Ironic Takumi Meme

Ironic Takumi Meme

“” my experience everytime I check up gamepress for builds.

abel play together we ride

now this.. this is epic

no pls i’ll add you on fortnite

Est, play together we ridepacito.

No crying laughing emoji? Take my downvote peasant

I think you mean

I can be your angle, your curve or your line

Easily my least favorite thing about the community consensus on what meta budget builds are. It's always fury.

A: Distant Counter

B: Wrath

Special: Glimmer

Budget: Aether

I was inspired by digging too deep into /sub/comedycemetery.

Also, the "watermarks" used to say and Via and they were in the same spots that their respective websites would be, but I got too spooked with the fear of a c o p y s t r i k e. Plus, I think it looks funnier.


Or Steady Breath and Swift Sparrow.

This is so sad can we get 10 Takumi alts