It says, "We're paying twenty grand to the guy who can kill that local cop with a moustache"

It says, "We're paying twenty grand to the guy who can kill that local cop with a moustache"

It'd be easier to use a gun

I’d be smiling too if I had 10,000 pounds worth of solid steel testicles like this dude.

He should kill himself and collect the cash

With quality advertising like that, you can tell that they totally have the cash.

That's why they're paying so much for it.

Bigodudo. Big badda bigodudo.

I sure as fuck hope its not from after he was killed

Can't fault this logic.

Or its a big Shooty-McShoot. Also hard to tell.

And as he's about to be finished off, he draws a razor and gets rid of the mustache, rubbing his executioners of the bounty. Tropa de Elite 3 confirmed.

"Upp" is an abreviation for "pacifying police unit", which is the cop's unit, and "ass" is the abreviation for "signed" meaning it was signed by "Trem". Both in portuguese.

$20 says this is a pic from before he was killed....

And he also has a big-ass gun.

And if they don’t pay, who you going to file that complaint with?

And here i thought they needed a bigodude upp his ass.

Googles “how to contact local drug cartel’s HR representatives”

Weekend at Bernardos

I would watch that movie.

"Upp Ass" what did he mean by this?

Yup, hard to tell but that looks like an FAL. Select fire chambered in .308 aint something you want to mess with

20 grand? Cops make more using guns.. A moustache takes skill and practice.

Only one who has mastered their straight blade can unlock their mustache's full ability.

"Bigodudo da upp ass" Is portuguese just a combination of Spanish and like Joe Dirt or Larry the Cable Guy pretending to speak spanish with modified english words?

A safe guess would be the favelas in Brazil

I would shave if I worked for that department.

“Bigodudo” (slang for man with a big ‘stache) “da” (from) “UPP” (Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora - acronym meaning Pacifying Police Unit) “ass” (abbreviated form of “assinado”, which means signed).

“Trem” is the author of the threat, his name translates to train (locomotive).

Both in portuguese.

Seriously thank you for this... I was totally wondering what happened to my Spanish comprehension. (I was attributed some of the difficulty to colloquialism.)

No fucks were given.

I don't believe you.

I read it in Jar-Jar's voice.

This news clip said he was killed shortly after this photo was taken

I believe the that the full name of that model is the big Shooty-McShootface.

It's Brazil, they speak Portuguese in Brazil :)

But that's what they will be expecting. Nobody expects the moustache.

Or he could hire some guys to bring his body to the gang that put a bounty on him, surprise the gang and kill its leader by smashing a pencil on husband head

on a side note, I have heard people speaking Portuguese before a couple of times and strangely it always sounds almost like Russian to me. Maybe my ears just aren't used to it but I have trouble hearing any of the Spanish-similar words in it.

Looks to me like someone offering an up da ass trim to me

You have to spray a formal complaint on the wall and they spray back to you within 2-6 weeks

Thats Portuguese so I assume Brazil

Portuguese is the original dirty spanish

“I want to speak with your manager young man!”

$6k will go a long way in that neighborhood! Ballsy.

Euros in Brazil. Noice.

Italian Spiderman is as efficient with both.

is it brazil? I could be totally wrong, I just put the phrase into google and it told me it's Portuguese. whoops

But with current exchange rates is more like 15 bucks