‘It’s OK To Be White’ Flyers Posted At UC Davis, Other Campuses

‘It’s OK To Be White’ Flyers Posted At UC Davis, Other Campuses
‘It’s OK To Be White’ Flyers Posted At UC Davis, Other Campuses

That's the point. They wanted to come up with the least possible "provocative" phrase to sort of prove how ridiculously over the top this social justice movement on college campuses has gotten.

"Its OK to be White" says absolutely nothing about any minority group. It isn't disparaging to any group at all. It says nothing about White supremacy. It makes no claim that Whiteness is better than anything else. It is nothing but a comparison to itself. "It is OK to be White" is all it says. Not that it's better. Not that it's good. That it's just OK.

And people are freaking out about it.

“Whoever is posting these photos, I don’t think they’re realizing how triggering these posters are for people,” says Lee.

Of course they do. Isn't that the whole point?

It's really an ingenious slogan. The fact this is triggering people should tell you all you need to know about them. Can we finally admit a lot of these people are racist antiwhite jerks?

Is it not?

According to a NYT article yesterday, titled "Can my Children by friends with white people", its starting to seem that no, it is not okay to be white or to even be friends with white people.

I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust. Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people.


"I'm a giant moron without even a hint of critical thinking skills." says Lee.

It's amazing how successful this has been. What should be the most easily ignored statement (because it's uncontroversial) has become so successful at making multiple points.

Am white and had racists parents. I remembering them trying to instill this kind of mindset in me about nonwhite people when I was young. It makes me really heartbroken to see this still happening today.

The posters, the reactions to them, and some of the comments in this thread combine to make a veritable festival of hilarity.

The statement made on the posters is true.

The statement made on the posters does not criticize or demean anyone or anything.

The identity of the person who put up the posters is unknown.

Some people IRL and on the internet infer from the truthful and objectively inoffensive statement made on the posters that the person who placed the posters acted with malicious intent driven by racist beliefs.

Having inferred malice and racism, and based upon the inferred intent and beliefs of the person who placed the posters, those people conclude that the posters are a public expression of exclusionary, racist, and condemnatory sentiment.

Having been led by inference and inference alone to the conclusion that they have been exposed to a public expression of exclusionary, racist, and condemnatory sentiment, those people become (or elect to behave as though they have become) frightened, offended, and outraged, and that the appropriate response is (a) to draw attention to the poster and the individual who put it up; and (b) to publicly condemn both and publicly demonstrate their own fear, offense and outrage.

Paragraphs 4, 5, and 6 cannot and do not rationally and authentically follow from Paragraphs 1, 2, and 3.

On another note, I personally believe that "triggering" is a fraudulent event or at best an learned response. A person who is rattled by a reference (even an overt and negative reference) to his identity group(s) has no more justification for his ensuing conduct and speech than a redneck who bows up and offers threats and violence because another man in a bar was looking at "his woman." If triggering is genuine, those who suffer it are far too delicate for life in the public sphere, at least in the US.

If you say something stupid to try to infer something negative about someone in order to distract from the uncomfortably racist truth about your ideology, what does that make you?

Normal person: Hey guys ... It's okay to be white, don't have to live in fear that every action you do will label you a nazi. Your existence doesn't mean you have to feel guilty for existing while masking it as "checking your privilege"

College person: "Its okay to be white"??? See this is just more of the systemic, superkalifragilistic evils of the nazi alt-right , I'm so triggered, being white is not okay, and neither is being a man, its so problematic, toxic, fragile, micro-aggressive, macro-aggressive, mysoginistic, sexist, -insert reason for you to be guilty and take the blame here-

Think that given the last part, he's really saying No Lives Matter.

It’s okay to black, Brown, straight, gay, atheist, Christian, Jewish, left wing or right wing (as long as you aren’t a nut job) it doesn’t matter what you are. It okay cuz we are all going to die eventually so maybe try to be nice to every one else

I believe that's the entire point.

