Jailed mom 'devastated' to learn son was vaccinated

Jailed mom 'devastated' to learn son was vaccinated

Devastated to learn her child won't die of an easily prevented disease.

She lost the battle and the war.

It's a shame that for these people, a court order is necessary for them to do right by their children. If you hold your religion over what's important for your kids, you shouldn't have kids. Props to the dad for doing what's good for his child.

She fought the law and the law won

And when the kids grows up possibly him too

Time to fix that then.

They tried to play the religious card and still lost. Thanks to the judge.

I am religious and therefore have a right to be an idiot!

Along with keeping others who can't be vaxxed for either medical reasons or who were vaccinated and it didn't take, safe from those same diseases.