In The Brave Little Toaster, all of the walls in the cottage are cleaned only as high as Blanky can reach.

In The Brave Little Toaster, all of the walls in the cottage are cleaned only as high as Blanky can reach.

Oh FFS, I never understood as a child why Blanky was with the other appliances. Just now clicked, he's an electric blanket.

That's an absolutely brilliant detail.

Hands down one of the most unnerving scenes as a child was the junkyard scene. The magnet always have me a fright

Lol I'm sure his head and nose make much more sense to you now.

I dunno...the scene where the air conditioner loses its damn mind is pretty horrifying...also when the vacuum cleaner eats its wire. Should be rated R in my opinion due to the extreme trauma I experienced as a child watching those scenes.

Oh my god after all these years

Great. Now I have to rewatch this movie.

Brave Little Toaster is the fucked up version of Toy Story mixed with shrooms.

You like cutting onions too huh?

this movie feels like taking dissociatives

Agreed. It's been years since I watched the film but I can still vividly remember the face of the AC unit.

I loved that movie so much.

You're so close! That was Phil Hartman doing his Jack Nicholson impression. The DVD extra features show a bit of Mr. Hartman explaining his approach :)

Growing up I always thought the AC was Jack Nicholson. Turns out it wasn’t.

I could just imagine...

“You think I like being stuck in this fucking wall?”

It's kind of a proto-pixar film, as a bunch of the people who went to form pixar worked on it.

Yeah, I never realized that electric blankets even existed until I started dating someone from a colder region. I thought they just gave him a face because blankets aren't very expressive.

Especially since at first glance it just looks like a lighting detail,.

Warning: Watership Down. Movie about bunnies. Not a kid movie.

If you’re child who grew up where the only season is Blazzin’ then you have a pass. Why would any child in the south know what an electric blanket was.


That ac unit was the terror for me.

Edit: the scene I’m referring to. He starts getting ticked off around 2:23 then flips out around 3:00. Terrified me as a child.

Seriously, I can't do that to myself again.

This movie turned me into a hoarder as a child, I'm 27 and only recently three away my last stuffed animals. I kept a teddy bear.

Pretty sure the plot of the movie is for the appliances to find their humans again.

They were thinking "Bunnies, interesting name"

Parents got me and my brother this movie for Easter when we were kids. Dunno what the fuck they were thinking

PAL version

The DVD does have a horrible wobble for the first few minutes, with bonus dust and hairs throughout.

Apparently, a few fans have taken it upon themselves to clean it up.

In the meantime, the floating around is the way to go. Cleaner transfer, but the junkyard scene doesn't have the ominous red tint you get with NTSC...

I tried to find this again recently. The versions I could find had this HORRIBLE wobble apparently the original DVD release had a problem with the film transfer and it came out like garbage. Better versions exist!

EDIT: Quote from this page:

A very rare movie example — the PAL transfer is far cleaner than the NTSC version, lacking the very noticeable wobble at the beginning of the movie and having much less film grain. One has to wonder why this transfer has never been used on later American releases.

Just giving those a heads up who are about to go for the nostalgia trip if you start feeling seasick it's not you. Get a PAL copy :D

EDIT 2: See /u/treatloaf response for more/better info! Thanks

Seriously that scene with the vacuum made me so paranoid about running over the wire as a kid.

Did the airconditioner scare you too as a kid? Even in the North that gave me nightmares.

Whole thing on YouTube

Good catch

Half* brilliant detail.

I always thought he was soap brick

and here I was thinking I had imagined this movie 15 years ago

You're lucky you never watched the Secret of NIMH

Such an underrated movie. Really is a hidden gem for any animation fans.

And the fireman clown....thing....

Yup just as intense as I remember!

Also is his voice supposed to be a Jack Nicholson kind of deal?

To this day I'm overly careful about it.

The Master

One of my toasters broke. Bought a new one, because I'm not as handy as , but you better believe the old one is still hanging around. I'll be damned if I'm the one sending a sentient appliance to the junkyard!

Oh my god, that movie. I watched it as a kid and was totally scarred, then come to find out that my wife watched it when she was a kid too, in school. Because she was in the Gifted and Talented program in elementary school and they didn't have a set curriculum for those classes and the teacher decided to do a lesson on animal testing. She grew up in a hunting family so nothing regarding animals really bothered her, but apparently lots of screaming kids is enough to get a whole lesson shut down...

Watched it again relatively recently though, and it is actually a pretty good movie. Just...maybe not for toddlers.

Yeah, its Phil Hartman doing his Jack Nicholson impression.

Nah, their whole quest is to find their human owner, "The Master", who's currently in the process of going off to college.

