It's ironic that Saudi Arabia, a country where alcohol is strictly banned, has a giant bottle opener in their capital of Riyadh

It's ironic that Saudi Arabia, a country where alcohol is strictly banned, has a giant bottle opener in their capital of Riyadh

I was there a few weeks ago, funny part is there is a bar in the tower that serves still or sparkling water only

I'll take my tap water shaken...not stirred...

That building was originally built for the eye of sauron

It's obviously so planes pass through it

Kingdom Centre is a 99-storey, 302.3 m (992 ft) skyscraper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

At night time, it turns into Sauron Inc.

It is illegal to produce it, import it, or consume it. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where there is a strict interpretation of the Koran. It is also the home of Mecca which is the most important sacred site within Islam. There are harsh punishments for those caught making or drinking alcohol in the Kingdom.

There are always exceptions for wealthy people doesn't matter what it is.

Perhaps the bottle opener is intended for a humongous bottle of Mt Dew.

Surely there are exceptions for wealthy people

Let's do a club soda, and make it a double.


There's one in Shanghai too

Disco eye of Sauron

yep. saudis drink like fish. they just do it on the d/l.

also you should know that the rich saudi people do whatever they like while the poor are forced to obey the laws regarding alcohol.

Wow! What a beautiful, wealthy, and spectacular modern metropolis!

I wonder where they behead the sorcerers?

It happens, but officially you cannot

Shanghai, since there appears to be far more usable space in the building. Also, it looks like the Kingdom Centre sits alone as the tallest building, whereas the Shanghai World Financial Center is incredibly impressive even against all the other skyscrapers which are visible from The Bund along the HuangPu river.

Obviously drug laws only apply to the poor and the homeless.

also you should know that the rich saudi people everywhere do whatever they like while the poor are forced to obey the laws regarding alcohol.


That's basically the intention behind most drug laws. Control of the middle to lower class.

In the Gulf region, all recreational drugs are illegal(be it hash, lsd, opium, heroin). Especially if you are an expat smuggler, it can warrant an execution.

But if you are a Citizen (they don't give this nelly welly, since Citizenship is strictly hereditary), and get caught doing drugs or having drugs, you don't get sentenced a lot.

But if you are expat, you get jailed and permanently blocked/black listed from most Gulf Council Countries.

If you smuggle, that depends on who catches you and who is your judge that day. You might get from either to getting only banned from that country up to execution.

Harder drugs, harder the punishment. So stuff like Trammadol will only get you blocked, but if you got Heroin... well, pray that your headsman is Abu Bader.

That and Saints Row.

If I could ever get a game with Saints Row's characters & humor, Just Cause's creativity with destruction/death, GTA's exaggerated stereotypes/feeling of realism, a map as big as Just Cause 3, and graphics as good as Uncharted 4/Witcher 3/Battlefront... I'd be in love.

Edit: And TBH, some of the more mundane things would be nice. It doesn't have to necessarily be on the level of the sims, but being able to do a wide-range of ordinary daily things on top of everything else would seal the deal. Like access to a ton of shops, the ability to watch shows/movies in-game, build relationships, create your own house, etc.

"who wore it better?"

Dubai isn't in Saudi Arabia.

You can't drink alcohol in Saudi???

I think you've had enough


Ah, Ah, Ah Ah, Sauron Alive

It’s only forbidden for the poor. The rich sheiks all whore around, drink and snort.


as an expat: alcohol in SA (especially any city) is easier to find, and cheaper (less black market markup) than mary jane in the US (non legal states). This essentially translate to, alcohol is everywhere in the oligarchy without issue; and also some within the working and managing people but they are actually taking risk.

it's not fun for anyone who isn't royal, regal or noble, upper class or upper middle, this is a fucking disaster

As long as it's made by EA, I'm in.

More like Sauron Arabia

Hmm. Do fishes need to drink? I never thought about it.

TIL two things

ANY laws.

clears throat INFIDEL!

Nah, Muslim countries are really strict about that shit. Gulf countries being stricter, yet simultaneously really lenient if you have money.

Their chief export behind oil is sand.

Overdose rates have fucking skyrocketed in the past few years, ain’t nothing to do with race.

tap water on the rocks please. extra dry.

Lmao only saudi and kuwait banned alcohol. Back in the day though on the ARAMCO compounds you could get a beer brew / distill guide provided by ARAMCO, they knew you were doing it so didn't want people blowing themselves up.


The amount of glass...

