Integral (math term) in European languages

Integral (math term) in European languages

So basically Iceland and Poland just translated it?

Yeah, the Icelandic word is just a translation.

It's very rare for Icelandic to implement foreign words. Pretty much everything is translated to Icelandic. We're very different from the other Nordic countries in this regard.

This being said, it's very common to just say 'tegra' over here, which is a short for integrate.

Why is Greece green when the word shown on the map is ακέραιος?

Change all C's into K's or S's

Duplicate random vowels/consonants.

z = ts, b ---> p

Add an I to the end

The word is Finnished.

Całka has the same origin - whole, intact (cały)

I think it is good that you decide to translate all kinds of foreign technical terms. Here, we just take English or Russian words and make them sound a little more Georgian...

Inddeedi. Finnyysh is änn awessöme läänguage, wy shöuld äll speakki iit.

POLAND STRONK = ∫ f( kurwa ) d kurwa

I think Greece's term should be ολοκλήρωμα?

*edit: I think there should be more math related content on this sub 👍🏻👍🏻

Well now I'm confused by the map.

I believe it is about origins of the word. A quick Google search tells me the meaning of that Greek word is:

whole, intact, undivided, honest, upright

which is similar to the word integral/integrity/etc, which suggests that they have shared origins.

We do that a lot in Finnish too. I'd say it's pretty good, since most things directly translated sound awful.

European Languages according to the Dutch


Finland Män is like tis.

When weik up in mornink, Finland Män först tink öpaut kross näshional produkt. Must wörk lot. Pefore die, häv tu pay haus to pänk. Pänk take 50 prosent ov Finland Män säläry. Kovörment täx ofis take 60 prosent. Must wörk more.

Finland Män is like tis.

When ket out ov ped, Finland Män kou tu kitshön. Trink kofi. Tsek eemails. Eat one moose. If inaf time, say helou to Womän ät home. Not shou emousshiöns. Then Finland Män kou tu wörk.

Finland Män is like tis.

When trive out ov karaash, Finland Män look at neipörs kar. If neipörs kar smaller, Finland Män smile. If neipörs kar pikkör, Finland Män not shou emousshiöns.

Finland Män is like tis.

When ket tu wörk, Finland Män nevö stop. When Finland Män wos littel tshild, not ket milk from Mothör. Ket protestant etik. When Finland Män häv own fiuneral, then daunshift.

Finland Män is like tis.

When 12 o klok, Finland Män häv luntsh. Eat one moose. Eat älone. Not spiik tu änipadi. If waitter smile, Finland Män tink: why I luk funny? Not shou emousshiöns. Tsek eemails.

Finland Män is like tis.

When Fraiday, Finland Män kou tu trink piör with othör Finland Män. Not spiik. When trink tuu matsh piör änd pottel ov votka, say tu othör Finland Män: ”You my pest frend.” Then kou tu karaoke. Sing säd song. This häpi moument.

Finland Män is like tis.

When young, kou tu one parti. Late evenink kou tu spiik Womän. If laki, Womän spiik too. Then puild home. Eat moose tukethör.

Finland Män is like tis.

When Satördei, Finland Män kou tu sauna. Trow sevön pakets ov watör on roks. Äfter sauna häv äpointment in pedroom with Womän. Not shou emousshiöns.

Finland Män is like tis.

When Womän ät home äsk öpaut love, Finland Män not änswör. Finland Män say: tis we olredi talk on thö altar. Not shou emousshiöns.

Finland Män is like tis.

When Womän ät home want divorss änd leave Finland Män, Finland Män sörprised. Not shou emousshiöns. Finland Män kou tu forest änd talk tu tree. Then eat moose älone. Tsek eemails.

Finland Män is like tis.

When holiday, Finland Män trive kar tu lake. Finland Män is petter triver thän evripadi. Finland Män trive kantri road fäst. If kams moose, tuu päd. Moose die. Finland Män eat.

Finland män is like tis.

When with othör piippul, Finland Män want tu be älone. When älone, Finland Män äsk himself, why nopodi like me? Eat one moose. Tsek eemails.

Finland Män is like tis.

When olmost retire, Finland Män häv hart ätäk. Not tel enipadi, pekoos is shame. Tsek eemails. Then die. Tis wos Finland Män.

They don't have math there :(

Shouldn't Greece be non-green too?

And Greek. The Greek word reads as "akereos" which is obviously not like the other green countries

Dutch is even easier.

Take half of German word

Replace "sch" with "s"

Take half of English word

Replace "a" with "e"

Combine to make Dutch word




fast train



You're missing the as gaeilge term for Ireland. Suimeálaí is what you were looking for. Also, slánuimhreach relates to integrals while suimeálach is the adjective for integrating.

The whole thing is kinda silly. Some languages might have the word with the same meaning but a different root cause they're not latin-based languages, like Greek isn't, so it makes sense that the word is different.

