It is too late to dismantle the marijuana industry

It is too late to dismantle the marijuana industry
It is too late to dismantle the marijuana industry

Its not too late to dismantle this administration.

I did not support the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, and as the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in our state, I have certainly seen the downside to its establishment. But I recognize that it is the responsibility of elected officials to put aside personal feelings and implement the will of citizens to the best of their abilities.

Right on.

Wow, an elected Republican who cares about democracy and rule of law? He must be a lonely guy at parties

Wow. A reasonable Republican.

The large majority of Republicans still support Trump. Thus proving that most of them are idiots and/or scumbags. I see no reason to respect idiots and scumabgs.

You do realize that many who previously considered themselves republicans didn't vote for Trump?

If we can't agree to have an initial degree of respect for people, do you really think anything good is going to come of that? Why is it so impossible to respect someone and disagree with them simultaneously? I'm aware of how idealistic this is.

Trump doesn't have my respect because he is a racist sexual predator, not because he's a republican.

I mean, does this help though? Does talking like that about such a huge group of people really help fix the problems these people cause?

I just don't think it does, my dude. I know it's just reddit, but I think it's becoming a pervasive attitude that if you consider yourself a Republican, you're inherently an idiot, and that's simply not true. "Republican" is such a broad identifier, which is convenient for discussion; but we also need to recognize that there are many reasons why someone votes the way they do, and while some truly are just plain stupid, I've met plenty of intelligent republicans. Imho, calling all of them idiots is exactly what got our current president elected in the first place (in addition to obvious corruption, but you get the point).

Nah Republicans as a whole are idiots (or corrupt), and Trump is the ultimate proof of that. I will never respect anyone who calls themselves a Republican ever again unless they prove they deserve it.

"Hold my beer"

-Jeff Sessions