Jeff Sessions: It's Offensive to Expect Me to Remember Things During Sworn Congressional Testimony

Jeff Sessions: It's Offensive to Expect Me to Remember Things During Sworn Congressional Testimony
Jeff Sessions: It's Offensive to Expect Me to Remember Things During Sworn Congressional Testimony

It's offensive that elected officials can't seem to remember jack shit when they have personal assistants and important documentation to back up every fucking encounter. It's offensive that you and your cohorts lasted this long in an age of reason and information.

"I'm insulted!" Is just what rich white criminals say when you point out their lies.

Rep Jeffries did just that. Dude threw Sessions' own case history back at him and Sessions freaked the fuck out.

Attorney general Jeff Sessions appeared Tuesday at a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing. One of the top issues at hand was an Oct. 18 statement he made to a Senate committee:

Sen. Al Franken: “You don’t believe that surrogates from the Trump campaign had communications with the Russians?”

Jeff Sessions: “I did not—and I’m not aware of anyone else that did. I don’t believe that it happened."


Sessions came prepared on Tuesday to discuss the contradiction between his statement that he didn't believe there was any campaign contact with Russia and the reality that he'd led a meeting at which such contact was spoken about openly. His excuse? It's hard to remember things:

I wish they'd respond to him with his own quotes:

SESSIONS: Well, I guess I'm concerned about your recollection, really, because it's not that long ago. It was an important issue. And that's troubling to me, I've got to tell you.

I wonder how many witnesses he lambasted for not remembering things when he was a senator

Stolen from another comment but basically this:

My father was a senior executive in a company that was under SEC and FBI investigation for all manner of fraud/embezzlement/corruption related crimes. Almost all of his coworkers at the top got indicted, he was one of two who were not arrested in the end. He said that after a certain point, they all realized they were going down and simply stopped caring how things looked, and grabbed as much money as they could, knowing they could plead out (as powerful, rich white men do) and get a year or two in prison at worst, house arrest at best, regardless of how much they actual better to steal as much as possible. Reminds me of what’s currently happening. Republicans know what’s going to happen, and that it’ll happen regardless of what they do now, so they’re dropping all pretense of actually doing their jobs and staying impartial in order to milk their control of the three branches as much as possible. They are straight up lying during this testimony to muddy the waters and redirect blame, in hopes that they can pass their tax break for the rich under its cover. And sessions knows he’s gonna get nailed for much more than perjury, so why not fuck around and piss the libruls off while he’s here? Mueller will indict him even if he’s honest right now, so what’s the point in pretending to do your job or tell the truth?

I liked Jeffries telling him he is the one that gets to ask the questions

pound the table

When the facts are on your side, pound the facts.

When the law is on your side, pound the law.

When you have neither facts nor law on your side, .

If he wants to feel insulted then let it be known that Jeff's lips look like an abused anus when he smirks.

He says "I pushed back" with such vehemence in regards to PapaD Russian communications I find it hard he didn't remember the interaction in the past.

And yet, Hillary was grilled for over 11 hours and never griped about having to "remember" things during sworn congressional testimony. What a precious little snowflake Sessions is.

Same thing happened last time before the Senate committee and it was my favorite moment of that hearing.

That "you are no longer part of the Senate" dig must have stung, too. "You left the Senate to join this shit show, I bet you wish you could get a do-over don't you?"

He charged a police officer with perjury for changing his statement and voted to impeach Clinton because he refused to hold the President to a different standard. But he's changed his testimony a few times now.

Some senators did reasonable jobs questioning Sessions, but let’s be real here, an open hearing with a five minute question limit is not favorable to catching someone perjuring themselves. You need an experienced prosecutor doing a real cross to get to that, and this setting simply isn’t that one.

If Sessions gets indicted, he will either have to plead the fifth or he will have to face a real cross by a real prosecutor and it won’t go like today at all. This stuff today is mostly political pandering and theatrics.

Source: lawyer.

I guess it is too much to expect that you take notes, and prep for these things then huh? Is this a joke to you? is guilt. You know you did wrong and are covering it up. I hope rot in jail, all of this administration.

That is the gap in his argument

That is proof he lied when he said he never heard anything to do with talking to Russians previously.

However, you'll note that he very carefully points out that "the way my answer is worded" bullshit.

He's obfuscating the truth at best and lying at worst. Nothing "Hon." about him.

He rambled so much during dems yes or no questions knowing he was wasting as much time as possible

I also liked that he cut him off with "claiming my time" when he started going into a ramble.

"I'm insulted!"

"Won't someone please fetch me a mint julep?"

Dang, Jeffries did his homework. That was a tremendous dismantling. Side note, is that Session's wife sitting behind him? She was clearly having issues keeping her composure during this part.

"You're saying Mr. Carter Page, who left that meeting, according to the press reports and I guess in his deposition or interview, is been [SIC] reported as saying, "I'm going to Russia." I made no response to him, didn't acknowledge it, and you're accusing me of lying about that?"

"He talked about, it's reported in the paper, he said something about going to Russia and dealing with the Russians. And I pushed back. [I] said you shouldn't do it."

Well, which is it, you perjuring little bastard? Did he seriously not realize he perjured himself again?

Indeed he is, and you can tell in Sessions' change in expression and demeanor that after being told he's no longer a Senator that he's not used to having colored folk speak to him like that.

