It WAS my first productive interview since being laid off in July.

It WAS my first productive interview since being laid off in July.

I would bring up a complaint with corporate if I were you. It shows that management is disorganized and incompetent... Unless you want another job with that place. It's just really rude that they wasted your time and money.

No. He's in my trunk. I really need this job.

I would love to be let out of said trunk. And no I do not have the job, sent me out the door.

They were surprised that they got the guy who spelled it "Unifrom"

They asked you to start to work there. That is a verbal contract. (similar to ordering a pizza). They owe you at least 1 day pay and in some countries up to 6 weeks pay.

Dramatize your story a little (you had to cancel other interviews, job offers) and ask for a job or at least for a week pay.

Yeah, that's not how it works in America.

I had a similar events about 14 years ago. Interviewed for an entry level tech job, and a couple of days later was called/hired. I showed up the following Monday morning to start my first shift and the rest of the team was just standing there looking at me weird, told me to wait on HR.

HR shows up, brings me into an office and explains that they messed up and had meant to offer the job to someone else. Well shit.. like it's not bad enough not getting a job you can do, now you've got someone who's whole week is messed up because they're short an employee looking you in the face and essentially saying we'd rather be short handed then employ you.

If I had to drive all the way to work just to be told to turn around and go home in such a rude manner Id be tempted to get them to compensate for gas.

Same thing sort of happened to me. Buddy of mine and I in the 1990's went on a road trip from Omaha to Plymouth, Mass. to attend a LARP event. While there we stopped at a comic store (we got there about a day earlier than we'd planned) and met this hot girl named Elise. My buddy Don wasn't interested but I sure was. We talked to her for a while and got her information before we left.

Got back to Omaha and started writing to her. We corresponded a lot and then it came to pass that Don and I were going back to the LARP. I let Elise know and she was very excited to see me again. Score!

We get there and she rushes over to Don, throws her arms around him and yells, "Dave! So glad to see you again!" She was not as excited to find out I was Dave.

As others have said, if they sent you home then they owe you a day's pay if it was a fulltime position. They called you and asked you to come in (verbal contract) they told you to get a uniform (expenses incurred) and then behaved in an unprofessional manner...

OP is just lucky they didn't beat him up before throwing him out

I'd charge for all losses incurred. I don't see how you could even consider not paying it given the logic.

I interviewed for a job once. My skills matched exactly, I aced every question without hesitation, was called back in for 2 more rounds of interviews, seemed to have a good rapport with the team and was under the impression that I got the job.

Then the HR girl calls me a week later and tells me that I did very poorly in the interviews, and my skill level is more on a junior to mid level, rather than the senior as the position requires, even though I had 12 years of experience in the field and already been in a senior role at 2 of my previous jobs for over 5 years.

Turns out she got confused with names and they hired a wrong dude. They called me back 3 weeks later, after the wrong guy has started, asking if I still want that position. I laughed and declined.

I also had a similar experience with a low level tech job. I was offered a job doing helpdesk support about 15 years ago. When I got there, the manager told me that the position was actually eliminated and they didn't even have that job available anymore. But she was awesome. She said that she liked me in the interview, so she let me stick around as a temp until she could get me interviews with the desktop support team. I worked for her for a couple weeks, then was hired to desktop support, with higher pay. I was very lucky!

Oh wow that's brutal

Well its not like he has a job taking up his time and it really doesn't take long to write a couple letters.

post the company details. we'll engage in business transactions with them and at the last minute go "'re the company i was working with?!"

God... Dammit... As if today could have gone worse...


You tell me.

Hardly anyone noticed the typo tho, so there is that.

I laugh about it now, but I died a little inside.

If he was black they wouldve shot hin.

Yes it is. Google "Promissory estoppel."

Edit: You don't need to prove contract formation for promissory estoppel. You're in a detrimental reliance analysis instead.

Hey /u/jjthomasjones, Where'd you get your Uni from?

Had something similar happen to me. Got told to do one last interview (after 3 previous ones over the course of a month) for a hotel I had applied for, and got all dressed up, paid for a parking garage because they didn't have space available. Got in, and was told they hired someone else the day before I was scheduled to come in, without giving any warning to me. Keeping in mind, this was a job that took about a quarter of a tank to get to as well...

