It was my dog's birthday last weekend

It was my dog's birthday last weekend

"I am not amused by this, human."

"Too old for this shit"

I had a heart attack and thought it said "last birthday" Stay strong wiseboye!

My old pup is turning 14 soon and snoring away on the couch next to me. Old dogs are cute too

She's a wisegirl

some one get this ol fren a doggo beer

That's 7 in dog beers.

Aww my 11 yr old goldie is sitting next to me. Shes a cutie.

She has exceptional handwriting for a dog.

My 13 year old passed about two weeks ago. Give your good doggo an extra snuggle for me. :)

yeah they are. I have a friend that only likes old dogs.

He can quit anytime he wants

Love from Penny

You should nickname her Pending.

Crosspost this to /sub/oldmandog ! vv wisegirl

"What crime did I commit to deserve this?"

Drinkinh in dog beers sounds fun.

"But you are my best friend and I will let you be happy"

Happy birthday sweetie

Is he by chance on xanax?

Fair warning to anyone thinking of checking out that subreddit, lots of posts are of recently passed doggos

Old puppers are G O L D P U P P E R S

Pat Pat Pat

I understood this reference!

Golden's are as cute at 13 as they are at 1.

I am gonna pet my senior girl and throw the ball for her.

Old ones do. The young ones gotta learn how the world works.

11/10. Would let on couch. Possibly bed.

Tried last night. It's fun but there is a little fog in the harbor this morning.

She just looks sad when her mouth is closed and happy when it's open.

"you woke me up for a stupid photo ?"


I was wondering what the hell the joke was for awhile. all I saw was "granny bashing" comments and I just did not get it.. lol.

but no, my friend just thinks puppies are annoying and too much work. shes weird.

Honestly I like them the most when they're old. They have this grumpy, I don't have to take your shit anymore kind of vibe about them. (Which they definitely earned).

I like grown dogs much more than puppies too.

Sorry to hear that :(

Our 13 year old died last year and his brother just turned 13 but is going strong still. Even when they're that old, it's still hard to let them go

The one you just read!

Thanks for the heads up. I love doggos but I couldn't take that right now.

yeah! he is old dog! I think the owner very love him

but don't fake throw it, puppers deserve honesty :)

Happy birthday! Hope she got something tasty to eat

"For upvotes from the stupid photo, to be exact."

"You should make a sign that says 'I make signs.'"

Yes. Also cake. I think she'll be tolerant if cake is involved.

She looks sad what did you do to her 😭 She needs a kiss on the nose

Something about this comment. Calling this particular dog sweetie and seeing her picture... I wish that was her name because there's no other way to describe that face.

This is how I look on my birthdays. "Not another damned birthday!"


Don't trust people, pupper

"One day until retirement."


So, you get hit with a trainload of feels?

she is still beautiful so it's okay as long as she isn't sad :)

He looks exactly like an old person would react if you took their photo.

"It's for Reddit grandma."


Long live doggo. Happy Birthday.

good one smart ass :)

My dog turned 14 years old on Monday, I'm glad to see yours is doing great too :)

what reference?

Thank you for the heads up, ventured on the sub a little more aware to have more control over my feelings. Noped out real quick. Lost my dog a while back, bad move on my behalf.


Awh she looks so sweet, Happy birthday!

She didn't mind, she got a treat right aftetwards.

All dogs are cute.

Is it weird that I let my doggo on the bed but not the couch?

Source: pupper currently snoozing under the covers.

Ruined OPs use of the word dog

Why are you dog shaming this gorgeous animal for getting older? The dunce cap is a bit much, too. /s

She's gorgeous and i hope her birthday was swell. I just couldn't help but be reminded of dog shaming pics where the signs were noting less celebration-worthy events, and hope this made you chuckle.

Happy birthday, good girl!!!

Enjoy them they are the best doggo

Nah, I feel her. I only adopt older animals. My parents and sister do too. They're harder to find homes for, but they're the perfect age for me! It's hard knowing you have limited time with them, but I've learned to cope with that. Puppies and kittens are so cute, but so time-consuming!

she ain't got no hands though! paw-writing perhaps? or would dogs use their mouths?

so many questions!

She actually was having trouble getting grip on the floor so she was slipping. She did have cancer however. The tumor was at the base of her tail so it had to be amputated but she's still a happy frollicking golden. She still goes for a walk almost every day.

Edit: spelling

Sounds like you need some hair of the doggo

I also read it as last birthday with a mini Heart sttk