It's like they now think everytime you've ever left you were out with another dog

It's like they now think everytime you've ever left you were out with another dog

Slobber on your collar again, some cheap Pomeranian's perfume on your neck. Don't think I haven't noticed, Dave. I just don't have it in me to be angry anymore. You have to care to be angry, and my heart hasn't had the strength to care for so long now.

Translation: "bork"

My cat will literally hold me hostage until she can stiff out the other animals scent on my hands.

My dog will run up to me, freeze, and then press his nose against me. He then inhales very deeply and snorts. Then he's happy.


"You smell like.. A DOG! Buuuuut I can still smell you. We're good here."

I come home from work, which is at a vet clinic and I get sniffed and dirty looks until I change my clothes. Like " mom, you cheat on me with like 30 different dogs everyday..."

No Dave, I don't want to hear it. I'm sleeping in the doghouse tonight. Pack your bags and take the treats with you, I'm not your good boy anymore

Some friends of mine have dogs, cats, and rabbits. After visiting them, my dogs go nuts.

One time I was driving and saw this lost King Charles Cavalier walking about. I got out picked her up and walked her to the address on her collar. After she was safe I went to my house. My dog comes bounding up to me happy and smiling and she just stops. Turns her nose to my arm where the other dog was resting and just sniffs one deep knowing breath. Her smile faded as she looked at me in my soul. She turned around walked to my wife on the couch and just stared at me while I watched the office. Poor girl.

I bet you shower naked, you slut.


mom, you cheat on me with like 30 different dogs everyday...


You smell like.. A DOG!

You know it's okay to lie sometimes . . . :'(


You may want to have them neutered thisisajokebasedoffthelastfourwordsofthecomment

We have had our dog for about 8 years, and just got a cat. Dog is so confused, but they're finally getting along.

Try not to scratch any bellies on the way to the parking lot!

But at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!

My cats are like that sometimes. Always suspicious of where I've been. Thanks for sharing these. They're funny, and I passed them on.


This actually makes me sad. I'm not a good boy. :(


I read this in the voice of the dog from Up

Repeat chorus infinitely

I work at a vet clinic and on the days I don't bring her with me, my dog spends a good 15 mins sniffing me all over to see who I've been giving all of her pets to.

Thank you for rescuing the dog!

In a row?

Y...yeah. That's it.


I always tell my dog I cheated on her! ­čśä

You are his cocaine

He's happy because regardless of any daliances you may have going on on the side, you've chosen to come home to him.

Something something broken arms.

I see you've never had a cat.

I just came home from my friend's house, she has 3 dogs... when I came in the door I smelled like betrayal...

C.. kan konfirm

*sniff sniff

What do you call a Korean with a speech impediment?


Boy, what is the matter with you?

I don't see you complaining when you're running circles around yourself, every time I open a can of dog food, or when I let you finish my sandwich. Or how about when I take you to the park? You know you love it when I take you to the park.

Haha I work at a petstore, I get the exact same reaction.

I'm taking the kids and moving in with my mother.

Nevermind I forgot she died at nine.