JENNA JAMESON now says LGBTXYZ are becoming a lynch mob after the bully August Ames to death

JENNA JAMESON now says LGBTXYZ are becoming a lynch mob after the bully August Ames to death

"You have to let that guy fuck you on camera, otherwise we will make sure that you are unemployable for the rest of your career!"

This whole story is just surreal.

But notice the refusal to take blame.

Well, gays have been exposed to vitriol for decades, so it's ok for me to do it to others.

Does Bruce realize how messed up that is?

There really is such a thing as the 'gay mafia'. Not an official mafia, but a mafia just the same.

Indeed. I just can't fathom the whole HIV positivity (pun intended) thing that is spreading in California. Even if science finds a cure for HIV, I'd like to avoid all expensive treatments if it's the same to you.

people are going to be red-pilled by pornstars.

never though I'd see the day.

certainly not the degenerate plan they had for the porn industry.

The left are literally diseased.

lol even when his victim is literally dead that bruce guy is still all about me me me and my big gay pain

Studies have consistently found gay men to be more misogynist than straight men.

It’s official. Network nationally and everything through HRC and local “Pride” offices. Black lists exist.

Edit: I’d also like to add, I’ve been “out” for a decade and haven’t had any negative vitriol beyond what normal humans experience and deal with. It’s mostly made up! (Well, unless you live in a Muslim majority country)

Do normal gay people not realize that they are being portrayed as mental patients by this group of radical gays?

what do they call it when someone doesn't want to have sex with someone else but they're forced to again

I think so, used to work with an older gay guy, he had a long time partner and didn't even know he was gay until a year after I started working with him. One of the things he said to me once really stuck with me, he said he found it really pathetic how some gay people make it their whole life like they have nothing else to their personality except being gay.

They were Bill Clintoned.

Nazi faggot seems proud that she killed herself. smh

They will literally call a woman "homophobic" as she has sex with another woman. March down the street against "rape culture" as they force a woman to have sex with another man of her agent's choice. Bitch about Trump saying "pussy" to another man 10 years ago as they literally slutshame a woman's corpse the day after. Maybe this is what the real "war on women" looks like.

August Ames also posted something about how the company the guy worked for allegedly doesn't test for HIV and she didn't want to be exposed to it, and that it wasn't a "gay" thing, it was a "I want to protect myself" thing, and of course it got turned around to " you're homophobic" and "i don''t care you killed yourself, that was your choice"

Up is down. Down is up.

/pol/ are the good guys

porn stars are the righteous

Also they hate the attractive men being “taken” by them.

No doubt. They recognize bitches when they see them.

Any identity group backed by the left becomes a lynch mob.

Having sex with someome who doesn't want it is definitively rape.

The lefties are saying she should have been raped against her will.

That's literally where we are at with identity politics now. Holy shit.

Well, unless you live in a Muslim majority country

I'm and Ex-Muslim, glad you added that bit! However, two things, first you don't even have to be gay, just suspected of it and second, replace country with community.

I'm not talking about ISIS throwing gays off building, just regular Muslim communities in the west, if you are gay you are vilified, disowned and shunned.

When you read August Ames thread with the other pornstar answering questions, they laid out a very well thought out argument about their position. Of course the left went militant because in simple fact, they have weak to no argument. The guy is getting hit with a lot shit right now. I’m pretty sure if tentacle porn master can have someone charged up to 5yrs for sending a gif over the same platform, the JaxonWheeler dude is fucked.

Yes, diseased brains, diseased, soul, diseased bodies, this describes those on the left.

If I was that poor young woman, I would've said NO as well.

Funny these assholes scream "I can do with my body what I want" what these degenerates mean is "You can only do with your own body what we find appropriate."

I wouldn't fuck a liberal with Bill Clinton's penis!

He will cry out in pain as he’s raping your ass...

i live in a pretty gay part of chicago (literally), and i'm straight, and i've been hit on by gay dudes, and they can be obscenely aggressive despite my telling them i'm NOT GAY.

The biggest thing I got out of reading The Gulag Archipelago was how morality was turned upside down and backwards. It's astonishing to see it so blatantly being played out right now in front of our eyes.

Woman commits suicide. Guy is happy to take credit and thinks he's a hero because he is stunning and brave.


the real war on women is mostly by other women not by men, whether it be by jealousy or trying to hold another woman down

When pornstars unite with conservatives to save America. What timeline is this?!

Listen to what Joe Rogan says on his podcast. There’s a segment of gay men who just incessantly hound other men.