Now i'm not sure why the word would be different in Polish, it's a slavic language so it would make sense to me that it would be similar with other slavic languages. Then again i'm not a linguist so i could be wrong there.

I'd expect some languages like Greek or Hungarian / Estonic Estonian for example to have a different word.

More like, they can't integrate. /s

you are right. "ακέραιος" means integer

Though with your pronunciation, one must first acquire a throat cancer to actually speak Dutch.

pronounced "akerheos", it means integer in math. It's false here however cause we want the word for integral which would be "ολοκλήρωμα" (olokliroma) in greek

"We hebben WiFi in de trein voor u" is a real sentence in Dutch. And you guys insist it's its own language.

No, it's "ananas" in pretty much every language except English.


It also is used in some Spanish dialects.

Probably used for strong and forceful emphasis.

correct, the right term is "ολοκλήρωμα" indeed.

Sure but it reads "akereos" which sounds nothing like integral

What Finland and Hungary are to the European language families, Poland and Iceland are to math!

"Sign language"... I died X)

They didn't even use the English version. I guess we're mutes.

"A niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają, iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają.", Mikołaj Rej

You may laugh, but you still forgot the constant.

= F( kurwa ) + C

Completely and utterly foreign?

I noticed that as well. Op didn't read greek maybe

I can speak German and English and sometimes I get surprisingly far in to a news article before realizing I'm reading dutch.

Now i'm not sure why the word would be different in Polish, it's a slavic language so it would make sense to me that it would be similar with other slavic languages. Then again i'm not a linguist so i could be wrong there.

It's direct translation, invented by this guy. He made some other words, like pochodna (derivative) or średnica (diameter).

I don't know if that's what you're asking, but in Polish "całka" is a strictly mathematical term.

Ironically, the non-mathematical adjective "integral" is translated to "integralne".

Tankks föör te insterekktöns. I aam Suomi nöw.

I especially like the story of Krändfather:

Finland Män not kän underständ smalltalk. When kuud silense, samwan open mouth, silense destroid, why do tis?

One time Finland Män ko tu bar. Finland Män sit ät kounter, entshoi trink, look onli mopile phone. Is kuud silense. Then kam womän nekst tu Finland Män. She äsk: “Do you kam hiör often?” Finland Män pärälised. Is horror. Why she äsk tis? Is häv tu reäkt samhau? Finland Män luuk onli mopile phone. Tsek emails. Kiip luuking mopile phone. Then änssör: “Why you äsk? Is you kondukting sam sörvey?” Womän not say enitink. She ko öwei. Is kuud silense.

Finland Män not kän underständ smalltalk. Rememper eksämppel of Krändfather. When Krändfather kam päk from thö war, he say: “Soviet Union vin.” Nekst time Krändfather open mouth in Kristmös 1991. Krändfather wotsh televishön njews. Krändfather say: “Nau Soviet Union luus.”

One time Finland Män ko tu restorant pikos hunkry. Finland Män sit ät teipul, entshoi moose, luuk onli mopile phone. Is kuud silense. Then kam waitter nekst tu Finland Män. He äsk: “Is everitink okei?” Finland Män pärälised. Is horror. Why he äsk tis? Is häv tu reäkt samhau? Finland Män luuk onli mopile phone. Tsek emails. Kiip luuking mopile phone. Then änssör: “Not is everitink okei. Ekonomi is proplem. Näshiönal produkt not krow.” Waitter not say enitink. He ko öwei. Is kuud silense.

Finland Män not kän underständ smalltalk. Wörds is like karbon dioksid. Everipadi tudei put polluusshön in air. Is klimate tsheintsh.

One time Finland Män trävel in träm. Finland Män sit ölone, luuk onli mopile phone, is kuud silense. Then Ämerikan turist män say loud: “Wonderful weather you have here!” Finland Män pärälised. Is horror. Ämerikan turist män talk tu him. Why he say this? Is häv tu reäkt samhau? Finland Män luuk onli mopile phone. Tsek emails. Kiip luuking mopile phone. Then änssör: “It will ket wörse.”

Finland Män ket out of träm. Wait for next tram, hopefuli no turist. Is kuud silense.

That's just because English has a long, long tradition of getting terms from other languages, so a lot of words just feel English cause they've been there since forever.

There's a great quote that goes:

The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.

In Brittany it's $bre??

That's true. Poles even have some non-translatable terminology with no direct equivalents in other languages.

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër? See the løveli lakes...

WHy is a part of Turkey Greyed out, also russia ?

Every language is a bastardisation of other languages.

Finnish-fied word

I prefer the term 'Suomified'

I enjoy the Finnish neologism though. I'd prefer muovi over plastiikki. Neologism, if done right, sticks much better.

Damn separatists.

As long as we can order deux bagguete has to be the best part here

∫ f( kurwa ) d chuj

Kurwa po chuju. Makes sense too, I've both used and heard this term many, many times.

