Jason Seaman ended the school shooting in Indiana today when he tackled the shooter, taking 3 bullets in the process. Let's give it for this hero.

Jason Seaman ended the school shooting in Indiana today when he tackled the shooter, taking 3 bullets in the process. Let's give it for this hero.

As far as I can see, Mr. Seaman is out of surgery and expected to be fine. The shooting ended with only 2 injured. Mr. Seaman saved lives today

This dude’s name is Seaman and he teaches at a middle school, we already know that he’s the bravest man on earth

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Bless him! But again a shooting!? Maybe something is wrong with the school system... I know wepaons etc., But why are kids doing this, is the real question.

This guy looks like he personally gave birth to America.

A good guy with guns. Seriously, check out those guns.

I would not enjoy being tackled by Mr. Seaman. Natural born linebacker right there.

I'd give you gold if I had any

I imagine it has a bit to do with how hyper-sensationalized they are, and how much media attention they get. Regardless of the reason they ultimately decide to get violent, a school shooting is guaranteed to get them the attention and memorialization they seem to crave. That's my not-a-psychologist take on it, anyway.

Edit: Guys, I'm not trying to say media attention is the main problem, or even the only problem, just that it's one possible explanation in a long list of other factors. Stop being so pedantic.

I can see he's exercising his right to bear arms.

Defensive End, actually. But close enough to linebacker for an upvote.


I saw another redditor give what I think is the best explaination of these shootings a few days ago. He said this is all playing out like a slow motion riot.

Columbine was the first real big one, and like the first guy to throw a brick in a riot, they had people see it and want to join in. Whatever reasoning for the people to shoot all the coverage and previous shootings are just making it easier for people to pick up whatever gun they can get and start shooting

Absolute unit!

There was another one? Jesus fucking Christ.

I don’t think any students will be making any more immature comments about his last name...

I think he's had enough metal for one day

Here's an article that discusses this: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/why-do-mass-shootings-happen-best-explanation/

Malcolm Gladwell is the one that seems to have started this theory, arguing that each shooting sort of lowers the threshold for someone else to start a shooting as well.

Edit: maybe not started the theory, but he's the one in the article who relates the threshold lowering to school shootings rising

This is just a photo of Uncle Sam in his younger days actually.

He isn't wearing the appropriate amount of flair.

Got shot thrice

I imagine it has a bit to do with how hyper-sensationalized they are, and how much media attention they get.

This is the predominant reason why media outlets should agree to not publicize any of the personal details of the lunatics that do this kind of shit.

Major League Baseball used to have the occasional problem with idiots jumping out onto the field. Usually they were out there to run around, or occasionally slap hands with their favorite player, or run the bases while trying to escape from the security detail... but on at least one occasion, a father and son duo jumped the wall at a White Sox game and attacked the Royals' first-base coach. If they'd had a gun (or a brain cell between them) it could have been much more dangerous and/or tragic.

You want to know why it's all but absent now? Because when one of these idiots does that, the cameramen have been instructed to pull away, and switch to the feed of another camera. The announcers have been instructed NOT to talk about what's happening. You take away the publicity, and a bunch of the motivation behind these attacks also disappears. It won't put a stop to a bullied student wanting to exact justice on the kid that beat him up, but you'll definitely put a stop to the idea that attacking your classmates will make you famous or immortal.

NONE of this is intended to say it's a good solution instead of talking about sensible gun reforms, but it's definitely a good "go-with" reform that could be put in place right now. The media doesn't have to publicize these maniacs. They do it because it's profitable and nobody's ever told them they couldn't.

Presidential medal of freedom when?

Its so sad that I dont even blink anymore. My stomach used to drop. Nope. Used to it. Totally normal to live in a society like this.


Because CBS literally puts up leaderboard stats.

It's a well known theory in academia. Norm modification. It's why riots get more violent after police show up in riot gear.

Make him president. He actually "went in there even if unarmed".

its sad that people have to put their lives on the line during all these school shootings, hats off to a good man

Yeah. Basically, the worst thing a news station can do after one of these is to run a story about it with graphics of police sirens and clips of people being escorted from a building. That kind of voyeuristic bullshit just culturally feeds the the cycle.

