It don't add up

It don't add up

Solve for x, Motherfucker.

Don't worry. You could bang her all night and you still wouldn't be screwing a rapper.

Celebs get surgery this isnt news!

No the left is photoshopped

Supa Hot Iggy

But she's not a rapper

Rabbit season!

screen name

Is it 2005 again?

Duck season!

I don't give a damn. I'd sleep with both.

As well as a bit of silicone

Rabbit season!

Yea the one on the right is photoshopped

Yeah man when Iggy said "shoo wool dbxhdb wjsncndjdjs" I was like damn that shit is fiyah

Rabbit season!

Duck season!

...shit, fuck!

Then don't flip it over

That horrible face though.

breast implants.

Relevant screen name


A few implants don't weigh too much.

This nigga doesn't know the power of squats and oats

her ass looks like it was modeled after arkansas

I'm not a rapper. So stop raping at me!

1-2 years of eating, squatting, and deadlifting will do that.


I believe that the proper term is Internet handle

Even Dylan was like, " I'm only four of the best rappers of all time now."

The streets.

She has an ass in that same music video, it's the angle fam

Just missing a swaggy p.

Imma end her whole career. What career?

Hell if I know.

That word; fix it. 👌✊🙌👏👏

But he's not a rapper too.

She admitted she had implants

They talking to you?

red beans n rice

Same Video

It's all about angles.

It's all about angles.

I like when she moan like "graabba jaaba dodat mojumbo hummba nununaan"

Girl got a way wit words yo. Shit make mah dick hard!

No, it's from her music video for "Fancy". Watch if you want to:

In her ass?

ARPANET Callsign

You don't need to look at her face when you hit it from the back, come on now

Is that like the modern day version of Hall & Oates?