It’s been 30 years since NWA released F**k Tha Police and Sting still hasn’t released a response track

It’s been 30 years since NWA released F**k Tha Police and Sting still hasn’t released a response track

Oh. My. God. It took me like 5 solid minutes to figure this out... I kept going why... why would sting... what... oh my god, the group the police, not "the police"... wow.

His response is floating inside a bottle somewhere in the middle of an ocean

1000 years in the future, the remnants of our civilization lay scattered across and landscape that is slowly devouring all traces of a city that once was. One of the survivors wanders along the beach, searching for food or a sign of life, it's been months since he's had contact with another human.

His eyes fill with excitement upon seeing a bottle floating in the ocean. Could it be another survivor trying to reach out? He had to know! He ran as fast he could out into the surf, snatched up the bottle and popped it open.

His hands trembling, he unrolled the scroll contained within. His face sank.

"Fuck you too, Cube. -Sting"

Hahahaha thanks for explaining to me lol

Sting released a bling song to pay homage to the rappers that like bling however.

'Fields of Gold'.

Bless your heart.

1000 years, 1000 more,

A thousand times a million doors to eternity

This brightened my evening :) thank you for that

And me! I’m not the brightest.

Ah fuck I can't believe you've done this

Every breath Cube takes

Every move Cube makes

Every bond Cube breaks

Every step Cube takes

I'll be watching Cube


Oh can't Cube see?

Cube belongs to me.

My poor heart aches

With every swipe Cube takes

100% original, though it’s recently been stolen and reposted. I guess that means I’ve made it big. But thank you!

Da Doo Doo Doo, Da Da Da Da, That's All I've Got To Say To You. Recorded early in their career as a response to any detractors.

10/10 if original post. Got me good

He’s too busy trying to hook up with single moms at yoga class.

And my axe!

god I’m slow

The fuck lmao?

(this gif is from a German skit for reference.)

One time I made a comment about this gif and how the Germans might actually have a decent sense of humor. I was quickly corected. Apparently the Germans have the best engineered humor in the region.

No problem! Thanks for enjoying it!

Sting took the high road and instead joined the WCW and wrestled with a painted face to vent his frustrations.

Lol the bling/shiny-suit era of hip-hop is like 20 years old now. That just blew my mind

For the confused:

ctrl-f: huh what i don't get it explain explanation meaning help why

Ahhhhhh... I thought the rappers just mentioned Sting in one of their songs. Didn't even know there was a joke I wasn't getting.

That always burns my eyes when I see that.

Some say it’s hidden in a field of gold

We’ll be seeing this on Facebook in meme form any second now

It's a nice sensation on your balls but I wouldn't recommend it on the penis.

Quality post

In less than 2 years there will be 20 year olds that were born in 2000

I had a friend accidentally do this to his sensitive bits with the remnants of his homemade salsa still on his hands...

Thanks for it being no problem.

Please please please let this be true

but aren't dwarfs supposed to be natural sprinters?

There was a response. You just can't understand anything Sting sings until the last 4 words of each chorus.

If you're a natural sprinter but only a few feet tall, is there really a point?

A month from now*. Facebook is way behind.

This elicited an eye roll from my wife. Well done.



Sting kinda fucked The Police too...

Not my meme...but can't believe it isn't posted yet...
Hype Williams music videos

Kids of today will never appreciate the grandiosity of