I am gay and yes I know we are being portrayed by these people. That’s why I always make the distinction that there’s a difference between being a homosexual and being gay. Gay has turned into a political identity in which I don’t subscribe to. Normal homosexuals or conservative homosexuals are in a tough spot anyway because we’re kinda of in the middle. Not really supported by either party of the political spectrum. I’m black as well and I see the same similarities.

So I just live my life as a masculine homosexual. I don’t go to gay bars, I don’t so pride parades, I literally have more straight male friends than I do gay friends. I mean the number is like 99% straight male friends to 1% gay male friends. I’m more comfortable being around straight males ( not hitting on them) because I am a man first and I identify with being a man before I identify with being a homosexual.

It’s difficult to go into the gay community and be like “stop this shit”, because gays don’t like us conservative homosexuals either.

I think my background makes it more easier for me to identify as a man first because I was military which is a right of passage for males (probably the only thing besides from having kids) in American society. I have always been comfortable about being a man. The homosexual thing is who I am. The light switch doesn’t go off when it comes to being attracted to women. I have tried and it doesn’t go off for me. It’s like a blank slate in my mind where there’s no attraction either physically or emotionally to women. I don’t hate women. I am not jealous of women.

Edit: more clarification

Gay men can still be salty about it...and since when do they take no for an answer?

Alexis Monroe on that topic:

I think it’s hilarious that your discriminating against a man who does/did gay porn when half of this industry has performed with such performers.

ALLLLLLL performers must subject to the SAME testing in order to work.

screenshot, link to tweet

And from another tweet:

But to single someone out and prevent them from getting work because SHE doesn’t agree is WRONG

Yeah, because ...ok, let him fuck me. Who cares, right? The most important thing is, that he has work.

What a stupid cunt.

If this is true, she's a textbook hypocrite.

Alexis Monroe on that topic:

I think it’s hilarious that your discriminating against a man who does/did gay porn when half of this industry has performed with such performers.

ALLLLLLL performers must subject to the SAME testing in order to work.

, link to tweet

And from another tweet:

But to single someone out and prevent them from getting work because SHE doesn’t agree is WRONG

Yeah, because ...ok, let him fuck me. Who cares, right? The most important thing is, that he has work.

What a stupid cunt.

If this is true, she's a textbook hypocrite.

My uncle and his partner are the same way. Have still not gotten married because they aren't part of any agenda. He's just a dude attracted to dudes and but is otherwise a very well rounded guy.

"tolerant left"

Hey if not wanting HIV makes me homophobic I'm a proud to be homophobic. Wear that shit like a gold medal.

They never do, there is a reason that they have issues wherever they spread.

Good point. I know very little of the Muslim Community. There is one in my hometown, but they do not assimilate.

When the morals of Democrats have stooped lower than that of porn stars.

Commies truly are the worst.

It’s only ok if they cyber bully.

Fuck all of them who do that.

What happened to their “my body., my choice”?

Guess it only applies in murdering children, and not taking precautions against any potential infections or the like, right?

Sick fucks.

"You can only do with your own body what we find appropriate."

This basically sums up the entire mentality of the left.

When does the left EVER have an argument?

Modern LGBTQXYZ123 activists are fucking cancer. Now I know why Putin is cracking down on them.

That's ridiculous. If he's taken by a woman, that means he's straight, and the gay dude was never going to get him anyway. Excepting bi men, who are very very rare.

Take away the camera and it's just like everyone else in Hollywood.

When will the bubble burst on this SJW nonsense? I think (hope) we are getting close. Their rabid vitriol is even turning off some of their previous supporters.

Being gay isn't a choice, but shaping your entire identity around it sure is.

That's the difference between 'gay people' and 'people who are straight' that rubs people the wrong way.

It's not their sexuality that's a problem, it's their sexuality taking precedence over everything else about them that's a problem.

If anyone think that sounds homophobic, you should realize that society applies the same rule to heterosexuals.

A straight man who hypersexualizes is seen as sleazy, creepy, gross and undesirable (and rightfully so).

A gay man who does the same is celebrated, paraded.

Once again, leftists demand special treatment under the guise of equality, and throw "-isms" at people who actually have respect for equality.

The sjw lynch mob was triggered because a straight Female refused to fuck a gay dude.

Say that out loud to yourself and tell me that makes sense.

I am a social worker who has worked in the past with the population of persons living with HIV/AIDS and this statement is exactly right. The drug cocktails used to manage this disease cause a plethora of side effects, many of which can be lethal due to a person's compromised immune system. This necessitates even more medication to mitigate opportunistic infections/side effects, which in turn cause their own side effects. The end result is something like 15-20 different pills per day and never knowing what is wrong with your body- whether its the disease itself or something secondary. Combine that with the extreme poverty that most clients are living in because these medications are expensive...I have seen the way PLWHA live and it can be so sad sometimes. People abondoned by their family, friends, and the world, sleeping on hard wood floors with no food to eat. This is NOT GLAMOROUS. The fact that it is not recognized as murder when you spread this infection in CA enrages me and it does nothing but harm these people and stigmatize their communities in brutal ways.

