It's the end of November, so I feel comfortable calling this my favorite photo of 2014. It's from a mid-February night in Norway's Lofoten Islands [OC][2048x1367]

It's the end of November, so I feel comfortable calling this my favorite photo of 2014. It's from a mid-February night in Norway's Lofoten Islands [OC][2048x1367]

New desktop background. Right here. This is amazing. I would literally have sex with this picture if I could.

This is the final straw; I'm moving to Norway.

FYI to the non photographers in this sub who complain about "edits".

Photography is not journalism, it is art, and with all art it is different from one another. If the photographer felt this photograph represents what he felt that night, then that is perfectly fine.

No one just uses a .raw/original, cameras do not see things the same way our eyes do. They are meant to be edited, changed, and corrected.

Good luck!

They know what they've got, they're like the Jews - not looking for new members.

Make sure its printed on good paper or it might hurt.

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That is fucking beautiful. The one thing I see 80% of people shooting Aurora is mess up the white balance. This perfection. Very envious.

Do you love pizza? It's Norway's national dish.

Oh, it's in Norway.. What a surprise!

shooting aurora

I'm blond and blue eyed I went to Norway once and everyone tried to speak Norwegian to me everywhere I went I had no idea what was going on. You could see the look of sadness when they had to switch to English lol. Same thing happened to me in Iceland and Finland. I guess I could pass.

Really? Did you try Sweden? Swedes are, by and large, massive Anglophiles and love a chance to speak English with anyone. The largest problem facing recent English-speaking immigrants here is convincing people to speak Swedish with them so they can practice.

We also have a generally more charitable view of immigration than Norway or Denmark. The rest of Scandinavia shake their heads at us, and predict that we'll likely succumb to catastrophic ethnic conflict in a few decades.

I completely agree with what you said. Many people like original photos a lot more, so I think its fair to ask for originals.

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Aurora Borealis does sound like a pornstar though.

Wasn't that dude from Buffy called something Borealis?

People want to be reassured that the earth can be that beautiful without Photoshop. That's half the wonder of shots like this, for a lot of people. Knowing it's unedited makes it better for these people.

I concur. Lived in Denmark for a while and they are not looking to change the recipe, especially if it involves 'exotic spice'. I'm from Canada, as white as one can be but I'm still darker than the vast majority of Danes. I was often asked where I hailed from. Canada us a good answer. USA too, depending on which state. Anything South of Belgium was too exotic.

sigh unzips

I can't tell you how many times I see a beautiful sky at night, and try to take a picture with whatever camera I have on hand, and it doesn't look ANYTHING like what I saw with my eyes. Sometimes editing is necessary to bring it in line.

I can see if the OP picture was a red streak and they turned it green, yeah that's not cool. But if the picture turned out to be pale green and the real-world was darker, it will require tweaking to make it look right anyway.

Did you just imply something you probably shouldn't have?

He's just being a bro


Apart from the original raw file of this photo would likely look nothing like what the naked eye of the photographer would've seen that night. The dynamic range of the eye is infinitely better than that of a camera; it can expose for both the highlights and the dark parts of your field of view with no problem, a camera can't. Just because it's been edited doesn't mean it's any less representative of what was actually there that night. In fact I'd be willing to bet that with tasteful post processing, as this seems to be, the end result is much closer to reality than the original file straight out of the camera. Don't fall for the fallacy that just because it's edited it's somehow fake, or a false representation.

Any chance of this at 2560x1440? :)





This is not what you're looking for, but I was making a watercolor style wallpaper from this image and that version doesn't look too bad when scaled up. You might not like the style of the image, but I'm gonna leave it here just in case you do.

This is not what you're looking for, but I was making a watercolor style wallpaper from this image and that version doesn't look too bad when scaled up. You might not like the style of the image, but I'm gonna just in case you do.

Absolutely agree. Not sure why the "un-photoshopped" circlejerk is so strong in this sub.

That's no night in February. That's lunch time in February and as bright as the day gets! Stupid eternal darkness and winter. My body only wants to hibernate until May and then I suddenly cant sleep until its October again.

The difficulties of photopgraphing a night sky.

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Don't be hasty dude! You know some pugs sitting on Santa's lap are about to hit the web.

fysj, joika smake faen mæ ikkje nokka godt.

Very nice /u/elmofoto! Is it yours? Can you share some insight into it, such as settings and any post processing?

Thank you.

Norway on front page on Reddit again? nothing new here

I was commenting on how difficult it is to immigrate to Norway, at least from the research I've done and my friend who lived in Norway for 2 years on an artist residency visa but was denied permanent citizenship. Additionally, financially, moving to Norway would be extremely difficult for people of many countries (such as America) because the cost of living is so high. Granted, the cost of living is high because you're all paid more, whereas an average-earning American would have difficulty with just basic living in Norway before they began making Norwegian wages.

I wasn't suggesting Norway was some kind of xenophobic or racist country, I think nothing of the sort.

Also, the comment/comparison to the Jews was based on the concept that Jews are the "Chosen People", they believe they hold a special place with god, which is why it isn't Jewish practice to prostelatize as is so common in other religions.

Not only that, but a lot of what people consider "editing" is often done in cameras anyway.

The camera shoots in RAW. The moment it turns it into a jpg, it makes decisions regarding color temp, tint, contrast, saturation, and all sorts of other stuff. Much of what is done in software like PS or LR is just making those choices manually, plus a little cleanup.

Nikon D800 14.0-24.0 mm ƒ/2.8 @ƒ5.6, 18.0mm 30 Sec ISO 640

I lived there, I was married to a dane. I still have some dear friends there and I visit often. My daughter is half danish. That's what they told me and that is the feeling I got from interactions on that topic.

white balance

Same here...I mean new desktop background