IT’S A FELONY! Hi, I'm Fredricka Wilson, the low-life scumbag that exploits dead soldiers for political gain and now I’m a FELON for violating Florida wiretapping laws! Lock Me Up! (Details in comments.)

IT’S A FELONY! Hi, I'm Fredricka Wilson, the low-life scumbag that exploits dead soldiers for political gain and now I’m a FELON for violating Florida wiretapping laws! Lock Me Up! (Details in comments.)

It turns out that Florida is a “all party consent” state meaning all parties to a phone call must consent to any “interception.” Fla. Stat. ch. 934.03. Intercepting the audio rather than the wireless signal (such as via use of the speakerphone function or an extension phone) is a third degree FELONY subject to up to 5 years imprisonment. ALL PARTIES have to consent if one side of the conversation wants to allow another person to listen in. It is also illegal to “disclose ... to any other person” the contents of any call that were obtained by that interception. Sooooo the Lying Bitch(TM) violated Florida law TWICE, and is now a Lying FELON ... and still a bitch. LOCK HER UP!

When will she be arrested and does someone need to file a complaint first? What an awful human being, l wonder what other crimes she's committed...there needs to be an investigation!

Nothing will happen to her

We need a special counsel!

Trump was in DC. According to the press, she was in Florida with her constituent, the parent of the soldier. Florida courts have repeatedly held that Ch. 934.03 applies to interstate calls that involve a participant in the state of Florida, particularly when the interception takes place in Florida.

If you know something different, please let me know.

All they can do is try to shame her. We know how unsuccessful that was with Donna Brazile. If you do anything else, she'll whip out the RACE card and all the liberals' heads will explode in shock. She's already claimed Gen. Kelly's empty barrel story is racist.

Since it is an inter-state call, I think it would be an FBM issue.

I'm not sure if there is a handy number for the Federal Bureau of Matters, however.


She has a level 999 firing protection from her skin color.

Is there a phone number or website where we can report this?

we got plenty of lawyers. Toss one at this female.

It's sickening to know people like this get to vote on whats best for us.

Florida's statute is one of the strictest, particularly as interpreted by the Florida courts. Merely listening in on a call, such as with a speakerphone or on an extension, without the consent of ALL the other parties on the call, is "interception." Furthermore, disclosing the contents you learned from such an "interception" is itself another felony.

My bad, I have confused this for one of the other calls then.

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But what was her intent?

It sounds like I'm trying to defend this lady, and I'm not, but I cannot find a single case where simply overhearing a phone conversation was found to be illegal. Everything refers to RECORDING a conversation. Just trying to stick to reality, if you can link me to sources that say other wise I'll get my pitch fork.

Exceptions to the “Two-Party Consent” law There are, however, exceptions to the two-party consent law. The most common exception to the law is when the communication takes place in a situation where you would have little to no reasonable expectation of privacy. An example of this would be if you had a conversation outside in a public place where it would be reasonable that another person, not privy to the conversation, might overhear. In that circumstance, it would be unreasonable for the person to expect a significant level of privacy.

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