As he's giving you aids.

Can we stop using the stupid fucking acronym and just go back to calling them gays.


likes guys: gay

likes guys and dresses like a woman: gay

likes guys and girls: gay

turns dick inside out and likes guys: gay and has a mental disorder


likes girls: gay

likes girls and dresses like a man: gay

etc, etc.

"The Mauve Hand"

As a member of the LGBTQEUFHAKRHFIAORBFISIRIFISKWBRJFIWJTJFIWJR, I am completely horrified that you are implying rape because only people who disagree with us are rapists /s

especially since it means having to take daily meds for the rest of your life. It's not cured, it's just controlled. They can keep you alive with HIV now but you gotta take a whole cocktail of meds every day.

She allegedly chose to end her own life when she was exposed to the same vitriol that gay people have been exposed to globally for decades.

That's a terrible, invalid comparison.

What an asshole, loser piece of shit.

But notice the refusal to take blame.

Yeah, and you know full well that had it been a gay person that had been bullied into committing suicide, we wouldn't have heard the end of it about how "intolerant" our society is.

August Ames may not have chosen a profession that society views in the best light, but in a free country, she did what she was doing and was absolutely a person who's feelings deserved the same sort of due consideration that the L.G.B.T. community has rightly been demanding for decades. It's a shame that some (because it isn't all) L.G.B.T. activists are off-the-rails S.J.W. whackjobs. They should be distanced from the movement.

I find that there seems to be some division among the L.G.B.T. community between those who are like, "Yeah, I'm different in my sexuality, but it's probably not going to be the first thing you know about me" versus the ones who are flagrant, flamboyant, and in your face about it. It seems like the former, who ARE pretty ordinary, reasonable, enjoyable people to be around, are a little resentful of the latter, who seem to go out of their way to push boundaries around straight people - which is sort of like, exactly the thing they're asking straight people to NOT do for them, which is pure hypocrisy.

I could be crude and say the loss of August Ames is tragic for the men in the world, but seriously... she was 23. That's stupidly young, and it's just sad that she felt like she had to commit suicide over this. Whole life ahead of her, and it's just gone.

Dinner with Bill Clinton.

Non-fiction. It's an accounting of Alexander Solzenitsyn's time in the labor camps. It's the most thorough account of authoritarian rule ever written. He won a Nobel Peace prize for it. Here is a link to the audiobook.

They won't stop. They will Let-Me-Take-A-Guess...DOUBLE DOWN. As always.

I know a girl like this. Her entire being is encapsulated in deciding whether she's gay, bisexual, or straight. It's all she talks about and therefore you don't want to be around her. I feel the same way about all people who play into identity politics. If something you literally have no control over defines you (skin color, gender, sexuality, etc) you must have a very vapid personality. This is what happens to people when they don't have real things to worry about.

I'm a lesbian and I was just commenting about this very thing. Everytime I see the leftists promoting social justice Warrior bullshit and virtue signaling for gay people, I cringe. I hate this shit. And I'm not allowed to have a voice in that Community either. I've been banned, called names, told to kill myself. All for saying reasonable things like all conservatives don't hate us and we should give the Trump Administration a chance.

I kinda hope he gets arrested or something for it.

Its a well known fact that homosexual men have a much higher risk of contracting HIV, but in today’s world it’s racist, sexist and homophobic to use logic and fact. They publically shamed a bisexual woman for choosing who she wants as a sexual partner. The left is nothing but mentally deranged hypocrites.

I support you as a human.

I used to be on the gay hate wagon because I thought all gays were like these radical nut jobs. But then I found out that most gays are just like you and me and trying to live.

Now I realize there are a group of crazy people that want to impose their wills on to us. As an American, I hate that. They get groups of people together, be they gay, women, whatever, and try to whip them into a frenzy. This may sound nuts, but that is exactly what the Soviet agents did in the US years ago. I'm sure modern day Russia, and others, do the same to stir up discord.

I'm not great at expressing my feelings, but I hope you get what I'm saying. I try to stay away from the "hate that group" mind set. Judge a person on their individual actions, not their sex, religion, or other things.

they are the scourge of America.


They've been cancer since the 90's. We were all just too nice to say anything.

Times they are'a changing.

Not gonna lie, my car broke down this morning on the drive into work in 15°F weather, and I had to sit out in the cold for close to an hour while waiting for a tow truck. Normally I'd be a little bummed, but THIS event has me absolutely burning with fury. Porn is an insane, sick industry as it is, and you got SJW fuckers literally crybullying these people to suicide. Fuck these SJWs and their entire worthless existence. I hope they get what's coming to them, and I hope we find out when they do.