Go figure it was a big corporate chain. I've just come to expect corporations to be disorganized messes where one hand never knows what the other's doing.

Is it worth the time/effort/hassle though? That's my question. Do you want to spend a week or more of your time chasing these guys through the appropriate bureaucratic hoops to get the money you are legitimately owed? Is it worth it?

Exactly. That's the attitude I took when I sued my apartment manager for my deposit. I'm unemployed and have nothing better to do. Let's do this!

Promissory estoppel isnt applicable. Negligent misrepresentation is.

Promissory estoppel would enforce the promise, i.e. they would be forced to pay him for his time. But this isnt applicable because there WAS a contract. Promissory estoppel only applies where there isnt a contract due to some element missing (i.e. statute of frauds).

Negligent misrepresentation, however, would allow you to recover for canceling other interviews or not taking other job offers. I suppose you could defend on such a claim saying it is not reasonable to rely upon the offer of employment since he was at will and could be fired at any time, thus canceling job offers is always a bad idea. I doubt that would play well with a jury or even a judge.

Dindu nuffin

Yahoo did that to my husband. He interviewed, thought he did poorly and forgot about it. A day or so later they called him saying they are making him an offer and verified his address to sent out the offer package. Days pass. Nothing. Then, his boss walks up to him and says "Yahoo, eh?" Turned out their HR called his HR to verify and told his boss. So that sucked, but hey, most likely he is going to quit anyhow, so he dealt with it.

Anyhow, days go by, no packet. He calls Yahoo and they tell him that is odd because they sent it out overnight mail, but try that will send it again. Again, days pass and nothing. He calls Yahoo again and after talking with his "future boss" he clearly comes to a realization and says "Oh......You know, we interviewed 2 people with your same first name. We wanted the other guy."

My husband sat down and wrote a strongly worded letter to the VP of HR at Yahoo. Apologies and a box of swag arrived at our door after that. Best part: she tried to recruit him again after all that bullshit.

shows up Oh, sorry wrong OP.

It also depends on the State. They made a verbal contract with him, which means he has an exception to at-will employment in 36 states.

yeah, this is totally the only acceptable response to these kinds of screwups

Haha that's terrible. Good on you for declining. Sounds like a headache to work at.

In my experience HR tends to be incredibly incompetent. A little different of a story, my friend's boss made sexual advances on her. She goes to HR about it and they try to dismiss it repeatedly. They then talk with him and then come back to her and basically say "Well, his story is different and his friend that was there is taking his side so unless you have evidence we can't help you." She quits and then they try to get her to pay back the fee they gave her to move there. She lawyers up and then they shut up.

Reminds me of this 



Did you try being attractive?

I've never ever in my life seen someone actually spend a "full time job" amount of time towards job hunting.

At best they've gotten about 5 hours a day before they've run out of resources that can help them find a job and they've written a huge amount of emails/applications/letters a day.

After a while you get quick at it and the new jobs posted/old jobs chased/current jobs planned become exhausted within just a few hours.

Especially when you're in an industry thats a little more focused than "absolutely anything".

While I understand the concept of "looking for a job is a full time job" I find that its not actually realistic in practice.

I looked for a job not too long ago and within 4 weeks had one. I spent about 2-3 hours a day after the first couple weeks simply because I had exhausted the majority of possibilities per day.

I've seen people aged 16+ up to a guy that is 57 all various qualifications (or none for the younger ones) and varied backgrounds (builders to lawyers) and have yet to see one be able to -actually- spend 9-5 every single day without running out of things.

It just doesn't work in practice for the vast vast majority.

FYI, HR is there to protect the company not represent or help the employee.

What did hin do?

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! LIGHTENING BOLT!

So, do you still have the job?

I had a similar situation with a government job. I went through the whole recruitment process, took 6 month to do. On January 5th they called me and told me that I had the job and my start day was January 15th. So I went to my current job resigned, thanked them for everything and walked out the door.

On JAN 13th the employer called me and told me there had been a mix up with my paperwork and I wasn't actually eligible for the job. They apologised and hung up the phone.

I was pissed, I left a well paying job for this opportunity and now I had nothing. Fast forward to March 2nd, this organisation calls me and tells me if I am interested I have a job and I will start in two weeks. I took the job and 10 years on I regret the decision everyday. That whole experience should of been a wake up call before I started.

