IOTA Hodler Call To Arms!!! - Vote for IOTA

IOTA Hodler Call To Arms!!! - Vote for IOTA

Don't forget to click the link you will receive in your mail to actually vote!

I just got my sister, my mom and my grandma to vote. You should do your duty also!


Lol we got like one of the biggest cryptosubreddits - should be at #1 with no problems.

made 100 new email accounts to vote

As much as I love iota I also hate the "vote for X to show your love" marketing tactic exchanges use. How about they actually study the coins they list and put coins on the exchange that have actual technological merit? Bitfinex gets a lot of hate nowadays but at least they got that right.

This is incredibly important for IOTA. Please take the time to upvote the thread, and place your vote via link and verify via email. The site is very quick and does not require anything but an email address for verification purposes.

IOTA Moon Time Bros. Get at it!

Exchanges are not incredibly important for IOTA. What's important for IOTA is technological development and industry adoption. This entire thread needs to be moved to /sub/iotamarkets

Done my bit x5 email addresses


Vote with all the voices you have!