I persecute my brother for being gay because he thinks trap bar deadlift is a legitimate form of deadlift.

It has trap in the name brah.

Zoey Tur threatened Ben Shapiro

Remember when ? Yeah, the LGBTXYZABCDEFG community have always been a bunch of intimidating violent lynch mob unreasonable thugs.

No, gays can donate blood, you're still not supposed to do it if you're HIV positive. However, it is just going to statically result in:

1) More blood being dumped (because they mix 10? 20? batches together and test it all at once.

2) Of those 20 people, 19 of them are going to get notified that they could be HIV positive when they are not, which is a 6 month nightmare.

More scary are the pro-HIV people who want it to spread because they are crazy.

She is also advocating for rape! No means no remember you fucking lefty hypocrites! I mean seriously why would the LBGTQ community align with the left? After all they are #2 on the priority list behind muslims so in the dems eyes they are completely expendable because a muslim could kill them for being gay and the dems would defend the muslims. Wake the fuck up!

Best timeline. You know Ron Jeremy and James Deen have both been accused of harassment, right? Maybe the spotlight will finally be shone into the depraved recesses of the porn industry...

Pharma gets more money. Simple as that. They want HIV/AIDs to spread. They want me lifetime consumers of treatment drugs. It's also a handy depopulation tool when needed. What it possible reason could there be for any of this"AIDs is A-OK" bullshit? Hivvies can donate blood now.

Red Cross, and RED also get millions in donations, and money from organizations/foundations to use as slush funds. Probably why B. Hussein Obama is out shilling for them now.

Their pride parades are debauchery plain and simple. They run around naked, engaging in sexual acts. All in public. In front of people homes. It's disgusting. I'm all about gays being gay. Do your thing. But in public? Using tax dollars to shut down streets and all that? Imagine a "straight pride parade". And yet they're the same people that say to be proud of how you were born (white) is racist, bigoted. Being proud of where you were born (A motherfucking Merica) is xenophobic. Being proud of being born straight would be so hateful in their eyes. But they can celebrate their sexual defect? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Soon enough it's gonna be like Sub Saharan Africa.

I wouldn't touch a Californian girl with somebody elses cock. And if you think you can contain it to California.............Haha, good luck with that.

USA is committing suicide. Slowly. Day by day.

With everyone else in Hollywood, there's still a camera but they just don't release the video.

Until it's time for blackmail anyway.

Notice how even her death did not satisfy the thirst for social justice. This is why you should not bother apologizing to them.

Porn stars are such a weird grey area. They're sexually liberated, but do it for money and men's pleasure. They're rich literally because men are horny, but their trade is inherently indebted to men.

Surely California of all places has anti cyber bullying laws

“I’m out of the closet, so in you go.” Classic and true.

I'd say it's because they know who they are. A lot of liberals just think how they do because everyone else does. And the most aggressive of them have no idea that they're both bigots and bullies

Can relate. I lived in SF for quite some time. It becomes a fucking scourge quickly. And they feel like they can grab your junk and it will change your mind.

From what I understand, she refused to have sex with Bi and Gay men. So by having a sexual preference she's homophobic? And the LGBT community is okay with shaming people for their sexual preferences? And what ever happened to "my body my choice?" And I thought CONSENT mattered above all else when it came to sex?

I could go on and on... The hypocrisies are too numerous to count. RIP Mercedes Grabowski.

LGBT, Muslims, and illegal aliens are treated like they are on an endangered species list in California. You are not to do anything which might even cause them distress

They eat their own. This is why marxism will never prevail.

Nazi faggot seems proud that she killed herself. smh

The smugness boils my blood.

Right?!? It's not like we go out to find people with the clap because there's a cure.

It wasn’t because of sexual preference (she’s—oops, was—bisexual), but because the gay pornstars are infected with AIDS at a much higher rate due to poor hygiene and risky activity. That’s the ridiculous part...

Friendly reminder that HIV is still transmissible before antibodies even appear which is how they detect it and that as recently as a few years ago HIV had spread in the porn industry by an actor that tested negative for HIV antibodies, and that the CDC stated that testing alone is not enough to prevent the transmission of HIV.

Wow they actually bullied a pornstar to death because she wasn’t slutty enough. I think this may be a new low

the real war on women is mostly by other women

It's been that way since the first two women met.

Sounds like rape to me

So what'd you do with the $400?

my big gay pain


I can’t deal with these radical leftist gays either. That’s why I don’t associate with them.

Underrated comment.