Jake, 24 years old yet still going strong.

Jake, 24 years old yet still going strong.

Going strong with napping

Can u think of a better life

Can confirm. I'm 25 and I like to nap a lot.

Ive had and lost a lot of cats in my life.

24 is pretty nuts as far as a life span goes, nice to see.

A little off topic, but why do cats have that weird slot on their ears? It’s where the earlobes would be if they were human, you can see it really easy in this picture

Unemployed 25 yo bum here. All I do is nap

I think it's because that's the part that needs to fold the most when they put their ears back. Like, if it was a single layer of thicker skin it would be too resistant to folding.

Thanks man, do you have a cat now?

32 with 2 jobs.... Still spend all my free time napping

yeah 2 at the moment, one of them is my first siamese ever and its a learning process seeing how nuts they are compared to normal domestic short hairs

Oh, this makes me so happy to see. I love orange kitties. I have a 4 year old orange tabby named Sansa and I hope she gets to be 24 one day too.

He get loads everyday, just better to leave him be when he's sleeping, gonna give him one now

I love seeing people post pictures of old kitties. Mine is stating to get up there (15), and it gives me hope that he might hang around with me that long too.

Last time I saw Jake on Reddit he was 23, so happy (belated?) birthday buddy!!

Jake looks like he needs a good head and chin scratch!

It's a wild ride all the way, even now there's the occasional 3 am meow

He's loud when he wants to be, after 2 mins of petting he will purr for 10 mins

Well, jake is one of four cats I've had with him being the last one going, my advice really is keep them happy, happy cat, happy life. Also keep their health in check by going over there body looking for anything weird. Last note, LOVE. All cats need it and I'm am the point where I can give jake belly rubs and he won't go for me which is weird for cats as they normally go for you if you touch their stomach. Hope it goes well with your cat!

Well it's all about learning, hope you have fun with them!

My cat is 17 and I hope he makes it to 24!

Filthy casual, by my calculations you are wasting 8 hours a day not taking naps.

My baby girl is almost 16, and she's slowing down a bit, but still feisty as ever. She was outside chasing birds just this afternoon.

is almost 16, and she's slowing down a bit, but still feisty as ever. She was outside chasing birds just this afternoon.

Haha, thanks I think it's been about 6-7 months since then so yea he's made it through to 24 now, soonish I'm gonna post a gif of him drinking, trust me it's funnier than it sounds! (Probs 2-3 days)

I've had many cats. I had Puddy from the day she was born until she died at 21+. She was also diabetic in the last few years and needed two shots of insulin every day. Cats use the same insulin as humans. I miss her.

this really bummed me out

It's also a convenient location for them to keep some catnip :)

My parents got me a little black kitten named Shadow when I was a year old, and that cat was my best friend for 22 years. I love that they live so long, but holy crap, my life is split between "before Shadow passed away" and "after Shadow passed away."

Good news is, I absolutely adore black cats, and me and my fiancee rescued an 8 year old black cat that is an total sweetheart whom I hope lives to 22 as well!

I hope in your cat's next life they will have a loving human instead of someone who doesn't want them anymore. He deserves so much better.

Thank you! I hope they have a long and happy life!

Yea it looks like a little slot where it would fold into

In the years that I have had my cat I never noticed that until u pointed it out, the more you know. Also I have no clue