Iowa State and Memphis have already sold out their allotment of tickets for Liberty Bowl and the remaining tickets sold out during pre-sale. In 4 days the game has been sold out.

Iowa State and Memphis have already sold out their allotment of tickets for Liberty Bowl and the remaining tickets sold out during pre-sale. In 4 days the game has been sold out.

Pretty good for a mid-tier bowl.

Iowa State seems to have a very loyal fanbase. They haven't been good for years yet it always seems like their home games have great crowds. Any bowl would be lucky to have them.

If there is one thing Memphis loves, it Memphis. Grit and Grind y’all.

Best season ever. Especially after what we saw on the field the last 5 years. No matter what happens this season was a success

Dating a girl from Memphis was a weird experience, mostly because I have never seen someone so attached to their city. I used to rip on Memphis as a joke (because I come from a city that is not Memphis, but I use the Memphis Airport to get to Oxford) and she would cry and not talk to me for a bit. Memphians love Memphis.

Hopefully we can win 7 or 8 again next year, maybe jump a rung up to Camping World Bowl. I know we would have gone their had TCU gotten into NY6 bowl.

There are a lot of memphians that HATE Memphis. I believe this is so largely because they never lived anywhere else and they want to get away. I understand that. Having lived all over the place I wanted to come back home to settle down. Most of the people that live in the hinterland hate Memphis as well and they are quick to give their opinion.

The reason so many memphians are protective of Memphis is because it gets shit on by the rest of the state. There is a joke: what is the only good thing about Memphis? I-40 East. Or the (satirical) Nashville weekly newspaper article a couple years ago stating, “What do Memphians have to be happy about?” Memphis is an imperfect city. It has horrible crime that is the result of horrible poverty and a lack of educational opportunities. That’s why I moved back: to work to make Memphis a better place. But dang it it has some awesome parts to it.

If their fans have a halfway decent team to support they travel very well. There were a good number of them in Manhattan for our game this year and they always have a huge presence here in KC during the Big 12 basketball tournament.

You're the first K State fan I've seen that gives us any credit when it comes to travel. Thank you dude

I happened to catch 3 Memphis games this year - all great games. I also watched half a dozen ISU games - we all know that team is exciting.

This game has potential to be best bowl game, importance/playoffs aside.

Really looking forward to this game. Lots of points!

Barbecue and blues are two of my favorite things. Memphis will always be worth a visit in my book.

I'll be bummed. But we are so far ahead of where I thought we would be. I really thought we'd need to beat Iowa, Texas, and KSU to go bowling. We lost those 3 and still won 7 games. So I'll be bummed about the loss, excited for the future, and loved the season as a whole.

Serious questions Clones fans. If this season ends in a Bowl loss to a G5 team(a GREAT g5 team but still) how will you guys remember this roller coaster of a year?

One of the reasons it sucks to play in Ames. They could have one win and they’ll still sell out

Memphis gave us Three 6 Mafia and 8Ball & MJG, for that I will always be grateful.

Just another reason I hope Campbell stays at ISU for a long time, and keeps winning games. ISU fans are about as loyal as they come and they damn well deserve some success.

G5 is ticket selling machines this year

Beale Street was an experience when we were there a few years ago. Enjoy the time, Cyclone fans.

Memphis was my stomping grounds. I had to move away. I'm glad I did.

Stop making this about you!!

That’s sounds beyond fair to me, future’s bright.. could be the next K-State