Invicta FC announces flurry of signings, including Pearl Gonzalez

Invicta FC announces flurry of signings, including Pearl Gonzalez

lack of un-sexy rebok uniforms in Invicta will help Pearl sell her strengths at the weigh ins

Hottest fighter in UFC history. But jesus christ she was as good as a dry turd

Not even close. Rockhold is and always will be

Holy shit I never realized Invicta was only women. I'm an idiot. I just thought the best non-UFC talent coincidentally wound up there.

They actually put on really great shows. There's one tomorrow. check it out!!


Super happy that Invicta is adding more fighters. The more talent that’s discovered in WMMA the better.

Pearl Gonzalez, in her last fight, tried for 3 rounds to basically clinch her opponent into the cage. It's as if she wanted to be cut.

Calvillo has wins over Calderwood, ABC, Montana Stewart and Aspen Ladd. She's got a mostly appropriate amount of hype IMO.

I was so baffled at what she was doing(or lack there of) againat Cavillo. She was like a damn bobblehead for half the fight. Next comes along and I think, "ok, she might have fixed heraelf up on the striking or maybe she was nervous or something lasr fight." Nope , same shit. Fucking hell I hope WMMA catches up real quick

Normally I don't find these funny but this one got me good.