You should go back and apply for the job of the guy that called you.

Thay fiyurd him for no raisin!

Mine was the opposite where I received an email about how I didn't get the job then the next week they called and asked why I didn't come in.

By not paying out the sexual harassment lawsuit fees. Then the victim quits the boss gets a talking to everyone wins

that's why they gave it a cool name so you don't think about it. Makes it seem like its about workers rights

I would advise you not to give law advice/knowledge because your advice/knowledge is fucking wrong.

We need a picture of a uni-from!

You've been here almost six years. You're a Redditor. Not sure why you think you're special and not part of the group but you are.

Edit: It's also not absurd. It's basically the premise of the play Cyrano de Bergerac. Woman thinks a beautiful man is writing to her, when in fact it's the less desirable one that writes amazing letters, and she falls for his intelligence not his looks.

You redditors are absurd sometimes... She literally was thinking of a different person. She's not going to fall in love with a neckbeard just because he was able to write a few notes

The thing is, basically, the rest of the world is able to get along with most people. Being able to establish a simple written correspondence is considered baseline, not something worth getting to know someone over. She is not " shallow" because she wants to date someone she finds attractive. Literally everyone wants to date attractive people.

OP didn't go to Uni that's why they didn't want him

you would? Or are you lacking in "attention-to-detail", and meant wouldn't?

One of my English professors from Penn State (not University of Penn) told us a story about a kid who received a full scholarship acceptance letter, which turned out to be a mistake. They were eventually forced to accept him and give him all of the benefits they promised. Not sure how far the kid made it though, seeing as he wasn't even supposed to be accepted in the first place.

That sounds like a massive pain in the ass to pursue


You've done it


Your husband's story fills me with retro-active anxiety over the fact that 8 years ago I put in my notice with my last company after getting the offer by phone, before anything had shown up in writing.

It worked out just fine, but just the thought of 'what if that had happened to me back then' is enough to stress me out in the present.

Don't just let this go. Start calling/emailing management. Someone needs to be reprimanded or fired for this stupidity.

and a pony. Because if you're asking for things don't just stop at the reasonable.

... And that kids is how I met your mother ... Right?

He's my favorite star wars character.

Never give notice before you sign the new offer and send it back and confirm they received it. NEVER NEVER NEVER. Knowing people do this gives me anxiety for them.


That sounds like something Dennis would do.

If you still want the job I would call back the person who offered you the job and ask for a meeting. Explain your disappointment because you would really like the position. Explain you are hesitant to complain about the mistake to anyone above him because you prefer to work it out together.

"Sprinkle some crack on him, Johnson. We're done here."

What city do you live in? We are Reddit, we should be able to find you a job

Nah. We went to our event and never saw her again.

Hey OP, I'd hire you :D

At-will employment is absolute nonsense when you really think about it...

At that time in my life? No. I was butt ugly. I was just out of the military so my hair was really long, my glasses were still the same from the 1980's and HUGE. I was not good looking at all.

It's amazing how much cutting my hair and getting glasses that fit my face helped.

but being "called in" still entitles him to the minimum days pay, which is nearly all of those 36 states is 3-4 hours pay

If it's in one of 36 States in which an implied contract exempts at-will employment, then he could also use an implied contract exception:

There should be a subreddit where we do just this and end unemployment.

actually... that's exactly how it works. Granted he would only get 4 hours pay for the one day, but they are required to give him that if they "called him in"

course, he would have to go to small claims court if they refused, but he is entitled to it


Best pity post in ages! Damn, sorry dude.

The problem with this is if it is an at will work place then then they can fire you for whatever reason before you clocking in and they don't legally owe you shit. Most might be able to do is go to papers about the store and like someone else said inform higher management in company.

I'd absolutely get in on this lol

And also the rarest response. Decent human beings are rare these days.

Sounds like my old job - every day for two weeks, I would get a "we're gonna give you a few more days to find a job" speech - I guess I was lucky I didn't get fired then and there but it was bullshit anyway

Unless it's one of 36 States in which an implied contract exempts at-will employment:

How are they protecting the company by keeping a manager who is a sexual harasser?

You would need to provide proof of being offered a second job in the case of a lawsuit.