Smart parents. There are many scenes that genuinely terrified me. Yet I would watch the movie again and again...


There are so many crazy scenes in this movie - the psycho conspiracy-theorist air conditional that blows himself up, the evil fire clown that throws the toaster in a bathtub, the massive junkyard magnet going into overdrive to suck up all the cars and nearly murder the Master in a trash compactor. I could go on, this movie is a fucking wild ride.

Toaster makes an appearance

That's no coincidence! There are a few nods to Toaster in WALL-E, too. , and the large stacks of trash sure seem familiar...

The part where the AC starts trying to break out of the wall fucked me up as a kid

I'm more interested by the mysterious 3 sources of light in the 3rd image.

It doesn't help with the chorus of junker cars telling their tragic back stories in between disheartened cries of "YOU'RE WORTHLESS!"

The air conditioning unit used to terrify me. Only when I got older did I realize how tragic his story was.

This is one of a few movies I've seen more than 5 times.. A childhood favorite. This and james and the giant peach.

And it's time I watched it. Haven't seen it because the parents wouldn't let me as a kid.

Always thought his face was a tag

Damn. I forgot all about this movie. I watched it so many times as a kid.

An explanation beyond a bunch of household appliances that talk and go on an adventure together?

I once dated a paraplegic. When I went into his bathroom I noticed the paint only went half way up. He said he couldn’t reach any higher with the pole so he just left it.

I’ve literally never seen an electric blanket in real life

Wait that sounds familiar

Fun fact! The voice actor for Blanky was 7 years old, and did many of his lines with a single take. They called him "One Take Timmy". Whatever you may feel about the character, the voice work was impeccable. Source (Go to 46:48)

What a fucking powerhouse of talent. Such a nice dude as well. RIP Hartman xx

Real question...been a while. Are humans non existent?

or that the couch is turned around?

really? i had no idea, is there anywhere i can read more about this?

Fuck ya that old as thing fucked me up. Also made me sad reminded me of my grandpa

Go back and listen to the song "worthless" from that scene. Very dark and depressing.

Loved this movie as kid. I now realize how similar it is to Toy Story!

My dad recommended I read the book when I was in high school. I got about half way through before I got bored and stopped. I wish I was more into reading because so many people seem to love the story :/

you're welcome

Free on YouTube


This movie was so terrifying as a little kid. I remember the old cars and trucks on the conveyer belt to get crushed singing the song about being obsolete.

Who puts that in a kid movie

I fucking love this movie!

So I'm not the only one??

I was terrified of it as well, but I ended up with some sort of fixation on that scene. I would recreate the compactor with wooden blocks and pretend to smash my hotwheels cars while humming the song.

You monster.

No really, this movie did the same thing to me. Thanks to Reddit recently I've been able to pinpoint this movie as the cause. Messed me up bad and I really wish I'd never seen it.

I loved it as a kid then rewatched it as a 20 year old and I was horrified.

Bro the vacuum committing suicide. This whole fucking movie is not appropriate for young kids

Tropical countries exist

No I think I remember a dude captured them in a swamp and took them in his monster truck back to his shop. Where he ate marshmallows as they escaped.

I put this on for my kids today! They weren't into it... I'll try again another time. Nostalgic!


The defining terror moment of my childhood.

That clown was -seared- into my memory.

That's kind of funny. Blame it on a messed up childhood but that scene didn't even register to me. More like "If you argue with people, they explode sometimes."

It just sounds like normal Phil Hartman to me.

I watched it last year. it really isn't hard to "acquire".

Welcome to Florida

40 billion mosquitoes can’t be wrong

This movie sings to my attachment and abandonment issues and I find nothing more relatable

Kirby props him up!

I’ve never seen this movie, but this comment interests me. Can someone elaborate on why?

You should read the book, too.

edit: never mind, none of these links work. Just try buying it on amazon.

Fuck Andy Dick.

Listen to the audio version! Bigwig is badass..

That might explain why I still have my small blanket and stuffed koala bear.

It wasn't so much a scary experience for me but a terribly sad one.

Thank you for this could not figure out what I was missing until I read your comment and understood what to look for.

Don’t feel bad. I saw the movie recently for the first time in like 20 years with my kids and only realized that then. That never clicked as a kid. BTW, not all movies from our childhoods holdup. That and 80s cartoon movies were so damn violent. I didn’t remember so many guns in All Dogs go to Heaven.

It's like Toy Story where the appliances play dead when humans are around. Also like Toy Story, they all want to be used. The movie starts in a vacation cottage where they're all waiting for the human that hadn't been around for a few years. ....I think. It's been a long time.

Almost completely unrelated but I feel Little Foot's mom dying should also be R rated.

Don't forget the clown and the forks.