It's not wrong to be anything and if the poster makes a person upset, then they're a part of the problem.

You can't say there isn't any truth to the idea that it is acceptable to hate white people, the NYT just ran an opinion piece titled "Can my kids be friends with white people". There is a trove of mainstream media that does attack 'white people' and saying anything about it gets you labeled as insane or prejudiced, when news sites regularly run articles about how bad an entire race is that should explain why people feel this way.

I think it's newsworthy because the police were called, and the University president issued a statement against the signs.


I think it's a way to show that some of these progressives are super racist. Do you not agree it's ok to be white?

we need to recognize what we've done wrong

I didn't do shit

If you can't say "it's okay to be white", then white people are under attack. They proved their point.

this was a relatively simple campaign that has been (to my estimation) quite effective so far. if you are opposed to this message, then some interesting questions follow. Here's one, what percentage of those who are triggered/offended by this message are white people? I'd be curious to see that statistic.

So you're saying that all lives matter?

You're racist. This isn't a dog whistle it's a fucking trap and you're looking for any legitimate excuse to fall for it because you are that fucking racist you can't just leave the posters up.

Yesterday, but that's beside the point.

If people didn't have a problem with white people, they wouldn't have a problem with the sign. If you swapped the color with any other race, there wouldn't be a controversy.

Agreeing with the statement doesn't suggest that you support everything white people have ever done. You simply think that it's ok to be white, and it shouldn't be held against you. It isn't loaded at all.

Yes, we need to recognize what we've done wrong

Did you personally do something wrong? Or maybe some other people who happen to have the same skin color as you did something wrong?

When I hear something like this, it always reminds me how one person mentioned a while ago that I (Jewish) should never forget that we (the Jewish people) killed Christ. Same logic here.

The mental gymnastics is telling, just admit to be racist and be done with it. I mean, half the world are already racist according to you people so at least be honest with yourselves rather than making up excuses for why your bigotry is not 'real racism'..

> It's OK to be white! < No, take down the posters! > But, isn't it OK to be white? < It's not about the statement, shut it down! > Why am I not allowed to say it's OK to be white? < It's a dog-whistle to make white people think they are better! > But it just says that it's OK, not that they are better? < Shut up, only nazis would agree with the statement!

How is asking if you believe its ok to be white a loaded question?

Did you see this NYT article yesterday questioning whether someone's children can be friends with white people? Seems like a pretty anti-white sentiment to me, especially to be given such a big platform for a major news organization such as the NYT:


Well, actually 'people of color' are quite often quoted as saying white folk are bad...

Fuck people being triggered. If you can't take a little adversity, you just need to go hide in a hole, and quit pretending to be an adult.

Tbh I’m a college person studying a liberal arts major and have many friends in the college who do the same and tbh we just agreed with it, even in college campuses there is a sizable amount of people who think pc bullshit is stupid and argue against it as much as we can, so be careful and classifying “college people”

What the fuck do you mean "we've done wrong"? I didn't even know it was possible for a person to hate themselves as much as you do. Get a grip.

The signs are simple enough. You either agree or disagree.

The president of UC Davis is a vocal idiot?

This is the same university that pepper sprayed peaceful students protesting.

It's okay to be white.

Why are you trying to sell garbage from Salon as anything other than insanely biased propaganda? If people are having this reaction to this simple idea then maybe those terrible alt-righters have hit on something real. Shitty people can be a little right, it does happen.

Is this really newsworthy? Just trolls wanting to stir drama.

Try applying for scholarships and internships as a white people. You're not wanted or welcome.

All of this outrage over the statement would suggest otherwise.

Isn’t that racism?

Yeah it does.

The only way this should make news is if it wasn't true.

While its getting harder to tell every day, it still is true.

You couldn't have taken this bait any harder my friend. They knew people would lose their shit over one of the most unoffensive sentences possibly constructed in the English language and they did it for the lulz.

The fact that the president of Davis spoke out against this isn't disturbing?

