(Japan) Xbox One launch compared to the PS4 launch at a famous Akihabara shop

(Japan) Xbox One launch compared to the PS4 launch at a famous Akihabara shop

It's not unusual to see more support at Sony.. since they're in JAPAN. They probably rave about nintendo just as much.

Yeah, Xbox has never sold well in Japan. This isn't surprising.

Yup. People have to realize that Japan is nothing like the US. They stay loyal to Japaneses companies.

we get it /sub/gaming you hate the xboxone

The big thing on xbox has always been shooters and the japanese dont give a damn about shooters. So it makes perfect sense.

Yes, it isn't just because Sony is a Japanese company. Japanese gamers tend to dislike the type of exclusive titles XBox is known for. Games like Halo and Gears of War are less popular there.

why don't we europeans get a console? oh wait ...

That being said sony IS their company

Oh boy, I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!

This is the first thread I'm seeing about this!


That's not it at all. It's about games. They buy Nintendo and Sony systems because they have more Japanese-centric games. Look how well Apple products do in Japan.

It's actually more of the "I like to play with my friends."

games > power.

Funny enough, I find both /sub/xboxone and /sub/ps4 avoid the console wars. Sure, it comes up now and then, but neither sub is frequently hating on the other. It's completely different from /sub/gaming, that is always starting shit. Generally, on those subs, if someone starts to insult the other console, they just get downvoted by the community.

Yay confirmation bias!

Can I be on the circlejerk train as well?

Having been there in March, I can tell you that Nintendo is everywhere. I went to this department store and the video game department is about 80% Nintendo, 15% Sony and 5% Xbox (and I'm being generous there).

No one expected the Xbox to sell well in japan. Even Microsoft only allotted 100k consoles there.

But they aren't going to abandon the little fans they do have. Whats wrong about that?

That can only mean that patriotism is dead!

Yeah, i frequently visit /sub/xboxone because of my xbox one, and once in a while ill go to /sub/ps4 to check out news I may have missed or see what is announced for the ps4. Both subreddits mainly keep news to their own consoles. There are comparisons to the other console but nothing bashing the other.

Man, they're missing out... the voice control is amazing and the fact that my XBox One is the central hub of my entire entertainment system is just too nice for words.

I love my XBox One. The PS4 is probably awesome as well... but nothing beats the every day convenience of never having to use or find the remote control ever again.

It's impressive until you realize the PS4 is actually selling worse than the PS3 in Japan at the moment. I'm scared to imagine what Xbox One sales will be like.

The way reddit works:

"Oh, this guy was downvoted? It must be for a reason!" Downvote

I have yet to see a post in /sub/xboxone where they bash ps4. And no I'm not a "fanboy", just someone who is fed up with constant console put downs on /sub/gaming. As if any of the jeers and insults thrown at all different consoles will sway anyone to switch platforms.

Look at the fucking comment a few spaces down by shawntail, proves my point entirely

The kinect 2.0 is awesome. Ignorance is bliss though I suppose, you don't feel like you are missing out because you don't have one. Also, sunset overdrive. I rest my case.