In awe at the size

I didn't even hear about this one. Good man

Jesus Christ

Sadly, this story will never get as much traction because it was about a hero and not a villain. The American media cycle doesn't have anything negative to report, so it'll get buried.

This dude is a fucking hero. Many people are alive because of him. We'll never know the full impact of this man's actions.

Oh, I think the comments will still keep coming...

:) Sorry, couldn't resist.

Hopefully this guy gets as much press as james Shaw, jr.

I saw a comment somewhere that said they should start reporting school shooters as 'Shooter #53' or whatever their number is. It stops the sensationalism and also brings focus to how prevalent these shootings have become.

I don't think anything will stop the media from reporting on mass shootings, but I think making the shooters anonymous is a really good idea.

I think they should also start the numbers at previous school shootings. Name the first one we can find as number 1. That way nobody is clamoring to get in the top 10 numbers or something stupid like that.

Edit: Or maybe we could find another way to anonymise them than numbers so that nobody is inclined to get a certain label, like shooter #1.

he got shot in the abdomen and hip; shooter totally tried to shoot his dick off lol

I saw the active shooter thread on /sub/all but didn't even bother clicking it. I figured if he got close to record numbers there'd be a live thread.

I shouldn't think that, and it's not okay that I do, but that's the world we're living in now.

Of this lad

That or maybe that’s the height the shooter could reach, the man looks like a giant

People only remember the ones that make the biggest impacts. Unfortunately over time the bar is getting raised even higher so these troubled people are attempting to be more bold.

Much of it has to do with social media and the separation we are seeing between groups of people. The internet has made people more lonely than ever. Loneliness can lead to a dark path for some people.

Obviously the issue is very difficult to pinpoint down to one cause such as guns, mental health, bullying or other factors.

This is why it is best to just do your best to be kind to one another and love the people around you. Unfortunately it seems kindness and empathy are at an all time low.

It would be neat if we had a school where when you arrived you were dropped off into a secured area and then immediately placed in motorized wheelchair with a desktop on your lap, then encased in bulletproof glass with air filtration systems. You could motor around to all your classes, completely safe. If shots are detected in the school, it just floods the school with gas to neutralize the target.

Or... Just give every student internet, a computer, and a Virtual Reality headset and we can all attend school from the safety of our homes. Can't get shot out in public if you're never out in public.


Each shooting makes the next one more realistic to the imagination, sure. But the wall-to-wall coverage gives them the real motive. It's a ready-made legacy, international infamy, for kids who feel largely ignored by the world.

For weeks, the National Review, Fox News, and CNN will unite in a rare moment to talk about you nonstop. You, your picture, your name, and your story will be all over the world. Not your teachers. Not your parents. Not any of those other shithead kids who make you feel so worthless at school. In the bloody aftermath, in death, you are gonna matter in a way you never could have dreamed in life.

The message from the news is loud and clear: Plan Your Bloody Exit and We Will Make You Famous.

And it's completely, disgustingly dependable. The news isn't going to give up ratings and take the advice of psychologists who say to minimize the coverage for exactly these reasons.

Combine that guaranteed attention with the wide availability of improperly secured guns, an increasingly isolated culture that stigmatizes and inadequately treats mental illness...and the result is more and more teenagers feeling alone, angry, and rejected by the world who see an easy way to escape and get attention at the same time.

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Probably because nobody died, which is awesome.aybe instead of guns, we just need to give the teachers vests and teach them proper tackling techniques... Or Gus. I don't care. Just fix the problem.

Seaman stopped a shooting? What a headline.

Thank god he survived. True American hero right here.

And yet that's exactly what they do. Live video, interviewing the witness, turning the gunman into a minor celebrity with coverage. It's now to the point that journalists are tweeting students during the attacks.

The more coverage each attack gets the more mentally ill kids want to become famous. Guns are just the easiest way, if they were gone these people would find new ways to attack. The infamy they seek is the problem, the mental illness left unchecked. There is no mentally sane shooter, but instead of focusing on that area we glorify the attacker with constant coverage and go after guns like they'll be the solution instead of realizing it's really only a weak band aid.