How is it stirring up hate? It’s a pretty simple pretense that “college campuses are not places that protect white normality” and they test it with the phrase ‘it’s ok to be white’.

Lo and behold, they’re labeled a hate group or actions for the phrase “it’s ok to be white”.

Are they not proven correct?

Then why are white people being discriminated against in the education system?

So you're saying that the message doesn't matter because if people you don't like said it then it's bad by default?

"It's OK to be white" - Gender-studies professor => Good

"It's OK to be white" - 4chan => Evil

Yeah these signs have pretty much proved their point.

Just trolls wanting to stir drama.

And it's working. 4chan is a cesspool of very intelligent people.

Explain what is meant by it

While it's obvious those putting these up are just trolling, some of the reactions are pretty telling.

can some of you people who are mass downvoting please tell me what the problem is?

You angered the left by suggesting the signs aren't the most racist thing right now and then you angered the right by suggesting that white people as a race have done terrible things as if every white person is responsible for what other white people do.

Have you seen the MTV ad, Dear White People?

You read that piece and think 'factual reporting'? Are you kidding me. Repackaging a blog post from an even further-left group isn't reporting and the author's hand waving on this issue should show just how close to the truth this nonsense actually gets.

There problem is that you're going to find it more and more difficult to get the majority of people to believe in your hatred. You're kicking white people to the curb, and the only ones willing to take them in are the fucking Nazis. This is a problem.

Why not read the content of the flyers and determine your own intent as opposed to being fed your opinion from Salon of all places?

How is this latent white supremacy? It seems way more conceivable that it’s a reaction to the identity politics of the day that attack “white privilege” and claim only white people can be racist and that straight white males are the problem. At least that’s what most of the fringe groups are projecting.

Also. “It’s okay to be white” is not racist unless you’re a moron

It's great to be white!

Oh honey, you honestly think that we care about what you wrote? Bless your heart.

Edit: Aww, you removed the "Adults are speaking" part of your comment. That's so cute.

Black Lives Matter. But if you think you need to put that on a poster, you’re black and a moron.

Give me one reason why this is a bad a statement and yours should be considered good?

If you want to solve the problem, hang posters around campus saying "It's OK To Be White", "It's OK To Be Black", "It's OK To Be Native", "It's OK To Be Chinese", etc. Own the message. Turn the message into something positive and take over the movement.

Actually, I believe this was a 4chan stunt so... you're right

edit: news article

A simple search of reddit posts results in many posts on the subject

What is 4chan?

Intelligent people wouldn't put this much effort into trolling people.

Shia Labeouf would disagree.

“You guys”? I’m sorry who am I again?

who is this 4chan?

Not really. Because saying whiteness is okay is apparently a hate crime to some.

Let's take the statement on the sign at face value.

"It's Okay to be White"

There are two paths you can go down on this. The first path is agreeing with it, that it is in fact okay to be white. Just like it's okay to be black, hispanic, or asian.

The second path is disagreeing with it. If you disagree with it being okay to be white but agree that it's okay to be asian, hispanic, or middle eastern then we've exposed some fallacies and bigotry in the mindset of some liberals.

Thinking is hard.😫

LOL I get called a Nazi cause I think it’s okay to proud of your country. I get called a White nationalist for asking how “it’s ok to be white” is stirring up hatred.

This is the exact same rhetoric as BLM. No one is saying it’s not okay to be black, Asian, hispanic, just that it’s ok to be white

Edit: said Nazi twice

There president of UC Davis is a troll?

When everyone who disagrees with you is a nazi, you are the nazi.

It's an art. Doing things for lulz is as good a reason as any.

you guys

I’m not white

He's a notorious hacker.

Come on out here to our local reservation, then tell me there is no racism. If your white on some roads out here you don't come back.

It's a song bruh

And did Salon put up the flyers? Why should their reasoning hold more weight than mine?

“Whoever is posting these photos, I don’t think they’re realizing how triggering these posters are for people,” says Lee.

