*Jaws theme playing*

*Jaws theme playing*

Swiggity swooty I’m DUN DUNning for that booty.

She's fishing for compliments.

yes, it's a festival of booty eating.

is this what coachella is?



It's an audience full of kids with rich parents, wearing hippy costumes, filming everything with cell phones for social media.

But for real, the shot shooting in a picture.

I gotta give him props.

Damn can’t believe this is the girl from Camp Rock and Sonny with a chance

This reminds me of the booty warrior fleece Johnson

While pretending it's an outdoor woodstock-like festival (after paying $600 for the "privilege" of being there for a weekend)

Alternative title

She's out there living, while Poot is still locked up. #JusticeForPoot



I'm bout to bite that bait idgaf

I likes ya and I want ya

So every festival in existence then.

Those types of shorts always look so uncomfortable. It's like the purpose of the thing is to give you a really stiff wedgie.

Disney gonewild


While high or drunk as fuck on whatever they want.

Well then I stand corrected she's caking

But now with more pretentiousness!

My pullout game would break immediately upon entering. GAWD DAMN.

Coachella is just Urban Outfitters: The Musical

Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way

She's not my type but she definitely has some meat on her bones since she overcame her eating disorder.

but she definitely has some meat on her bones since she overcame her eating disorder.

If you're paying more than 200 for a weekend of music and camping you're doing it wrong

The chaws is yaws

Nah, didn’t work, heard the Law and Order noise in my head instead. Gave an SVU type of vibe.

"yo name's Chris handson, see I calls yah Chris handsome"

Boy, I'm dead. 😂

But it's Demi Lovato.... She is 25.


Second time I've seen Poot referenced today. What a treat!

Pooty for that Booty

Think Urban Outfitters: The Musical

And it’s run by right wing billionaire Phil Anschutz.

Thirst trappin

Think Glastonbury but waaaaay more pretentious.

Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

Why do people have this attitude. Most people go to festivals because they like the god damn acts that are playing and it's often cheaper and more fun to see four or five of your favourite musicians at festivals with your friends. I swear, Reddit just fucking hates having fun.

holy shit. now that's a woman

Not really. Huge sellout festivals are much different from smaller less known ones.

Man you should watch the video for Cool for the Summer. Lordy.


You wish

He doesn't run it, he owns an entertainment group that runs it and hundreds of other events

As a British guy, I have no fucking clue what coachella is, that it's not a real festival, because there's not mud everywhere.

Da fuck? Cell phones and drugs don't mix.

delete it fat

before I fuck you up

Most people go to festivals because they like the god damn acts that are playing

Coachella seem to be about 15% these people and the other 85% are there for instagram likes and clicks and dont watch the bands

me oh my


Lost Lands?


Brand New - Jaws Theme Swimming

Bonnaroo is that last bastion of goodwill on earth, don't @ me

Bunch of shit no one's ever heard of? Now, it's definitely not my jam, but Coachella has Beyoncé and Eminem, they're not exactly C list artists. On my side of the fence, I'd bloody love to see David Byrne, Alt-J, Chromeo, Chic, Omar-S, Fleet Foxes etc. I'm not even talking about Coachella though, as I've never been, but as a music fan and a fan of being outdoors, festivals are one of my favourite things about summer.

Thanks, /u/kardasshian

Yeah, we all know him. Abel. Cool dude.

Swiggity swooty

Ain’t that thick buhhhh she ain’t a twig neither so

Probably sounds kinda hipster but is there any festival that's legitimately a chill vibe sort of thing these days anymore? Was Woodstock the last time a bunch of hippies got together to hang and smoke weed and listen to music?

I guess it makes sense but I figured stuff like Coachella and that one in Georgia (?) for dubstep were at least not as bad as Burning Man, for example.

edit: alright ya'll, damn. I meant I'm out of the loop on the music scene and was not aware of these festivals. I'm clearly not implying everything is hyper-commercialized today, and I also know Woodstock was too.


I used to live in Austin my dude.

A ton of the festivals that come through Austin are exactly like that.