Invite #7: SFAT

Invite #7: SFAT
Invite #7: SFAT

he's learning to become a samus main

lmao chudat the onion man

"H-hey guys, you're w-watching SFat, right here, only on Disney channel"

messes up the logo abit

shrugs it off


folds arms menacingly/nervously

This one cracked me up haha. I really hope we get some more "You're watching Sfat" skits at summit. Or just in general

He's presumably still seeded above him

"Yo Zac, didn't I 4 stock you last time we played? 🤔"

He studies cognitive science

He has multiple posters of the human brain.. why?

I thought he studied to become a door-to-door knife salesman.

hey.... you wanna buy some knives?

And sfat lost to Rocky who isn't even top 100 2 weeks ago meanwhile ChuDat beat Leffen

People weight one game/performance way too heavily. I don't think ChuDat is top 7 right now but he's in and around top 10 for sure.

During the first Kage game someone posted in chat "If Chu loses to Kage he's top 30 at best" which is just a ridiculous thing to say based on ONE GAME. This isn't really even directed at you anymore I just think people are very narrow minded when it comes to ranks

Since Plup is the best Samus, does that mean that Plup has the biggest brain of all :thinking:

What was that? Why did he throw away the Pika Doll if Axe got invited anyways?

Sfat is really consistent against pikachu






He lost to kage twice their is no way he is top 7 in the world

For the rEaDs

Alright I'm an SFAT friend fan now