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering I'm from Indiana and can't tell you the name of this shooter or any other school shooter from this year. Did they ever even say the shooter's name?

I mean the idea that TEACHERS might have to wear bullet proof vests is insane to me as a European

It would be ideal if all of these heroes received the praise in place of the news attention the shooters receive.

Thanks for making me laugh so abruptly that I spit a wad of the greasy Shawarma I'm eating on the screen of my phone and now it is streaking all over the screen as I attempt to clean it. I might have to test just how 'water resistant' this phone is now.


this guys an absolute unit

Cheese and rice

Holy fucking shit

I think Jennifer Aniston would disagree.

They didn’t report this, but the shooter was killed by his own ricochet off Seaman’s balls of steel

If it makes you feel any better she’s far more likely to be killed by lightning than school shooting.

Relatively speaking, they’re incredibly rare. You’d be 10,000 times more productive in keeping her safe by not taking her on the freeway.

Same time as the guy from the waffle house shooting...

It’s insane to me as an American as well.

And his bravery.

How does this guy just happen to have a photo of him already looking like a patriot?! That’s awesome!

and was bullied

This isn't true. It's something that people like to say to make themselves feel better. The truth is that many of these shooters are actually the bullies.

Mental illness is overwhelmingly not the cause of these shootings.


Common misperceptions:

Mass shootings by people with serious mental illness represent the most significant relationship between gun violence and mental illness.

People with serious mental illness should be considered dangerous.

Gun laws focusing on people with mental illness or with a psychiatric diagnosis can effectively prevent mass shootings.

Gun laws focusing on people with mental illness or a psychiatric diagnosis are reasonable, even if they add to the stigma already associated with mental illness.

Evidence-based facts:

Mass shootings by people with serious mental illness represent less than 1% of all yearly gun-related homicides. In contrast, deaths by suicide using firearms account for the majority of yearly gun-related deaths.

The overall contribution of people with serious mental illness to violent crimes is only about 3%. When these crimes are examined in detail, an even smaller percentage of them are found to involve firearms.

Laws intended to reduce gun violence that focus on a population representing less than 3% of all gun violence will be extremely low yield, ineffective, and wasteful of scarce resources. Perpetrators of mass shootings are unlikely to have a history of involuntary psychiatric hospitalization. Thus, databases intended to restrict access to guns and established by guns laws that broadly target people with mental illness will not capture this group of individuals.

Gun restriction laws focusing on people with mental illness perpetuate the myth that mental illness leads to violence, as well as the misperception that gun violence and mental illness are strongly linked. Stigma represents a major barrier to access and treatment of mental illness, which in turn increases the public health burden

Ironically, the push for mental health checks being intertwined with firearm law only propagates the myth that mental illness is inherently dangerous, and as a consequence, fewer people seek mental health treatment. That's the reality reddit doesn't want to hear, because it's comforting for people to think that the cause of school shootings is an arcane psychological force, and that the solution is as simple as a law we haven't tried yet.

I really hate this "Chad" thing. It really reinforces the whole incel thing, which is a completely poisonous culture.

He has a really unfortunate name, especially for such a handsome guy.


He’s 6’6” I’d say that qualifies

This is amazing, I don't get why you're down voted. Perhaps it's because you forgot to mention the little slot, like at the bank, through which the female students can slip their number to appease the incel shooters.

You know America is fucked when a school shooting doesn't even make it to the news any more. Didn't know there had been another one already.

But no this is a completely different situation. This guy is a big burly teacher who saved people! The Waffle House guy was... well... he was black.

I mean, if your goal is to kill as many people as you can as quickly as you can, a gun certainly is a solid choice for that particular application. There's really not any other handheld weapon readily available to your average, everyday American that has quite the same impact and offers quite the same convenience. And what are we as a society if not driven by what's easy and effective?

Seriously there are so many reasons now to make me want you leave America as soon as I finish up school. 

