Jack Black Attempts To Sing Korean Pop Songs While Korean Guys Attempt To Guess The Song

Jack Black Attempts To Sing Korean Pop Songs While Korean Guys Attempt To Guess The Song

People forget that Jack Black is a musical genius...

Just sounds like Jack Black scatting away

Koreans don't experience linear time in the same manner the rest of the world does.

I will always love Jack Black. I've told this story in Reddit before but here it is again:

Saw Tenacious D in concert opening up for Weezer years ago. Great concert.

Afterwards, I found both him and Kyle hanging out in the back. Big group of fans around Jack. Kyle off to this side with a few fans. End up smoking a cigarette with Kyle (Edit: I've since quit). Super chill, easy to talk to.

Then went over to Jack. Girls giving him hugs so I yelled "Hey Jack, can I get a hug too?" He says back "I'll give you some man love" and we hug the best hug in the world.

And then he signed my penis. I mean shirt.

Jack Black is a musical genius

The best part

from that show, IMO.

The editing in Korean shows is so hectic, time jumping and replays every 5 seconds.

Jack Black is a musical genius

Jack Black is just rocking his cock right off. In Korean. This is amazing

Lost it at the lego dude


Its almost as if hes a trained singer....

Must be why they're so good at video games.

Jack Black is a musical genius

Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack.

Mouth is an instrument!

Or even a teacher from some sort of school of rock...

In Korean

If he sang more than 5 coherent Korean words I will be surprised.

Wait. I like kpop?

Fuck I wanna see The D so bad.


seriously great

yup, came here to say exactly that.... the man is .


Song list




He said it was his shirt man.

He hit those hi notes quite well actuallly

This was pretty interesting, but I'm more curious to see an English version (where a foreigner tries singing songs in English).


maybe kinda like this one?

. This is a girl on a foreign singing show trying to sing the mariah carey song "without you" but she doesn't speak english, but she thinks she can. So she sings 'Ken lee' instead of I can't live, and throws in a few yabba-dabba-doo's.

This is my favourite.

Well since we're on the topic...

I like this one too.

And sometimes they'll replay the same scene from different angles like 4 or 5 times. It can get quite grating.

I was at Coachella in 2004 and Jack walked right on front of our group and I told my wife "If he comes back this way I'm getting a picture!" This was before we all had cell phone cameras so I got my camera ready and sure enough about 15 minutes later he came back along the same path, I got up the courage to ask him if I could please take his picture and he put his arm around me and squeezed, put his face next to mine and said "No." I never got the pic but goddamn it was awesome.

Ken leeeee, Tolibu dibu douchoo

Amazing. Simply amazing.


What if THIS is the real secret instead of handwarmers?

edit: reference to a LoL video from 2014

OK that's my bad

I put you on the sp-ot

Now that you're all warmed up

This-a next ones gonna be hot

Play it sax man!

Guy in the black jacket is Ben Stiller.

He actually sang more songs in the complete episode, here's a link. The song segment starts at 1:03:20, but the entire episode is definitely worth a watch. Subtitled in English of course.

So I'm actually Korean and while what he said were incoherent, since Korean is kind of phonetic language, some individual words he said made sense. Those words had subtitles while they showed Jack Black singing (mostly). Some words he even gets pronounciation pretty close lol.

Compared to the "American Style" of cutting to random audience "interaction" every time you want to be seeing whatever is happening on stage.

Cue amazing magic trick - audience reaction \o/ wow - ok what just happened, I didn't see the trick


I love how seriously Jack Black is taking this game. I could tell he's in it to win when his face started getting red. XD

And satan is played by Dave Grohl

Jack literally looking like a character on GoldenEye64 lol.

I believe this was shot while he was on a promo tour for Kung Future Panda 3 that he did voice work for, but which was redubbed in Korean to remove him completely from the film.

Say what you will about him, the fact that he did all of this crazy shit for that is hilarious.

Thank you. What an excellent start to my weekend.


Tribute isn't the best song in the world. It's a tribute to the hot jam they played in the song Beeazleboss against the devil himself.

His EXO attempt was immediately recognizable.

You're building your first supply depot while they're already warping in Protoss carriers

"What are we, some sort of School of Rock?"

Sometimes? EVERY TIME. Korean editing has the "show a reaction at least three times" rule that gets real annoying real fast

I too have a great Jack Black story. My buddy and I were in line to see Tenacious D at this tiny bar in LA in 2012.

While we're standing in line a few people are walking along the street and one of them is Kyle Gass. I yell out "KG!" And run up and high five home. Five feet from behind KG I hear "What, no love for Jables?". Jack was standing there arms outstretched and my buddy and I immediately run up and hug Jack Black and high five him.

It's worthy to note that we were super high so this experience felt like the most epic thing that had ever happened to either of us.


He literally sang the best song in the world

Edit : uh, is the old woman at the end of this video the old lady from Superstore?

