It's International Left-Handers Day, so I made a card.

It's International Left-Handers Day, so I made a card.

As a left handed person, I had no idea it was International Left-Handers Day. I have failed my people :(

What a sinister turn of events.

Not enough smudging to be made with the left hand. Source: Lefty.

I guess you could say a lot of us were left out

As a fellow left hander, I also missed the memo.

No hand-smudges?

Ha. Jokes on you. I'm right handed but I already use my left hand for a very specific activity at least once a day. Sometimes twice.

Only on Wednesdays.

Surely, you can get some cards on sale at the Leftorium. That place needs all the business it can get. Pick up an "I heart southpaws" shirt while you're there.

Similar motion, different location

Brushing your teeth?

We only get one day? That just isn't right.

I gotta hand it to you that was funny. You really nailed it

I really liked doing graphite sketches as a kid and teenager. The side of my hand was silver for years. I looked like I was slowly turning into a cyborg.

Actually i think he was crucified.

Letters of support for all our lefties are starting to come in! Join in and lend them a hand:

Can confirm.