Jesus Campos has gone MISSING

Jesus Campos has gone MISSING

Or he doesn't exist...

His name isn't even registered as a security guard in Nevada, which is public information.

Think about this 59 confirmed dead on day of shooting... 500+ injured.... no additional deaths...

Im moving to nevada.... best trauma surgeons ever.

Can't go missing if you never existed <picture of guy pointing at his temple/>

One thing I also want to know... if these people had eyes on him before he "disappeared"... were they able to see his injured leg? Was he able to walk?

Plot hole?

Wasnt there news today he didn't even work for Mandalay and was did security for festivals/events?

She posted an update saying he was set to do 5 interviews and that they were in one room and when they came out, he just disappeared.

Yeah, dead.

And then the new worker who alerted the hotel and then the shooter's house being broken into. This whole story is weird and how is the entire media not demanding answers? (We all know the answer why.) This is the biggest mass shooting in US history. We knew who did it the day after and after a week and a half we have no idea why. TOO WEIRD TO BE TRUE

That's just weird. You'd think if he had planned to bail he wouldn't have shown up at all but anyone who planned to stop him if he wanted to do it would have intervened earlier. I wonder what changed someone's mind.

Give him 3 days. He'll turn up.

I don't know if it had been confirmed personally. It might be but what I do know is last I looked there was confusion because there was a Larry Jesus Campos who did work for the security agency doing the concert across the street. Nobody at the time knew if they were the same person and while I have seen people claim they are the same I haven't seen a source or proof so I am not sure if it was just their pet theory or not.

That’s a good point

The timeline changed this morning/yesterday evening. To where the guard in question was shot 45 mins before the slaughter occurred, not 6 mins.

Spez: Cannot confirm if it was this guard was one in question. But a worker who warned 45 mins before shooting, not 6 mins as originally reported.

"Missing" or "never existed to begin with"?

If he does security for festivals then what was he doing on the 32nd floor of a hotel?

either that.. .or he was involved? do the shooting and then stage scene as if it was Paddock then play the hero? or he didn't exist?? who knows at this point. this whole thing is bizarre and none of it makes sense

Was he working for the Clintons?

Haha, that made me laugh.

whereabouts & identity unknown, employment authorization murky, timeline keeps changing = another fine production from Minitrue