Jake trolls guy by giving him 'media pass' into Ultra

Jake trolls guy by giving him 'media pass' into Ultra
Jake trolls guy by giving him 'media pass' into Ultra

Jake strikes me as a bit of a sociopath tbh. He lies easily and is very flippant/uncaring when he talks about other people (especially strangers). Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the impression I get. Good content though

Kana deserves better than this lying white devil

haHAA / I'll save you m'lady.

This guy, it's like he's the next american psycho, except he gets less pussy.

It sucks sometimes but the TTS donations are what keep an IRL stream alive. Subscriptions aren't enough to pay rent and buy groceries. Jake and I don't live lavishly and it takes a lot more money than streamers who sit at a computer to run this kind of entertainment show. People need to sub.

A genuinely bizarre interaction.

The bald guy seemed so excited, too, lmao.

To be fair Patrick Bateman bought hookers.

Hype vs wholesome. Not 1 person in the top 5 on Twitch is genuine or doesn't hide some scummy shit.

ChokeStevens is honestly one of the more genuinely stupid and nice people I've seen lately.

That seems to be a common theme in somewhat popular streamers. It makes the twitch audience look quite stupid and pathetic. They're like the idiots who watched wolf of Wall Street, cheered at Belfort lying to sell penny stocks, and then didn't realize the last shot of the clueless, desperate audience at the seminar is making fun of them.

It's so easy to lie when ur backed into a corner. I'm sure most people have successfully lied to get themselves out of a situation. Lying when u don't have to is a choice, not a skill. People who do this r just being shitty.