Incredible Barcelona street artist's Xenomorph cosplay.

That's kids hesitation...

Sigorny Weaver should have tried a selfie with the Alien BEFORE she donned the fork lift... mighta had a happier ending that way..

Holy shit

La Rambla is the worst tourist trap Barcelona has to offer. Always full to the brim with tourists, pocket thieves aplenty, and all the restaurants charge you a fortune. There’s so many better places to visit in Barcelona, and if you’re there for the market Barceloneta and Santa Catarina are just as lovely and also much less tourist filled.

The wavy pattern on the sidewalk vs. the explody pattern on the box is kind of freaking me out.

The street is La Rambla and it is AMAZING. If you need a place to travel it’s a great experience.

No thanks.

I'd run.

The fact that the money pot is also an alien's egg is underrated.