The healthcare system is abysmal
Our government is so openly corrupt it is novel whenever any real legislation passes
Social security is a joke waiting to collapse on itself from lack of funding within a few decades
Now, there's these tragic school shootings happening so often that I dont even get surprised
Edit: as pointed out, to even obtain a high level education in this country, you have to bury yourself in a mountain of debt unless you luck out with a wealthy family

I need to leave this place

Seriously there are so many reasons now to make me want you leave America as soon as I finish up school.

The healthcare system is abysmal

Our government is so openly corrupt it is novel whenever any real legislation passes

Social security is a joke waiting to collapse on itself from lack of funding within a few decades

Now, there's these tragic school shootings happening so often that I dont even get surprised

Edit: as pointed out, to even obtain a high level education in this country, you have to bury yourself in a mountain of debt unless you luck out with a wealthy family

...of this lad

It's Indiana. If anything, he's dressing down on the patriotism in this picture.

This is so fucked...

Mental health is not getting the attention it needs. Talking about mental issues is often a taboo, which makes it hard for people to get the help they need before it's "too late"...

Edit: When I say mental health, I refered to this definiton of mental health:

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.

So I'm not talking about mentally ill/"crazy" people, but just "mental wellbeing", helping people who are depressed or have social or family issues.

THIS. This is the actual problem. Whatever you hear about “overstimulation” or “video games” is bullshit because the only reason anyone does anything is to compete and when CBS makes it this easy to keep score, only more will play.

Mental health and bullying I think are the main things here. Pretty much every shooter has had some sort of mental health issue and was bullied. The gun was just the weapon of choice for these people, but you put a gun in the hands of a regular stable individual and they’re not just going to start killing people.

Yep and another "hero" who didn't need to be a hero because we would rather have heroes then not have our schools shot up.

I mean, if your goal is to kill as many people as you can as quickly as you can, a gun certainly is a solid choice for that particular application.

and also a location where typically nobody has the power to fight back. People in a school are fish in a barrel.

Local angle that focuses largely on Seaman and his actions: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2018-05-25/update-m-s-grad-tackled-school-shooter.html

If Jason Statham doesn’t play him in the movie there is something wrong here.

we could start it retroactively; like start at columbine (i know it's not the first school shooting, but it was a "start" of them in the common era). so we'd be up to something like 270 (number of shootings of any kind in a school since then).

this is a compliment of the highest order. i hope he gets to read this because it would make my day if i were him.

Probably has something to do with all the guns, too.

I dunno this local angle was largely about his heroics and not the shooter: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/local/2018-05-25/update-m-s-grad-tackled-school-shooter.html

Only problem with that is that the bullets might reflect off of those steel balls he’s packing.

This dude is a walking house. Good for him.

Any news on his condition?

"Our science teacher immediately ran at him, swatted a gun out of his hand and tackled him to the ground,"

The balls on this guy....

And people constantly try to be #1. Fuck CBS

Huh, VR schooling actually sounds hilarious yet awesome.

The anonymity of the internet that makes VR cringey sometimes can't exist because you'd obviously have to be registered and labeled and known by name.

but you'd still interact with others and feel like you're there, but hey...comfy and safe at home.

Obviously more to it but I just thought it was neat

I hope someone says this to him

Unappreciated comment of the day

Cognitively, I know you're right. Emotionally, I was her sole caretaker when she was an infant, so rationality is a goal to achieve sometimes. Turns out you can be a dude and a momma bear.

That's the America a lot of us are living in. For me its time to emigrate.

In awe of the size of this lad

Talking about the shooter gets more viewers, so that's all that matters.

The internet has made me feel like I have millions of friends. If it weren’t for the support I’ve gotten from people on reddit, I wouldn’t have been able to kick my heroin addiction.

Honestly, I find it dishonest to include statistics that include suicide when you're discussing the impact of mental health on mass shootings.

Suicides from firearms are a huge issue, but they need to be discussed separately.

It’s what gets clicks. Change the consumer behavior to change the coverage to change the culture.

Hopefully one of you knows how to do this, because I have nothing.