It ain't stupid if it works...

The human brain is amazing. This kind of creativity will help us win the robot wars of 2030.

Yep every now and then I have to marvel at the amazing creative power of the human brain where we fucken tricked rocks into thinking for us and turned them into super computers.

Its ridiculous!

Decelerate is QWERASDFZXC and accelerate is POIULKJHMNB.

The hundreds of dollars I have wasted on my sim rig for racing games, my god, this is amazing...

That's amazing! Keep the keyboard under the chair and map the accelerator and brake keys to your liking. 10/10

I will give someone $500 if a YouTuber hasn't stolen this idea by the end of the week.

What are you holding it with? A lobster?

Tilt that thing back a bit. Are you training to drive a bus?


Edit: Okay, yes, this is a truck simulator. But then why does the truck in the simulator have the steering wheel of a Ford Taurus?

How much do you know about the gear wars?

Yeah it's pretty amazing. No one would be able to just build a computer by digging up the materials either, it took a huge effort that involves many different inventions over time and many different people to make it happen. All of this over many years from the miners who dug up the ore to make the machines, to the machinists who built and maintain the machines that make one tiny part of the whole, to the inventors who put it all together, it all led to me typing this on a tiny computer in my hand. Blows my mind.

That chair probably costs more than a cheap steering wheel.

Then you just flip the monitor, duh.

The thing people don't realise about the Gear Wars is that it was never really about the gears at all

for the uninitiated


The foot that you have used to too fat. To obtain a special braking wand, please mash the keypad with your


EDIT PART DEAX: that episode was "king sized homer" released 22 fucking years ago in 1995. Holy fuck I am old.

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Yeah but I can't sit on my steering wheel or Antonio will swear at me

This is awesome but could be improved by putting the mouse underneath. Then the player’s hand could make full revolutions without hitting it. It’s really good as is though.

Don't knock crustacean engineering!

Well if computers are so cool how come there's no Computer 2?!?

Checkmate, atheists.

I used to think like this until I realized computers pale in comparison to our brains, and our brains were made by literal random mutations in genes which were then pitted against other random mutations of genes.

I thought the same thing. School bus simulator.

I remember seeing some thought exercise asking how long it take for use to redevelop the mass produced pencil if we had to start from scratch without any of the technological advances we have available to us now. Progress is so incremental, and how we just keep stacking and stacking on advances made. It's incredible when you take a step back and really think about the shit we have at our disposal. Like cars or airplanes. Just think about what those things really are, and how much it entails to get them to work's just amazing.

Or... Just turn the mouse around in the tongs/lobster claw.

Wouldn't that reverse the direction? I can't get my head around it.

Human brains were developed intelligently over millions and millions of years. Human's have only been around for about 100000 and computers for about 100 years. Imagine what computers would be like in the next 100 years.

One thing that's missing is putting children inside you

My name isnt GearHead this is an offensive term on my planet

Neat, but this would drive me crazy.

woop woop woop woop woop woop

Wow, you stole a post that was uploaded an hour before hand on /sub/gaming and you even got a gold... fuck you dude.

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Well hopefully it will steer gaming in the right direction.

I, pencil

My favorite part of it is that since the invention of math humans have been using rocks to figure it out for us.

We got really really good at rocks

I'll split it 50/50 if he pays :)

That’s like calling a Chinese person Asia face.

You can inverse your mouse

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I used a soft DDR mat for brake and accelerator before I got my wheel.. And I used joystick on my G13 for wheel.. Then I used hair tie to bind xbox controller to my chairs arm to work as shifter

Competition is also a huge driving force behind this technological evolution

Looks like silicone coated tongs

Stop ruining our fun with logic!

I'll make a vid for $250 to save you some money :)

Here's reconstruction of how it used to look

And I used the thumb joystick on this G13 for steering

Here's reconstruction of how it used to look


Make that 33/33/33

make that 25/25/25/25

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Picturing this super rigged setup makes me laugh.

I'm pretty sure that's Euro Truck Simulator.

One could say,


We rock.

TIL I'm not very quick to think on my feet

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Make that.. ah fuck I suck at math.

War has also ushered in a lot of technological advances.

I'm sure they didn't go out and buy a brand new chair just to modify into this steering wheel.

16.6 repeating times 6

Make that... umm what’s 100 divided by 6?

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The way I did it for elite dangerous is by taking an old keyboard, prying off all the keys except 3, and then making "pedals" out of halves of old plastic video game cases taped above the remaining keys. Also used cardboard "springs" to give the pedals a little push back.

Shitty, but worked perfectly.

The platypus.

You didn't tell me how to make a rotating stool, how to make the computer to get the game, how to buy the house to put the computer in, etc...

Russian Truck Simulator

!..thumbs about simulation...great idea...

There is a 2nd book in the Bible that addresses this, read it. -God

At which point he may as well just get a wheel

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Calling me “gear head” is like calling a chinese person “asia face”.

God is talking to us through a reddit user.

You have selected REGICIDE! If you know the name of the king or queen being murdered, press one!

I'm calling it now /sub/existenceporn

“But, my feet are the exact same size! And the keypad is smaller!”

Windows Error. Just buy our damn braking wands, they’re $30. Get them before they’re out.

I still don't know why people gild xposts not made by the op. It's retarded

Or even easier just flip everything in the universe except the mouse.

Bottom of the chair probably has staples and/or upholstering imperfections.

Got to admit. That was wheely good.

It looks pretty straightforward. You fix the mouse to be stationary over a rotating stool. Maybe you invert the y axis, I can't tell, or just turn the mouse around.

He can't with the way the mouse is held, he'd have to get a tiltingv stand of some kind.

I wonder where God shitposts?

Hey I want my cut of the 500. If we split it amung 7 people we each get 71 dollars and 40 cents.. not a bad deal

Of course it can be stupid and work, you should see some of my colleagues.

This is an awesome thought experiment along the same lines.

Didn't even bother changing the title

But it doesnt even have a self righting mechanism!!

You're doing the lords work, son.

Robot is so sad because he realizes he is French and he cannot enjoy garlic baguettes. Because of the lack of tastebuds, you anti-Robotic jerks.


Antonio is a party-popper.

Yes, and you can rotate the mouse to fix it.

In a car the driver sits behind the front axle because there's a bonnet with an engine and whatever in. In a bus the driver sits above it and the engine is hidden away somewhere making passengers' lives hell on a warm day. If the power steering goes out and you need to turn the bus it'll be easier with a massive fuck off steering wheel pointing down with minimal pressure on the u-joint.

This is Euro Truck Simulator 2! It's available on Steam and it's one of the best games to just chill out. When I'm stressed, I get a beer, a cig, and a nice podcast. I drive through Germany with this game and I just chill the fuck out like a Tibetan monk.


Which is why an “end to civilisation” is so terrifying.

You’d think you could just find a library that’s still standing and rebuild civilisation, but there’s so much infrastructure built up that it’d be incredibly difficult. A lot of the technology is interlinked and dependent on each other, or requires older tech to be perfected to an extent you won’t find in textbooks.

Come here and give your uncle a nice big meal

It's a living! :/

hundreds of dollars

You're still doing pretty good, then. A decent racing sim setup in the hundreds rather than the thousands is a huge success. Nice job man.

As opposed to...

The book called "Short history of nearly everything" does just that

Could've put the more other way around so the cable wasn't in the way. Or a wireless mouse.


Tutorial needed now

Wouldn't the movement be reversed then?