I can’t even get a soft drink?

True, although the consequences are more significant if caught.

Do they smoke hash/weed?

Personally, the Shanghai tower's angularness is a bit less sleek looking. I think I prefer the Saudi one.

Just pretend it’s Pepsi mate.

I'm talking 'bout Mountain Dews, baby!

Eye of Saudi

My dad was on the architectural team that designed this building.

When they pitched the design to the prince they played a video with a 3D rendering of the building from all these difference angles and such. And in one they had a commercial jet fly through the middle of it. Turns out the prince didn’t find it very funny. 9/11 was a few years later...

Dubai is in the UAE, not Saudi Arabia

Please sir, it's time for you leave otherwise security will have to be called.

Constantly searching for women driving.

Not sure if it was a fake story or not, but I read about a tourist who was busted for having remnants of weed stuck to his shoe (if it even was that) and they were trying to get him 4 years in jail.

TIL that bottle openers are used exclusively to open alcoholic beverages.

They are not

Ain't nothing but a dew thing

Do we need air?

On days when it is dusty and the tower is lit up red (it is lit some color most nights) it really does look that way.

Well, he still isn't wrong!


I legitimately thought this was a joke at first so I reread it like twenty times and realized that it actually makes perfect sense

But seriously, are soft drinks banned too?

B E P I S or C O N K E


And the Cops aren't trigger happy, but if you are expat of an Asian country and a labor, they will make your day quite a hell, especially in a high GDP GCC country.

That'll be $186 please

Ah, a man who likes calcium in his water. Hip hip!

Agreed, comrade

That's a Lego brick separator.

And black people.

Funny How now that white people are hooked on heroin en mass, it is suddenly called an addiction epidemic instead.

Can't be helped, because that regime makes some of our Job Creators a shitton of money.

How ironic is it that the drunkest I've ever been was in Riyadh? Middle eastern moonshine!

I'm sure it's a lil more complicated than that

As soon as anything gets past the lower class it is deemed as a problem. Fucked up

Lived here. We had tequila, beer, wine, rum.

Maybe a unpopular opinion, but most laws are as dumb as they are because dumb people tent to break them.

Yeah, like most of them. You can drink in all aside from Saudi and Kuwait

Plus the growth of Fentanyl use has caused huge overdose problems.

Mandatory Minimums and Cocaine laws in the 70s-80s was actually some racist shit, but the Heroin Epidemic effects all races.

The original design called for a circular opening, which looks cooler IMO.

The called for a circular opening, which looks cooler IMO.

I’m guessing today, you learned many things.

You only get caught if you're poor.

Id still probably get sick of that in a week as sad as that sounds lol

How do they even judge whether someone is a sorcerer, wizard, or warlock?

Non alcoholic beer is widely available in Saudi, practically every grocery store iirc, and fairly popular. Especially liked by the older generation and the Bedouins who believe it's good for the kidneys.

Then it's not a bar

In for that pride and accomplishment.

The Koran says that when the Islamic end times come allah will reward them for the rejection of alcohol with the worlds largest bottle of craft beer

On purpose, or...?

The guy who owns that bragged that he could fly his 747 jet through the opening on top. Then 9-11 happened. His $10 million dollar check was reject by the mayor of New York because he added some political language on his press language that Americans were not interested in hearing during our time of need.

Currently he is one of the prices rounded up during the corruption crackdown on Saudi Arabia at the Ritz Carlton.

Merry Christmas Alwaleed!

There was a huge controversy which forced the change in design. The building was developed by the Mori Building Company, a Japanese developer. Too many people felt the original circular opening bore too much resemblance to the Rising Sun of Japan over Shanghai. I shouldn't have to go into details on why this might be a little touchy in China.

As a bonus you can torture and rape your housemaids whenever you’re bored or horny. And bit of human trafficking for extra fun

if i were a bird i’d definitely crash into that

Where there's a will there's a way, and there's always a will with alcohol. Especially in Saudi! I did a few months in Bahrain, even with alcohol i hated that place.

Stone people.

Yes for sure. It's why Dubai exists. Lounging by the pool shirtless and enjoying the sun, with your wives in khidar or whatnot tending to you and the children. The Islamic Museum in Doha for instance, is a representation of a woman in a niqab. Inside you can find actual pieces of art where Muhammad's face has been scrubbed from history by cavemen.

At my best guess:

"Are you a sorcerer?"


"Sounds like something a sorcerer would say. Kill him."

Or where.

You sound white