Invite #6: Leffen

Invite #6: Leffen

FeelsGoodMan 5th seed is property of the Plup Club now

lol I think it's just him saying thanks for inviting me


that shirt looks familiar

Plup before Leffen, FeelsBadMan

No, 4 and 5 are effectively the same once you get into top 8 but 5th and 6th seed is the difference between facing 4th seed and 3rd seed.

The absolute madman

Hopefully this is more motivation for Leffen

Wholesome invite video. Good guy Leffen.

Mafia is pretty much banned from every tournament in new england, hes done with Melee.

This is true in a regular double-elimination bracket. However if Summit uses the group-phase style from last time again anything below 4th seed doesn't matter since there are only 4 groups with a top seed that makes the first pick.

FeelsGoodMan, 5th and 6th seed are same so it doesn't make a difference.

Is this supposed to be ironic due to the fact that he always has a bone to pick with how most tournaments are run? Or is his video genuinely not supposed to be funny?