it was him, him and him

it was him, him and him

jail is the only lineup this man has ever seen

Nigga out here looking like the common Somali thug 😂 East Africa in the mfkn house 😂

Damn kick a man while he's down haha

This nigga already told. He was singing before then cuffs when on.

"Okay! I’ll talk! In third grade, I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade, I stole my auntie's wig and I glued it on my face when I played Joseph in my Christmas pageant..."

My username and password together comprise a sentence I have memorized. I removed all the vowels and made them the password, and just left the consonants as the user name (I missed the e though).

Well dayum lol...

they need you in /sub/roastme

Lookin like the only black Amish person ever

Some Hebrew scholars gonna get it and hack this guys account.

or I use my browser's save password feature.

and take funny pictures

Looks like maybe the photographer cut an egg fart loose right as he took the photo.

Snitches get stitches

nice try hacker

hoooolyyyyy shiiiiiiiiit

Snitches also get reduced sentences

Exactly what i thought. And east Africa represent

Tread lightly though. That sub is a dark addiction.

Somali here, no and fuck no he's not one of us

Did that website really have to ruin the pic with a bunch of unnecessary watermarks

Jebadiah Washington

"Daddy, how do I look?"

"Like a god damn snitch. Look at you, you look like you're about to go tell on someone right now."

Edit: a word

what the hell do you do to remember your name

I subbed for about a week and "did pretty well" until I realized just how much not better it was making me feel.

For real, some of those posts will erode your soul.

This is how it is on a lot of mugshot sites. All of mine have the watermarks all over them.

Why would they give stitches to a dead guy?

don't snitch

What's the sentence?

Get laid in ditches

He looks like he's going to tell that he saw Goodie Proctor dancing with the devil

Wow. He prolly just felt that in his soul - a roast like that transcends physics n shit

Ok Jaha. Woke Joe Hook had sofa ok Jaha? So do Keef.

Easiest riddle ever.

👉🏾 😉 👉🏾