Is the server down?

Is the server down?

I've got the same.


Edit: Noooo, I'm back in.

Servers aren't down, I've gotten through after multiple retries the couple of times I've had it come up. But they are getting hammered, so it might be a good time to take a break from farming.

Just got this problem too, after three times retrying it's working normally for me though.

Just used golden apple... -_-

Place your bets everybody! 1 hour? 2? 10?

Jokes aside do you think it's due to server issues or some bugs they have to fix?

This is literally the best thing that can happen as I've just emptied my AP and am now at work. 12 hr maintenance pls!

Have you done another quest after logging in? Wondering if the server is stable

Hmmm why don't you use event servants to gain more event points? You can do the dailies for only once

Having the same problem here.

Same problem here

Wonder if it's something wrong on their end, or if somebody is mad and trying to ddos somehow

apology quartz and maybe apples since ive used a few now