I've been editing 2-3 minute videos that showcase individual years of America in the Nineties; here is 1992.

I've been editing 2-3 minute videos that showcase individual years of America in the Nineties; here is 1992.

Great work, but as others have said, you devoted half your video to the LA Riots. Surely more happened in the US during 1992.

Jesus so many teen memories flooded my brain as the images flashed.

Such a social shift after Desert Storm. Well done.

Way more happened, true — At the time, I think, it was just the most looming social issue beside the '92 Election.


I'm just looking for some feedback.

Here's 1990:

And 1991: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9pU-SbcCvA

Thanks! I'm working on 1993 soon; they usually take around two weeks of finding footage and editing.

This is great! Would love to watch an entire series of these.

1992 was basically the start of what I can remember as my childhood, so I've got those same memories just with mostly images and much less awareness of the bigger issues.

how would google know anything about 1993 if it wasn't even invented yet

I went through all three and I have to say that '91 and especially '92 are far improved over your first video. Choosing two songs to represent a year instead of only one was a good change. Transitions improved too. Good job, I look forward to the rest

I actually disagree with most of the people in this thread. I like how much time you spend on the LA riots and the war in Iraq. Both were the most important events/issues of their respective years. It's very necessary to spend time focusing on them to represent what was happening in our country. I think a lot of people in this thread are too young to understand how important the Rodney King trial and the riots were.

I really love all three of these videos, keep up the great work!

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Could have had a little less of the LA riots.

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Hurricane Andrew would be good addition , itbwas katrina on a much smaller scale . Clintons win in 92 was a game changer and a shocker .

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If people are interested in this kinda thing, the Irish broadcaster RTÉ produces a television show like this called Reeling in the Years. It has no narration, just news reports and subtitles explaining what's happening on screen. It also plays music from the era and focuses on global and Irish events.

Rodney King and the LA Riots were the first national news story I remember although I obviously didn't understand their importance at the time.

35 years old checking in.

This seems like only 10 years ago, but at the same time an entire lifetime ago.

I'm currently digitizing news stories from 85 and 95 at work. When it comes to social politics, it was an amazing time. There were so many progressive issues. There was a strong labor movement (especially farmers), refugees, stories on the plights of immigrant workers, and police violence (but locally it was from the spanish community); and there were also shelters for homeless men, homes for troubled youths to provide stability and reduce gang violence, and real pushes to address mental health, and a push for a euthanasia clinic; There was the creation of the Duluth Model and DARE. The Indian Reservations were building casinos and the citizens of those tribes were protesting corruption on the reservation leaders..... Progressive ideas were plentiful and targeted towards every corner of society. Today seems one sided and needlessly divided by comparison.

EDIT: Got a couple more. MADD and their candle light vigils. Equality rights for men, including car insurance costs and hiring practices at Hooters. There was a story about breaking the glass ceiling when a woman becoming the general manager of our state bank (I think that was the position. It was the top position anyhow). And one story that really stands, an east indian woman and her husband were supposedly being harassed with racist packages being sent to restaurant they ran. The woman was apparently attacked one night, tied up, had a swastika carved into her chest, and was left inside their burning restaurant to die. There were several thousands of people who went out to the streets to support her. It was a national story. Turned out she did it all to herself for insurance money. That too was a national story. And there was also the push back against smoking. Smoking sections were being added to restaurants, and the some were banning it outright.

I'm not saying I agree with every issue, or that it was a thriving utopia, or that every issue had good results; I am just amazed by how my local news came off as more progressive than NPR today, and across a much wider range of issues, for a wider range of people, and without all the hate and vitriol that I'm used to now days.

Yeah! I mean I was born! Should have included that!

91 was the fall of the Soviet Union. There's some key things missing. 92 Hurricane Andrew decimated Florida.

Also you seem to be neglecting metal as a movement and focusing solely on hip hop and grunge. If there's no mention of it being huge early on in the 90s with bands like Pantera and Metallica, then the evolution of it in the late 90s with bands like System, Korn and Rage Against the Machine will have little weight. This also ties into 99 when you get into Columbine. Metal was one of the main scapegoats for causing their violence along with the video game Doom.

You should also focus in on the occult scares of the 90s where people raged against music, and in particular Harry Potter as books of the devil.

93 would benefit from focusing on the bomb let off in the twin towers as that had an impact on culture. Notorious BIG even references it in a rap.

subbed. you have brought back so many memories from childhood that I had forgotten since then. Thank you for that, it's almost overwhelming

I sort of think that juxtaposition is both interesting and appropriate. There were (as there in many ways still are) divided pockets of America leading very different lives, and it sort of highlights that.

These don't particularly capture significant events but do represent pop culture. Needs more balance. Perhaps lengthening to 5 mins would allow for this. Would still be just as engaging.

You might like a CNN series available on Netflix. Each season is devoted to a decade with each episode focused on a particular theme presented in chronological order. Like The Sixties has 1 episode on the space race, one on the Kennedy assassination, that sort of thing.

I found it very interesting and informative. It's a lot of stuff that was "too new" for history classes when I was growing up in the 80s-90s but old enough I wasn't alive for it or was too young to really know about. I remember seeing Reagan on TV a little as a kid, and more so George HW, but when you're in the single digits age-wise the nightly news doesn't really interest you.

I was in LA for the first half of '92 and that's my memory of the year.

'92 sucked so much I went off to Japan in August

1993 Nickelodeon ruled those years.

30 year old checking in. Timeline feels the same.

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Video not available.

I was 11, that was year my parents got divorced, that was a crazy year for me.

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I've got to say, the LA Riots were a major shift in the US and honestly probably a huge turning point in police/community relations. Not just in LA, but in the rest of the US as well.

I would not downplay the L.A. Riots.

I would say showing titles of locations or specific events would be even more helpful for those looking to learn a few things. Seeing as how the '90s are all the rage for the 20 somethings to be a fan of.

Keep doing it. I love stuff from the 90s, being that I grew up in that era.

Also agree. I was 16 in 1992 and the riots and what led up to them were by far the most important thing happening in In America that year although the media did it's damnedest to make it go away as soon as it could while the DNC capitalized on it.

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