In response to the post "real pen spinning", here's a gif of how its really done.

Holy shit, you spun so hard it transcended the bounds of space time and vanished. I bet you'll find it in that exact spot in five to twelve years.

no, you can actually see the pen flick out of his hand and fly out of frame.

edit: not sure why I'm being downvoted, you can clearly see it in the bottom left of the video. even if it did vanish, how does op know it will show up in 5-12 years??

edit 2: guys stop. I just askjeeves'd 'transcending the bounds of space time' and there isn't even any concrete evidence that is possible. where are you guys getting this info?!

edit 3: wow -62 downvotes

edit 4: seriously people, what the heck? I timed it, if you count to 4 (one thousand, NOT mississippi) then you will see the exact moment that the pen flies out of the person's hand. look closely and you will see it clearly.

You're getting downvotes but I found your comment to be some superb deadpan comedy.

It's a pen

It's real

It's spinning.


I'm looking forward to the upvote resurgence.

So this is what the next week of reddit is going to be eh?

got you beat

"One thousand, NOT Mississippi" just kills me

But if he gets upvoted it won't make any sense, so I downvoted him. Shit is hilarious though.


Wow... you're really observant.

Kinda relevant

I respect the original joke, but what really won me over is how hard you commit to it. This is fantastic redditing right here.

cant say I'm not disappointed that didn't end in a middle finger

yet a larger whoosh

Gave them an upvote for the increasingly deadpan edits, it reminded me of Moss from IT Crowd so much that I couldn't help but actually laugh out loud, which I super needed


This is some top quality fuckery he's got going on

/sub/gifs isn't good enough for your humor.

Looks like it...kinda disappointed

What is this‽ 5-12 years later‽

Have a link to the "real pen spinning"?


As advertised would watch again

It started to boarder on "Giraffes are dumb".

This. I always try, and end up having to pick a pen/pencil off the floor halfway across the classroom after a few times through

Hey thanks man

It's very sad that reddit needs /s every time someone is making a sarcastic joke. However your comment developed into even funnier comment, so it's not all bad.