The person who first reported them didn't even see through it. No one is playing dumb, people are seriously offended by the statement.

Edit: My name is in no way related to "trolling," but rather a reference to firearms.

I said the ad, not the movie

It's a moronic thing to show that it's social unacceptable to saying anything about white people that isn't negative? It's fucking brilliant.

You should tell us. With 107,000 "karma" in a year you're sure to have an expert opinion on everything.

Either that or you're both online too much and getting welfare benefits.

Hahaha, holy shit dude. Do you not care to actually engage in points and discussion? Do you feel powerful or clever by saying “this is just a Nazi sympathizer”?

Inb4 “there’s nothing to discuss here. You’re a racist/Nazi and I don’t need to prove anything”

Yeah, and the people who overreacted just handed a victory to the white supremacists. That's disturbing. I don't like Nazis to be right, but they clearly are in this situation. Like fucking Nazis are more right then the president of UC Davis. What twilight zone is this?

Well the definition for trolling is to cause an over reaction to something simple, so that other people start to react to the over reaction causing a chain reaction of controversy. The correct way to handle this would be to shrug and say duh, before moving on with your life. It's the complete over reaction that makes this newsworthy. God help us if trolling becomes more main stream than it already is.



Whites are systematically discriminated against and targeted for racial hatred in the media and education system, and benefit the least from globalist policies as a result of being a small global minority. If someone's racially fragile and insecure enough to see a statement as innocuous as "it's okay to be white" as a rallying cry for white supremacy, that's on them.

It's okay to be white.

piss you off

If a rational statement does that then it has merit

If white nationalists said the world was round would you fucking disagree? If it's true it's true.

Look up what is affirmative action.

Whites and Asians are being discriminated against in the education system.

You must hate yourself a lot.

I'm like the other guy. How is the sentence, "It's okay to be white" stirring up anything? If this triggers people, maybe they need to be triggered.

By ignore, you mean try and argue with everyone in the thread?

It's okay to be white.

You think Russian agents are running around distributing flyers?

lmao, is this the 1950s?

Hit a nerve

Its just "begging the question", pretty standard logical fallacy

As soon as I hear the word triggered the argument is lost to me.

Yes and no, as in our lives are fleeting and in a way worthless a hundred years from now when we are inevitably dead. We just gotta get along, respect each other and just be good. There’s enough evil in the world, no need to add to that.

This is now an example of presumed intent and race purely because you defended white people.

Let that irony simmer before eating

I mean to be the fair, they could be referring to that small group of vocal idiots, many of them with institutional power.

I don't care if you do, you're some douche-bag on the internet.

And just because a white nationalist says something doesn’t make it wrong? Hitler built the autobahn and I don’t hear people go “why do you drive on a Nazi Highway?”

There’s plenty wrong with white nationalism but I’m asking you, is it “ok to be white”?

It's not like they are saying 'White Power' or 'White Pride'...just 'it's okay'. That's not a really strong statement, and in the current political climate of recognizing all of the wrongs that white people have done...it can drive those without a strong constitution (ie children, college students on their own for the first time, etc.) to feel guilty about the fact that they are white (causing self hatred, low self esteem, etc.). Yes, we need to recognize what we've done wrong, but being white wasn't the problem...it was feeling superior for it...'it's okay' is about the level of feeling you should have on the matter.

EDIT: Okay, can some of you people who are mass downvoting please tell me what the problem is? I'm a liberal democrat who supports the fact that white people are being made to treat POCs like actual people. I'm only making the point that we've gotten a bit strong on it, and those who haven't completely formed their sense of self can go into guilt complexes over it (my niece and her little friends for an example) so saying that 'it's okay' is about the right amount of pride to feel on the matter. It's not a good thing or a bad thing, it's just a thing (it's okay).

Sadly it will work...

the more their attempts to stir up hate will work.

People proudly showing their bigoted true colors is stirring them up?

4chan? This was real life not on the internet. They don't go outside

The more attention these people get the more their attempts to stir up hate will work.