It would be really annoying if gravity pulled with a slight angle instead of straight down.

It would be really annoying if gravity pulled with a slight angle instead of straight down.

The earth would spin faster and faster. Days would get shorter and shorter, until some sort of equilibrium were reached where it would feel like gravity was pulling down. Or. It would continue accelerating forever coming asymptotically closer to the speed of light causing time to stand relatively still.

Sheez, I just want to enjoy the slight angle thought for a bit first.

If it did we would have always lived like that and would be adapted and used to it. It would be really annoying if it suddenly changed.

You mean a hill?

Quick recovery, like almost unnoticeable

Cubical planet problems.

To... High.... To.... UNDERSTAND!!

What if it is at an angle and we just don't know because we're so used to it?

"intents and purposes" :)

If fake gravity is possible to make, the amount of energy you can harvest by using it to spin something would be less than the amount of energy you put in to the gravity machine to make the thing spin in the first place. So no, you still can't get free energy.

It's not a cube, it's a sphere with really interesting mountains

It actually does.

When your on a hill

It is, unless you live on the north pole.

intensive purposes.

intensive purposes.

intensive purposes?

intensive purposes?

slight angles... gravity pulling down on you...

smooth criminals...

Aw it's ok lil buddy.

Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?

Huh...I...yeah for all intensive purposes that works

It does pull at a slight angle. We don't feel it because gravity defines what we feel as straight down, even though it is at an angle.

"Cubical planet" is an oxymoron

edit: because one of the criteria for planets is that they must have sufficient mass to have achieved a hydrostatic equilibrium, or nearly spherical shape.

In a world where "slight-angle" gravity is a thing, they wonder what "straight-down" gravity is like.

The borg

Maybe you, I thought the "aww" and "lil" were the condescending parts.


Is it just me, or is using the word buddy kind of condescending

It isn't though, is it? You're pretty much always directly above the center of the earth in some direction, and that direction is usually perpendicular to the ground.

The earth is not a sphere. It's an oblate spheroid. Also, the crust has elevation. And the composition of the crust you're standing on has variable density. All things considered, it's never exactly the same everywhere, and not in exactly the same direction. Not to infinite precision anyway. It is if you lean back and squint tho.

"It's" sealed the condescension deal for me

all intensive purposes

Why would you hurt me like this?

Livin' on a slightly wider than spherical ball problems.

Probably like standing on a hill.

intensive purposes

We cannot be friends, you and I.

purposes intensify

A really large cube.

Then what would you call an object in space the size of earth with the shape of a cube?

It seems like if we one day design fake gravity then we should make something like that send it to a place in space where no other gravity would influence it and harvest the energy it produced

Wait did big Daddy M use the same thing? I thought he did it without help.

Or you might be standing on a hill.

This is how it works