Jesus sucks, Satan swallows

Jesus sucks, Satan swallows

Grandma hasnt been the same since she snorted them bath salts.

She looks as tall as 12, but the face says as old as meth.

She looks like a Portlandia sketch.

Look at me, look at me, I need attention, give me attention, am I getting any attention yet?!?!

Hot Topics biggest fan.

Yes, she is definitely meth years old

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Abby Brown. She is notorious for constantly changing phases. One day she’s all in love with Melanie Martinez and acting like a baby, and the next minute she’s a hardcore lil xan fan. As of now, she claims that she’s actually a man now, although it’s impossible to take her seriously at this point.

Looks like scientists have successfully spliced human and frog DNA.

Mental illness

It sounds like this person is going through some shit :c

It’s the kid from Malcom in the middle


I didn't know Beetlejuice had any children.

So that's what someone who has completely given up all hope of having a relationship looks like.

Give her a break, we all know how tough your 15's and 45's can be, just imagine having both at the same time.


Omg. Yes

I thought so. I have a friend with BPD and through her have learned a lot about it, my friend has managed it well and is pretty healthy now, but it's clear this Abby person is drastically emulating people they admire rather than using therapy to cope in healthy ways. The internet isn't a very good place to be when you aren't in the right mindset :c

Yeah she apparently has BPD and some other stuff, I wish she’d just get off the internet. It’s so sad that people attack her the way they do.

my name is Abby Brown bitch, welcome to my NiGhTmAre

tbh I do feel bad for this girl because there is something clearly very wrong with her but god its pretty easy to fall down the rabbit hole that is the content she posts online

Holy shit! I know her. She’s from a small town in PA I was born in. I know she’s adopted but not sure if that has anything to do with this but I know she somewhat rebelled when she was younger. Maybe she’s super rebelling now. Unrelated story but her mom’s name is Cathy - she was a good friend of my parents and when I was younger, I couldn’t say “Cathy” so I called her “Coffee”. Even today she’s known as Coffee Brown to my family.

What about this photo made her think “This is how I want everyone to see me”? The awful duck face, the shitty make-up, the eyebrows, and the awkward pose... I can’t even tell if she’s 14 or 40.

"They" is a pretty acceptable gender neutral pronoun. It's a bit more humanizing.

That being said, I think eyebrows are the least of this person's problems.

Do you ever talk about anything other than Hillary? Did she touch your pee pee when you were a kid or something?


I recognize this "girl". She had either a gofundme or fundraiser to beg people to support her life because she can't find a job. Her reason she can't find a normal job as because people don't accept her for who she really is

Post it or walk away. I hope Youre not kidding


Everything else is trashy enough already, but that eyeball hairband puts the nail in the coffin.