Jessica-Rose Clark who's facing Paige VanZant this Sunday on UFC St. Louis just had her house broken into

Jessica-Rose Clark who's facing Paige VanZant this Sunday on UFC St. Louis just had her house bro...

I can't imagine how distraught I would be if my pets were killed by someone else.

They kicked her cat and it had too be put down... fuck whoever did that

The rage of a killed pet is the only realistic part about John Wick.

Wtf is wrong with people

Fuck racism, slavery, racists, and animal abusers. The list keeps growing.

Who in the fuck breaks into a house and after stealing shit thinks; "Hey, let me beat the fuck out of the cat before I leave!"

Absolute cunts.

Boston Bomber 2: Eclectic Boogaloo.

First thing I thought. No idea how people do fucked up shit like this and go on like it's no big deal.

Also, since a cat is involved, I have a feeling 4chan could pull some wizardry and find these people somehow.

This is some John Wick shit.We need Tony on the case.

Who the fuck kicks a cat. I hope they find these bastards.

/sub/mma detectives - get on the case!

if this were 2012 4chan yeah, but not anymore

I haven't heard of many cats that are territorial in that way. It probably just hissed at one of them or something and, like the stand-up citizens they clearly are, they kicked it. Scumbags.

What about the sweet berimbolo?

Ngannou and Stipe teaming up

jfc, I doubt the cat was being that aggressive... Only a sick fuck would do that

Fuck i somehow hope they can get FOTN now.

I mean the whole idea was incredibly dumb. Tens of thousands of people with no prior experience of investigation trying to connect the dots in their basement with only what the public knows.

It went about as well as you would’ve expected it to.

Rage. It would be rage. My cats aren’t just animals. They’re family. (And I’d wager heavily most pet owners feel the same)

Go ahead and rob the place you loser fucks but did you really have to kill her cat? Idiots.


faces Paige VanZant

3 people


white sedan



faces Paige VanZant

3 people


white sedan

FOTN plus an insane finish for Jessy Jess. Get that double bonus.

I was thinking the cat attacked one of them.

Detective Shaub needs to go in with his signature awkward, shitty punching technique and kill these motherfuckers

Pop Vinyls maybe?

As opposed to dying because of an accident or illness. Why am I explaining this

Can’t imagine how upset and angry I’d be. Horrible news.

Werdum-esque in its flying side kick ability is that cat, Joe

I usually cheer for Paige because she seems like a genuinely nice person, but damn I'll be hoping it works out well for Jess on Sunday.

🤨 Did we watch the same movie?

The whole movie is pretty realistic actually in terms of action

Brutal. Poor Kitty man what a bunch of scumbags hope they get caught. Guess I'm rooting for JRC this Sunday

It's difficult losing a friend, especially in such a vile and depraved way.

I hope he fucks poverty too, I hate being poor :(

Disgusting! Imagine they somehow get a lead on where the people live and send over Ngannou or Stipe to collect.

Calm down, Cheeto Fingers.

What kind of fucking sociopath kicks a cat?

4chan once discovered what they thought was an ISIS base in Syria. They revealed the location and it was eventually bombed. It turned out that the base actually belonged to a rebel group that was fighting against ISIS....

Yeah you’re right, her Instagram post mentioned that they took a ton of POP vinyl figures.

Easy to break into someone's house when you know exactly when they will be away for a week. Really sucks for her.

What does she mean by "POP" ? I know some people call soda "pop" but I don't think that's what she means? "..a ton of POPS, Blu-rays."

Hey, you, shut the fuck up

possibly those bobble-headesque toys?

possibly those ?

I have watched that, I remember reading the threads when that was going on lol. but that was just for the purpose of fucking with Shia LaBoeuf, I don't think they would do wholesome shit anymore

Should have left the case for 4Chan. They would've tracked the terrorists in no time.

Sometimes even the pro's make mistakes.

The punishment for something like this really should be 15 rounds with Khabib. Or maybe even Khabib till death.

shitty punching technique

How dare you.

They didn't even kill the cat, they injured it so badly that it had to be put down. The cat endured more suffering. Fuck those guys.

Seriously brah?

Paige playing some savage pre fight mind games

Pretty sure khabib doesn’t need 15 rounds to kill an average dude

Heel hooks in the gi

The fact the he just shoots the guy he has been looking for all movie instead of dragging out some long dialogue is pretty realistic also. The whole movie is pretty realistic actually in terms of action, the underground mob hideout that uses special tokens as currency wasn't so realistic though.

What the fuck dude.

Damn dude you're badass...

This. I learned Paige was bullied hard in school and that's what led to her practicing MMA. Add fuck bullies to ngannous list.

What's unrealistic about the shooting in that scene?

I'll grant you that the hand-to-hand segments are hollywood-esque, but the shooting is some of the most realistic I've seen on the big screen.

Notice that the bad guys are using tacticool flashlights, whereas John Wick doesn't. There were many moments - clearly shown in this scene - where John Wick used this to create a first-shot advantage.

Body shots aren't always insta-kills, so John Wick has made it a habit to headshot every opponent. Again, nothing unrealistic there.

Count rounds. The HK P30 9mm with the single stack mag has 10 rounds. He always reloads before the slide locks in this scene. This is a nice touch of shooting realism.

My recollection of this movie is that the slide locked a couple times in later scenes, at the 10 shot count. Again, realistic, and a nice touch.

The knife section of the scene certainly wasn't terrible. Bad guy has a knife, John 2 on 1's the knife hand. I liked the back control > double wristlock progression, and how the bad guy did switch hands, which John followed. Overall, this knife fight segment reminded me of rolling with someone better than me - John Wick was just too many steps ahead, and everything the bad guy did just led him down a sequence that John Wick controlled.

The hand-to-hand showed hollywood influences, with punches/kicks being too debilitating, but John Wick was better than most movies I've seen. The shooting, at least in the eyes of an IPSC competitor like me, seemed vastly more reasonable than any other hollywood movie I've seen.

So what did I miss?

That’s fucking disgusting. Beating a cat? Hopefully these junkies are apprehended and put down.

Who in the right mind would do that shit

Yup..reddit sure messed that one up eh?