Sessions admitted his own testimony is untrustworthy. I wonder what else he has “forgotten” to tell Congress.

The guy questioning him sure sounds like a black man. I sure hope he is and that just gets under Session's skin SO MUCH.

"I say, I say, I do believe I am gettin' the vapors."

It can't be easy seeing your spouse probably going to prison for conspiracy and/or perjury.

It makes no logical sense. He claims both that he pushed back against the idea and that he wasn't part of the decision making.

How very dare us expect him not to be a lying liar who lies

That makes it all better. She knows he's lying. You can see it on her face.

AKA the whole appointed people who's only job is to destroy the departments they are heads of from the inside. Sure someone might come along to fix things, but there is a really high chance they are going to miss something.

When you combine this with the attempt to stack the judicial branch on all levels with hardcore alt right judges you can see how the goal is to either stop any fixes from coming through or delay them for as long as possible.

He has records of his meetings and appointments, or his assistants do. No one in an executive leadership position relies purely on personal memory.

If he doesn't have records, its because he ordered them destroyed to obstruct justice. Or because he decided not to keep them, becaus ehe knew he'd be committing criminal acts.

Also when he had to explain that the House votes to impeach and the Senate votes to remove/censure

My favorite is the woman to the left of him who clearly knows he's lying, and clearly knows he is caught. She keeps making little grimaces like "oops." She's my new hero, whoever she is.

Or, you know. CTRL + F your fucking email / calendar system!? Because that's how we found out!

CTRL+F, Poppadopolous.



Did anyone pick up Sessions corrected himself in his rebuttal when he mentioned "Papadopolous, he talked about...," he quickly doubles back and adds the modifier "it's reported," as though he only heard about the situation secondhand, rather than being in the room with him?

Mueller has a history of going after spouses, I find it hard to believe she had no idea what was happening or that she's more worried about him than her own ass.

Even if she doesnt go to jail, its obviously in her best interests that nothing happens to him.

When the time for Trump comes, it will be no different. I weep for the the person that has to transcribe what he says.

"But I will not accept, and reject, accusations that I have ever lied under oath. That is a lie."

He said. As he lied again.

Why is this pos so against weed when his memory is worse than any pothead?

And essentially, this entire shitshow of a Congress and "investigation" into Uranium One is all because a black man got elected President and became tangentially connected to Russians purchasing a Canadian company. Like they wouldn't investigate Bush for his tangential connections to Saudi Arabia because he was involved in the oil industry and Saudi Arabians were largely the financiers and participants in 911.

Oh wait...

When you have to lie so many times to so many people, you tend to lose track of parts of your story.

Add sugar until it stops dissolving leaving a quarter inch thick layer of undissolved sugar at the bottom. Thats how mamaw makes it

And he responds with "That's not fair, colleagues." to the other senators in the room just to remind them...

"It's offensive you expect me to remember things that would incriminate me if I did happen to remember them. Which I don't. Obviously."

I believe it might be his wife

Not even during the Kentucky Derby?

“Lordy, I hope there are no tapes!”

Offensive? Why wouldn't you remember telling the truth?

We call that the diabetic sleepy powder.


IANAL but I agree. In a formal environment I'd assume we could hold his feet to the fire. I mean, what do you do when someone tries to answer a question with logic that just does not make any sense? "I didn't lie about the meeting because I told Papadoplouslos not to go, but no I do not remember that meeting."

Part of testifying before Congress is an obligation to review your notes and calendar for details about the topics you are going to be questioned on.

If it were not for the fact that Republicans were in charge, Sessions would be forced to resign by the Senate.

They should just call him back once a week and keep flustering him.

sweet tea, come one literally no one in the south actually drinks mint julep

Maybe they'll get him a fainting couch next time he's called to testify.

Couldnt tell you that, im not a bourgeois.

Jeffrey... Jeffrey... YOU SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG! It's "Papadopoulos." Now they're going to find all those emails!!!

"As I understood them" "best of my recollection"

Weasel words

my line of questioning would be something like, "Do you generally have trouble remembering things?" And then I would go down the list of questions that are used to diagnose Alzheimer's or dementia.

It's offensive that you are the Attorney General and have so little respect for the law

I would like to address the false charges made about my previous testimony. My answers have never changed. I have always told the truth, and I have answered every question as I understood them and to the best of my recollection, as I will continue to do today. ... In all of my testimony, I can only do my best to answer all of your questions as I understand them and to the best of my memory. But I will not accept, and reject, accusations that I have ever lied under oath. That is a lie.

Go big or go home, I guess.

If only Clinton would've said: "I do not remember having sexual relations with that woman."

I love how he corrected him about what impeachment is.

I️ am totally going to use that when I️ “forget” to pay my taxes.

His excuse? It's hard to remember things

OK then he admits that he is unqualified for the job so fire his ass. This needs to become a law of some sort to prevent these assholes from lying under oath.

Oh nice. Thanks for that!

Jesus Christ we’ll need every stenographer in DC!

Willful ignorance really should be legally indistinguishable from intentionally lying.

Wow, that flustered the hell out of him, the point that he's now simultaneously arguing that he had no knowledge of Russian campaign contacts and that he advised against meeting with Russian campaign contacts when they were mentioned to him.