffic and take an entire day i believe it

In North Korea every flight belongs to government

He owns a bunch of furniture stores in Houston and told his guys to take the delivery trucks out and rescue people and bring them back to the stores to stay.

That's nice, could be nicer tho. I'm a pilot and in my country the government is legally allowed to sieze commerciam aircraft and flight crews to evacuate a natural disaster area