It's the Little things

One of the best videos I don’t wanna watch again.

This guy would be a great infomercial actor

Found the dude on whom Murphy's law is based.

I didn't realise I felt the same way until I read your comment.

So you had a bad day. 🎶

That Kit Kat thing was far more severe then the other transgressions. That man should be arrested.


The spoon in the soup killed me

Anything that can go wrong, has already gone wrong for this fellow.

That’s Jorge Cremades, a Spanish comedian. Most of his bits are like this.

The lack of eventual satisfaction that actually just morphs back into an endless loop of “fuck you’s” really ruined my day before I even got to start it

You save a banana peel that was going to drown

The pinball thing triggered some PTSD for sure

Your sandwich fell down

That wet handshake got me.

now imagine his hands were wet but the sink is not

I wanted to see just ONE good thing happen to him. Just one! Then maybe I would see him smile.

You shook a wet hand

Waiting for the punchline/plot-twist... Nope.

I bet he also just bites right into string cheese instead of peeling it.

Wtf was she trying to do

Thoughts and prayers

I think it should end with him watching this gif.

Hammer a hole in the wall, clearly

You're in for a real surprise when you get a hot cooking iron pole shoved up your rectum instead.

This gif is basically my conception of hell, endless tiny annoyances.

or trying to, but it doesn’t start playing. So he clicks back, but it starts playing right as he clicks back. he clicks it again and waits even longer for it to go but it still doesn’t.

That's why it pays off to live in Europe. Half my day was already over before this video completely ruined it

I don't mind it. If they weren't wet, THEN I'd have a problem with it.

The pinball flippers of panic

This is the most depressing thing I have ever seen. It just drives me nuts that I can get closure for any of these events.

Your pencil got chewed


I thought he was just unlucky but watch it all man it happens to him atleast 20 more times.

Your friend ate a Kit-Kat the wrong way around

Add: Water drenching your bread while trying to squeeze on mustard.

No ice coming out of the fridge dispenser, then like three pieces hit the floor when you walk away.

Trying to pick up a piece of laundry off the floor while you're holding a bunch of other laundry, and the second you reach down another piece falls.

I always bite into them. I've got no time to be peeling cheese!

That sandwich though!

Please tell me there's a subreddit with more of these. Hilarious.

If interested, the guy is Jorge Cremades, a Spanish youtuber/IG. Super funny and he subtitles some of his videos in english.

That eye twitch! Perfection.

Is that GallowBoob?

You know what really grinds my gears?

-Peter Griffin

I don't know how you can encapsulate it in a gif but when you stand up forgetting you have earbuds on and are immediately tugged to the floor by your eardrums.

Once i finally get over my anger at an inanimate object I put my earbuds on to find that one ear no longer works.

But then it's the guy based on Sod's law. "While Murphy's law says that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong (eventually), Sod's law requires that it always goes wrong with the worst possible outcome"

probably those idiots who use hammers to find know the ones who have never worked on anything in their life but they heard from a guy down the street that you can find a stud by knocking on the wall so they grab a hammer? yup...those people

He could just make another video were everything works out great.

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Yes, perfect example of Murphy's Law. But have you heard of Cole's Law?

It's a cabbage salad. Goes well with BBQ.

Plot twist: There's no plot twist

Accidentally clicked on the comments which forces the video to restart so I have to watch like 10 seconds again.

It's the little things.

I was thinking the same thing, I think its him!

this video is awesome, so relatable...