International Nationalists

International Nationalists

It's funny until you remember that that's exactly what the Axis was, and then it switches back to being disturbing.

Other ironic thing is that almost all these so-called "nationalists" have ties to Russia's dictator.

For example, just this week the Italian anti-immigrant party, which hid its connections better than most, got ....

Yep. Though fortunately this is also why the Axis powers couldn't agree on their strategic goals, had trouble wooing fascist sentiment in some countries, and generally sucked at working together with anybody compared to the Allies. So silver lining I guess?

while it seems ironic at first thought in function there's nothing about it that doesn't work really. a nationalist American and Brit can both want each others countries to stay their respective nations with their native culture without wanting to combine cultures because they share a similar value.

only idiots and intellectually dishonest people won't make that distinction. judging by the downvoted to come this sub is full of one or the other (probably a bit of both)

edit- upvotes because I'm right and people here realize it and agree or upvotes because they are being contrary because I brought up downvotes....ill never know!

It's called Putinisation. It's bad news.

Putin and Hillary hate each other. Putin hated Obama, too. So, yeah. No.

TFW you create a globalized network with unified objectives to stop the globalists.

you create a globalized network with unified objectives to stop the globalists.

Edit: Just gonna post the debunk here.


This actually makes sense. An international group of people who agree to work together but that they are all going to put their own country first...

And pizza pedophilia. Don’t forget that. It’ll be exposed any day now. I can feel the wait coming to an end. Any day now. You’ll see. It’ll all come to light. Soon. Real soon.

...did you not see the large “EDITORIAL” at the top of that page?

She said nothing contradictory here.

Of course they were communicating. She was Secretary of State, which is our country’s top diplomat. Did you not want her to communicate with her Russian counterparts? That was her job.

What makes them valid, other than you saying that they're valid?

It does make sense but Reddit is full of people looking for any reasons to view themselves as smarter and better than others

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