I swear, Polish has the largest gap between common, public talk (which is exceedingly polite), and the familiar vernacular. There's such a huge gap between the politeness of talking to a stranger, and the sudden vulgarity some people feel free to engage in once they're on a first-name basis (aka, "na ty").

Love how "history" is "saga"

Yeah, muovi is actually completely made up word that stuck. There have been many attempts in the past to come up with new words instead of borrowing them, but most of them didn't catch on.

One failed example is the translation for a couch: 'ryhmäistuin' literally a 'group seat'. But the borrowed and Finnish-fied word 'sohva' is what we use.

Bríts óút

Yeah, we translate almost everything.

Interesting enough, Arkítekt is a rare exception.

History -> Saga

Physics -> Eðlisfræði

Math -> Stærðfræði

Philosophy -> Heimspeki

Geometry -> Rúmfræði

Chemistry -> Efnafræði

Mechanical Engineering -> Véla Verkfræði

Architecture -> Arkítektúr

In Dutch we have for different scientific studies very different words that aren't derived from Greek or Latin (I think the words got derived from those languages).

History -> Geschiedenis Physics -> Natuurkunde Math -> Wiskunde Philosophy -> Wijsbegeerte Geometry -> Meetkunde Chemistry -> Scheikunde Mechanical Engineering -> Werktuigbouwkunde Architecture -> Bouwkunde

A teacher once told me that only Iceland had the same thing in their language.

Thanks Sir Śniadecki! (the guy who invented this name)

It"s actually pretty nice. Relays the meaning well. You'll just have to trust me on this.

That is how my dad actually helped me with my math homework when I was younger. "kurwa this and kurwa that"


1) Borrow word from proto-Germanic.

2) Keep it virtually unchanged throughout the millennia, while watching the Swedes grind it down almost beyond recognition.


Proto-Germanic: kuningaz (king)

Finnish: kuningas

Swedish: kung

Because eastern Turkey, both geographically and politically, is not in Europe?

Sounds a bit unnecessary and redundant to me.

I forgot the the b ---> p conversion. (edited, note that this is different from the z = ts equivalence)

Hamburg --> Hampuri

Hamburger --> Hampurilainen (Both as in the food and as in someone from Hamburg.)

I like näköradio (sight radio) for television. Sounds so silly.

Ai doun't nou if juu rout tis joorself pat vii häv lants ät ileven oor meipi iiven ät ten töörti if rili hangri.

hampurilainen is my favorite

These are math symbols, right?

Is í an Gaeilge teanga beo a bhfuil aitheanta i Eoraip. Cén fáth nach bhfuil fhios ag daoine an fíor seo?

South easterners speak Turkish too. Even PKK leaders make their interviews in Turkish.

I miss him :(

ow i'm not sure why the word would be different in Polish, it's a slavic language so it would make sense to me that it would be similar with other slavic languages.

Integrals were invented long after Slavic languages diverged, so each of tha languages had to choose - to adopt foreign word, use existing one, or invent new. Poland have chosen to invent new words in this case.

Tíocfaidh ár lá.

Why is Ireland blank? suimeálaí is the Irish for Integral.

Also Russia, because those are clearly made-up fantasy letters from The Silmarillion.

Why eastern Turkey is missing again like %90 of the maps ?

Finno-Ugric brotherhood fails once again :'(

Piña in Spanish xD

Which in return stems from όλος,"whole". "Ολοκληρώνω" is to fulfill, to complete.

I concurringly agree.

You just wrote two things that mean the same thing.

The correct Finnish would be 'Suomiifikkiikalainen"

Yeah it's from Monty Python, haha.

There are also turkish people living in those areas, just because kurds live there doesn't mean nobody else does. same with Russians.

Plastiikki or plastiikka is really old fashioned word. My grandma used to use that but I've never heard anyone else to use it. We always use muovi.

Estonian approves. This is how we understand english.

$bre in the west of France?(Bretagne)

Out with the traitors. /s

Yeah. We say 'Ananas".

Is that something only Icelanders do?

As someone who was raised in Dutch (Flemish) and sometimes has to work with French speaking people in the IT sector, I really, really, really wish French didn't translate almost everything.


FYI, integral in Greek is "ολοκλήρωμα" and not "ακέραιος"

Seems like a not populated variable ;)

It's not a matter of alphabet, the word is just different in Greek. It says "akereos" (which is still the wrong translation of the word integral).

Do you still call pineapple "ananas" or something like that?

correct. the two words (akereos and olokliros) basically mean the same thing, much like "whole" and "entire"

We call it ananas in Polish too.

That already means farsighted. As in bad nearsight / good farsight with your eyes.

If I'm correct (but don't take my word for it) you could translate it as "Scheidekunde" in German, meaning the science of separating things, which chemistry is about, to a large degree.

What does akêpaioç means?

Sasanaigh amach.