It did get a little crazy last night

It did get a little crazy last night

Man I didn't know I was participating in a proud tradition, neat.

Apparently Wednesday is one of the biggest bar nights in the country... Its wonderful.

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one. My hangover started at 5am

Everyone has family in town and the next day off.

Similar to how Christmas day is one of the biggest movie days of the year: Everyone has family in town and an afternoon before dinner to kill.

The circumstances are perfect.

The night before Thanksgiving.

One of the busiest nights at the bar of the year.

I’m so fucking tired and I have to go to two different locations shortly. Is it too early to start drinking?

What the hell is blackout Wednesday?

You're not on your third mimosa?

About the time I went to bed unfortunately...

Wife is basically night blind and pregnant but she drove my drunk ass home last night.

Huh. Never heard of it before. Thanks

You get all these people that haven't seen each other in awhile and they realize why

Yeah, no problem. Have a good day!

Exactly. Ended up going for drinks with my dad, uncle, and grandfather. And got some wings. Good stuff. But yea, that makes perfect sense.

Was at a bar and a massive fight broke out in the parking lot , cops came and everything . Pretty fun night

I told myself I had to wait till noon... 18 minutes...



... oh god my brain hurts...

Blackout Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday (or "Black Wednesday," "Drinksgiving," or "Thanksgiving Eve,” or “Wacky Wednesday”) is a pejorative term for the night before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which is always a Thursday. It is associated with binge drinking since very few people work on Thanksgiving, and most university students are home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. The name refers to "blacking out", memory loss due to excessive alcohol intoxication. In the south Chicago suburbs in particular, Blackout Wednesday is sometimes a more popular partying night than even New Year's Eve or Saint Patrick's Day.

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In New Orleans. The bars don't close here but there's a point where your body shuts it down. I think I went to bed around 6. I also threw up on the sidewalk while walking . Twice. My friend didn't even flinch. She's like "oh that's normal."

I literally thought this was just a thing in our town

More like normal conversation?

Nope. New Year's Eve is pretty much the only night that's even busier.

I just call it Wednesday.

It's the kind of game that you look forward to because you get the chance to "accidentally" tackle a coworker without being called in to the HR office.

7 minutes, start pouring!

You too.

Ok guys it’s 12:10 and I downed a beer. Already feeling better!

Why wait tho

Wait, it actually exists? I thought the commenters were just joking

It is bar night, my dudes

Me too I broke my foot that's how fucked up


And like 90 percent of the time, it all started because of a jealous guy over an ex lol

yup currently taking the first shit of my day

I turned 21 yesterday. I'm currently recovering in my parents guest bedroom with a looming sense of dread in the case that I will eventually have to go outside and socialize.

I relate to everyone in the comments more than I’ve ever related to anyone

You got any weed? Just pack a snapper, shotgun a beer, bam, you're fresh as a daisy.

Yeah, here in Sweden Christmas day is one of the biggest bar nights of the year. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th and have the 26th off as it is also a holiday.

I prefer New Years Day drinking myself. Seems... idk, cozier? Sitting with close friends in a corner bar.

It's pretty great.

Apparently we call it Skanksgiving here:

All of your kindness disgusts me

Just came back from a football game against some coworkers. I am definitely not in my 20s anymore.

Not sure if I'd rather be hungover or sore like I am after this game. My legs feel like jello.

Thanksgiving drinking starts with baileys in coffee and only escalates from there. +1 shot for every time I family member makes a snide/ condescending comment about any attribute or quality you may have, especially if said relative has the same quality or others that are much worse.

We're on our 2nd bottle of champagne already. No family here, it's just a Thursday off of work.

Lots of people travel back to their home city for Thanksgiving. Might as well go out and get hammered with old friends the night before. It has become one of the busiest nights of the year.

Is that an actual thing? I just assumed everyone waited to get fucked up till Thanksgiving day.

It's a tradition. Gets the new people a chance to not be so nervous around coworkers. Builds comradary between everyone. Next year, I need to wear my cleats. That grass was slippery this year.

A tradition is born.

This speaks to me on religious levels right now.

Same. Although I had 2 days off. I always get drunk as hell on my days off. I live in the middle of nowhere. Nothing to do but drunk and play video games