It's Like he Had 7 Level 3 Vests on

I guess that's what happens when server latency is like... 4 seconds.

Next time, be sure to select a server located here, on Earth.


Shots 1-5: Clearly missed.

Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control).

Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses.

Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because Hiko was already dead.

It looks like the door is actually closed and he opens it and dies :D

Except when I am playing on europe or asian servers I kill people instantly. It is only the NA servers in which I see this happen.

The fuck is that

My pubg group also plays on asia because the players are so bad.

Notice that you only get shot when he goes through the door. It's at that exact time that your shots do actually damage. Seems like an open 'not open' door to me.


That's funny because my pubg group now play on Asia because NA is too laggy.

There's always a time for this quality meme.

I have a bad habit of shooting people and stopping to reload when I think I shoot enough to kill them... I'm dead right there if that was me haha nice patience and control gg

Hell, want to know something that will really piss people off? You can play this fucking game on a satellite connection with 700ms+ ping. I was visiting some family recently and their only connection online is thru satellite providers. Not even a landline dsl cable was available. So I decided to run a little test and see if PUBG would even let me into a lobby as I knew they added a "network performance low" prompt which supposedly freezes your character when ping spikes happen, to prevent unfair advantage. Well sure fucking enough the game loaded right up and I was able to place 6th on my first game in NA solos with 650-700ms ping (could be higher, but I know this was consistent on my speed tests and it's impossible to get anything better on satellite regardless), 4 CHEESY UNFAIR KILLS, and a huge delay opening doors and looting. There was absolutely no problems driving cars, running around, jumping, or firing on targets. The animations and traveling were smooth.

Not once did I get a network lag detected prompt even though I had 700+ ping from the very moment I entered the lobby to the moment I exited in 6th place. I killed multiple people by abusing the desync of them peeking cover. How the fuck is this allowed? Not even a max ping lock of 500 is in place????

It really blew my mind. You think they'd have a soft cap in the game at the very least. It doesn't make any sense, they are letting TONS of people play with insane ping and then taking all the brunt of the hatred for it too. Yes the game has horrible netcode - some of the worst I've ever seen - but I know for sure now that SOME of the unfair deaths and desync we see is simply because some dude with god awful internet connection is allowed to play. Makes me wonder how the game would run if we ran an experiment where oh, you know, we required players to have less than 200 average ping during the lobby countdown to hop on the plane. Crazy concept I know. Spread the word. I wouldn't be surprised if a ping lock drastically improved the game overnight... /u/Delta_357 /u/ManfredCocker

Seriously... if you play solos and it's top 10... You can be in an area with 50 trees. The remaining 9 players will all be prone moving around like idiots, super easy

I honestly reckon half the time we see these clips because people in NA/EU forget to change back to their server from the previous game and its defaulted to AS. Cue laggy as fuck moments like the above.


You are welcome. I help where I can.

Quite a lot intentionally play on AS though because it's much easier due to their playstyles and the lag advantage.

That or people just forget to switch it to NA because of that stupid fucking bug lol

I think so too i had that happend too

i had a huge feeling while reading that wall of text i was gonna read about undertake throwing mankind off the cell.

You should stick to Earth, you posted 10 times because you're connected to Jupiter.

Door bugged out; it looked open on your end but the server saw it as closed, you can see him try and open it before he comes in, and promptly dies.

This is 80% the reason I never made it past LE in CSGO.

It was from the /sub/globaloffensive subreddit from a while ago, it was essentially a twitch clip trying to show the poor hitboxes and reg on the game but a valve employee replied with the initial comment

If I find the reddit link, I’ll shoot it over to you :)

This meme achieved vintage status long ago. It's like a fine wine, aged to perfection.

The door is definitely closed.

You can see the splinters break from the door being broken from op shooting the door

Hm.. He was shooting at OP well before going through the door. If you go frame-by-frame you can see that it isn't a reaction to OP shooting. He returns fire much too fast for it to be a reaction. I'm kumquat certain the door was open.

the CSGO lingo sounds like a guy who smokes weed all day made it up and thought it sounded cool

Is it not supposed to be like this? I always have to shoot that much to kill someone.

And the door lighting update when it finally opens. And the enemies door open animation right before he dies.

its like a loop. People think everyone on Asia is trash so all the bad players from NA play on asia, thus contributing to the idea that all asia players are bad. If you watch the kill feed you'll notice a majority of players have english names. Not calling your grouo bad just a funny observation i made while playing

It's definitely a case of the door being closed when it looks open, you notice the door moves slightly just as he enters, that's the dead guy opening the door.

My buddy and I had stagnated hard on NA. We switched to Asia, got to experience other players missing shots on us, which we hadn't for awhile it felt like, and within a few hours we regained confidence and started playing way better.

It gave me the confidence to hit my shots and not feel like I need a crazy flank to catch enemies off guard to beat them. I'm having so much more fun.

The game has a rating/ranking system so you and your pal probably were ranked near the top while on asia you didn't have a rank at all.

Me and a friend introduced a couple new players to pubg and playing with them was like a breeze, until we won 2 matches in a row.

It was Hiko's b site train spray.

Link to original post

This happens to me like once everything games. Im not sure if its a sever thing or what but its infuriating when you die because of it

Lol no you don't

Probably a nice packet loss there basically it eiter sent your shots near or behind him or either just didn't sens anything