I've been doodling over stock footage again

Really well done!

I like it! Reminds me of the fire from howls moving castle.

I'm wondering if the flame actually came out and he edited over that? Or was the footage just of the lighter not lighting

Calcifer! I love that fiery bugger

I'm thinking since it's a black background, the flame was there but easily edited out

It's like something from who framed Roger rabbit.


You're reading way too much into it.

The flame is there, and doesn't require any crazy editing. It's just a tiny individual flame; not a blazing torch. You can see the original stock footage here.

Sometimes the whole CSI "check for artefacts in the reflection!" mindset causes more problems than it solves :)

I disagree, if the flame was actually there then the finger would get lit up by the firelight, however it doesn't so either this was some crazy editing to remove that light or it was just an un-lit lighter :)

Edit:I was wrong, checkout the comments for the original gif, which does include a flame :p

That's clearly not the same footage. The one you linked says "video blocks" on it. Editing that out would take forever.

Fine! I'll rewatch Howl's Moving Castle today! I was trying to finally get around to finishing Akame ga Kill, but...

That's lit

...for realz though I love it, it's awesome

They could have gotten someone with nicer looking thumbs for this.

Mother....I've been doodling over stock footage again...

This is entry level hand modeling. Then comes the pressure.

"Your thumb isn't really what we're looking for right now."

"Maybe if you clip the nails down a bit? All the hot thumbs in the business have thin nails."

"Moisturize more. Get a hand exerciser, bulk up a bit. Have you thought about a knuckle implant?"

Before you know it, your hands look like Macbeth's and you're selling pictures of your phalanges on the street corner.

Edit: wordznstuf

Ah, goddamit. Checkmate atheists!

Wow, that's literally perfect. You even captured the whole fact that it doesn't just immediately light up. Upvoted for accuracy.


Many orangered and periwinkle lives were lost over this color scheme. You bring dishonor to their sacrifice!


Unpopular opinion: I prefer imgur's green/red vote scheme over reddit's orange/blue.

This would make a great "upvote gif" if you turned the flame into an arrow.

This was animated entirely in Adobe Animate CC, then I used After Effects to add the colour gradient to the flame.

It's actually in the movie theatres for the last day today! I saw it Monday!

Like this hand model

? Its creepy how she keeps stroking her hands like that..


What do you think has happened?

Wow, that's literally perfect. You even pointed out something you appreciate about the gif. Upvoted for genuine wholesomeness.

that's what he means by doodling over stock footage, he basically traced the fire, then removed it. (I'm guessing)

Yup you're 100% correct, I was waaaay overthinking it :P I was just thinking about when I use a lighter it always lights my hands up a lot then again, I'm not using a lighter in a set with proper lighting, ha!

Did they remove it though? I assumed they just doodled over it.

op right now

She likes my SPARK!

Anyone see the 🅱️

Or maybe OP bought a non watermarked copy?

You don’t fit the spirit of the sub

There’s a subreddit dedicated to things like this: /sub/rogerrabbiteffect

EDIT: a letter

What do you use to animate with? Program/tutorials?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is probably your best bet

Many bothan spies died to bring you this upvote.

Under stupidly bright studio lights, a lighter flame isn't going to make a difference.

What is it then?