IOTA Flash Channels Hackathon Winners Announced!

IOTA Flash Channels Hackathon Winners Announced!

Woah, some really cool projects in here. FogNet decentralized, bluetooth mesh internet. Isn't this like the next big product arc they're doing in the show Silicon Valley?

Nice to see innovation being push forward

This level of innovation amongst a community is a very rare thing, it's the clearest indication that iota's potential use cases are endless and it truly is a key into the future.

These projects are awesome.

I am really interested in the #5. Being able to sell my data is a great idea and it would be so empowering to consumers and to advertisers.

I can honestly see this concept disrupt the advertisement industry.

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Thanks man! I just wrote up a post about why we created FogNet, and future plans we have with it:

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LoRa is definitely not suitable for that use case, here is some information regarding its limitations:

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