Edit 2 : THAT IS HER! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Porter_(actress)

Mini story about this clip. A year ago, I was recovering from a chest surgery where I wasn't able to laugh without severe pain - killing any laughter immediately. Being unable to laugh for a few months, along with general pain of recovery, I ended up fighting a mild depression. The moment saw this clip, was the moment were the pain was small enough to get a laugh through and last. It was the first real laugh in months. It was so overwhelming and joyous, it quickly delved into tears. Any time i see the clip pop up, it reminds me how great it is to laugh. Thanks for the link. :)

You are literally the first person I met who shares Lim Kim as their favorite kpop artist. She's so good!!!

There first thing I thought of was Master Control from the original Tron movie.


Everyone plays with the D sometimes.

When I read this I thought you said Lil Kim... boy that was a weird 5 seconds.

No he only played Tenac songs.

Well, I watched the video. It wasn't Korean. It was very amusing, though.

Join us /sub/kpop

I listen to a lot of kpop and I now know what I look like when I sing it in the car

Jack Black is a musical genius secretly Tom Bombadil.


^ Kpop idols playing the same game but with western pop songs

Yeah, but unless you think Jack is lying in the lyrics of Tribute, then the song they did play to the demon IS the greatest song in the world and Jack did sing it.

They have hand warmers.

That's the type of story that is way better than a picture

Yeah, that one is a bit harder to spot because of the makeup.

It was pretty cool to find out that Grohl plays with The D sometimes.

I remember watching this a year or so ago and now I'm in love with AoA


That korean guy on the thumbnail is MC Yoo, the absolute most popular MC in korea. Fun fact: also the guy wearing the yellow suit having a dance battle with psy in "gangnam style"

Damn. So disappointed to read he signed your shirt. Up until then I was totally like, "that is so Jack Black..."


Fuck are you doing.

what the fuck is up with those k-pop guys arms they all clap like seals


He also knows

Infinite Challenge is one of the longest running Korean variety shows. There is a new show almost every week, with the same group of people, and a new theme every week for the past 12 years. There has been a total of 541 episodes, averaging about 45 a year, since 2005 . This the show that all the others are trying to imitate.

I'd watch a re-shoot of LotR that: 1) included Tom Bombadil, and 2) Had Jack Black play Tom Bombadil.

Here's quite a few if you're interested!

EDIT: Granted, all of these artists have had PLENTY of time to practice these before performing. Still interesting, though!

It's like a recruitment operation

Wait what about handwarmers?

Ok actually now that I've paid attention, he gets 1 and maybe half actual lyric correct, but some words he said are valid Korean words nonetheless. Other subs were just lots of onomatopoeia

Last week Kyle quit the band.......

it really is meteoric how quickly koreans improve in everything. just 10 years ago their media techniques were as good as the rest of asia. now they're as good as americans or even better. the editing in the first video is insanely good. right now if you watch a korean tv show, their cinematography, costume, set design, and make up is incredible. meanwhile, europe has been pretty much stuck where they were the entire time.

Can Korean am confirm

Mariah Carey was just a cover. The song is by Badfinger in 1969 and had already been a massive hit when covered by Harry Nilsson in the 70s.

BTS - Not Today

The cinematography are really good for example I really like how the cinematography is in this mv

There's this old SNL performance with Tenacious D where he hits this high note that is completely out of this world. I can never find the video these days, but it had the word "supreme" in it.

This was so good, it has ruined the rest of the internet for me today. See you again tomorrow, Reddit.


Wi ing Wi ing" by Hyukoh

"And July" by Heize/Dean


"A Little Close" by High4


TIL Moses in South Park is the tron master control. I've never seen tron so I had no idea

I spent my childhood trying to figure out the words to the Samurai Jack song

When the group disbanded most of them do go solo but a lot of the times they make solo music/album even when they are still in a group

oh really?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ oh really?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ oh really?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yoo JaeSuk and Jack Black = gold

Somewhat puts this into context

‘No,’ said Gandalf, ‘not willingly. He might do so, if all the free folk of the world begged him, but he would not understand the need. And if he were given the Ring, he would soon forget it, or most likely throw it away. Such things have no hold on his mind. He would be a most unsafe guardian; and that alone is answer enough.’


Just like snoop dogg

Ok so I hosted a Korean exchange student 10 years ago. She stayed in my home for a year, and my family took her with us and just all around bonded.

One game we played was that I would read phrases out of a travel guide for americans; it had Korean phrases spelled out using the Roman alphabet. So I would try to pronounce things using the phonetic spelling, and we'd see if she could understand what I was saying.

No. No she could not. It was hilarious with her guessing though.

Jack Black new EXO member confirmed

this one?

Is it

I'm just sad that Choa left the group

The song may be originally by Badfinger but you can't deny that she was trying to sing the Mariah Carey version.


Are you laying down fucking flute tracks?!

Pick Of Destiny (NSFW)

And Dave Grohl is also the devil in the rock off at the end of

I especially enjoyed seeing him drum with his hooves! Fucking awesome indeed

Come on! What the fuck are you doing???

Yeah but it's usually something really funny, so I'm okay with it.